Tear Jerker / Jewelpet

First Series

  • Episode 8 is a truly sad episode. Out of the blue Rinko’s parents start to argue and they almost do every children’s worst nightmare: Break up.
    • Rinko’s solution doubles as heartwarming. The last time when they argued like that is when her dad bought her a piano, but It was already too small for her. Hoping that she can make them peace, she plays „Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on It, then asks them to not fight, because she likes her present. And she does exactly the same again.
  • Everybody who ever felt like an outcast for some reason can definitely feel sorry for Megumi in episode 9. She finds her best friend playing with someone who she just gets along with and two other who she doesn’t like and they all play with their Jewelpet partners (What she didn’t have then). Feeling ignored and betrayed she eats all the desserts she bought. In the next day – thanks to Diana’s magic – she awakes with the face of a pig. Feared that she became ugly and fat she starts to train hard.
    • And when she finally has the chance to have a Jewelpet, guess what animal the Jewel Charm turns into? When poor Megumi begs for Ryl to help her, you can tell how miserable she feels.
  • Rinko's initial breakdown in episode 50. Seeing Dian petrifying Nanase after she obtained the Jewel Stick not only scarred her, but she actually blamed Dian for everything he did.


  • Episode 28. Miria almost abandons her dream of being a singer, causing Garnet and Sango to become sick with fever and collapse. After some flashbacks of the times Miria spent with them while her mother was away, Miria realizes her grave mistake and decides to chase her dream again. And sings a beautiful song to help Garnet and Sango get better.
  • Episode 37. Alma breaks in tears when she learns the truth from Akari. Despite all of that, she still rejected it and unlocked the Battest just for the sake of reviving her mother. She got a serious breakdown plus triggered The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Episode 50, Alma breaking down when Diana (the only one in the whole world that she considered her friend, after seeing other people she trusted drift away from her) sacrifices herself to save her from the Battest.


  • Episode 25. Garnet and Dian are enjoying their relationship, when Diana shows up demanding that Garnet "give him back to her". Diana's patheticness during the scene is tear-jerking in itself, but the real kicker is Dian apologizing to Garnet and leaving her in the rain (WTH, man? At least give her an umbrella.) because he still loves Diana. Garnet is all alone in the rain, battered and her dress in tatters from fighting Diana, and cries buckets. Poor, poor Garnet.
  • Ruby's temporary death in episode 51. It made Kanon, her rival, cry so hard and Mikage realize his feelings for her that he had locked away.
  • The ending - it was a downer at first, and then became a serious but romantic moment between a former human turned into a Jewelpet and Ruby. Ruby met a Jewelpet named Granite, who she discovered was Mikage. She broke down and ran to him in tears, calling him a jerk for not appearing in the last 5 years until she forgives him. And so they become a couple.

Kira Deco

  • Ruby forgiving Pink at the end of episode 22 after all of the trouble she caused, all thanks to King. All she has to do is say sorry.
  • The last episode, in which the Kira Deco 5 had to say their goodbyes to their Jewelpet partners.

Sweets Dance Princess

  • During the scene where the princess tells everyone they should destroy Gumimin to save Sweetsland, Ruby totally objects to the idea seeing as they were friends and she doesn't want him to be killed. And gave her another resolve to actually save him.


  • Rossa and Labra's alone time scene in episode 2 regarding the missing Magic Gem. They even make up and cry on each other's shoulders. May count as a big Ho Yay moment.
  • Angela's Dull Eyes of Unhappiness saddened her. Only to find out that she's seriously heartbroken on how Labra and Rossa preferred to ride the dragon instead of her. To the verge she starts to cry.