Ho Yay / Jewelpet

First Series

  • Raku Majo holding Ruby by her chin while talking about 'punishment' in episode 1.
  • Rinko's speech at the end of episode 1: "Every night I'd stare at the sky, waiting for a Prince Charming to come pick me up. Then I get this clumsy rabbit (Ruby), which is certainly not what I'd expected." That's right, she's comparing Ruby to a Prince Charming. SUBTLE.


  • Sara seems to have it really bad for Akari. The amount of times she blushes around her is ridiculous. To say nothing of that time Sara saw Akari in a wedding dress (like she's just got enlightened), or Akari spoonfeeding her, or how they intertwine their fingers whenever they perform a spell together... And in the semi-finals of the Jewel Star Grand Prix, Sara clearly felt jealous of Miria getting to fight Akari and expressing her feelings about their friendship.
    Sara: It's not fair...
  • The OVA is packed with this between Akari and Alma. Akari is constantly touching Alma's hands or locking arms with her. Alma is extremely protective of Akari and near threatens anyone who she thinks is badmouthing her. Unfortunately, this doesn't make her the most approachable person, so she tries to shut herself off from other people. And she tells this to Akari:
    Alma: All I need in this world is mother, Yuuma and you!
    • Later, when Akari tries to cheer Alma up, there's this scene where their faces are sooo close, you honestly think they're about to kiss. The constant blushing is not helping their case. And to add to all this glory, Yuuma has very little to do in this OVA. Akari is more all over Alma than him.


  • Even Kanon and Ruby get this at times. One of their Cat Fights actually ended with Ruby on top of her, sobbing into her chest.
    • In episode 3-B, Ruby jumps into Kanon's chest in fright.
    • In episode 20, Kanon launches into a heartfelt, almost romantic speech when she thinks Ruby is coming to save her from prison, Love Bubbles and all.
    • In the first version of the opening, their actions mirror the lyrics quite closely ("I called out to you, but you gave me no reaction" "I wonder if you've noticed? I'm next to you"). Now remember that "GO! GO! Sunshine" is a love song.
    • Their classmates sometimes have... interesting things to say about them when they see them fighting: "they seem to be having fun", "they sure get along" and, once, even "they love each other!". And none of this was in sarcasm.
    • In one episode, Ruby feels up Kanon's chest. Context: Ruby has turned into a baby and needs milk.
    • During the "I'm glad you're my friend" conversation in episode 51, they are turned away from each other and blushing.
  • Hinata and Peridot are perhaps the closest roommates in the show. Peridot frequently pushes Hinata to become a stronger person (and the results show), and in episode 7, Hinata seemed all too sastified with being at Peridot's beck and call and spoonfeeding her.
  • In the episode where the story of Shouko's gang's formation is revealed, Charotte can be interpreted as being Tsundere for Shouko.
  • One of the first episodes had Sango (and other male Jewelpets) looking at Diana with hearts in her eyes and yelling "Look at me, Diana!".
    • Jill Konia has a similar fixation on Jewelina.
  • Charotte develops a crush on a mosquito named Katori. Because Katori sucks blood, she is in fact female, though only Sapphie seems aware of the fact. While Charotte can be written off as simply not being aware, it still raises a few questions about Katori.
  • When Ruby, Kanon and Peridot are begging Hinata to let them copy her homework, at some point they whip up bouquets of roses and look as if they are proposing to her for marriage, making Hinata blush. This is even lampshaded by the narrator.
  • In the episode where Shouko starts working in Master's cafe, she punches anyone coming through the door, including Hinata, who conveniently face-plants on her chest.
  • Angela and Flora become remarkably close shortly after meeting for the first time, nuzzling a lot of the time. Oh, and that first encounter consisted largely of them gazing intensely at each other and blushing.
  • Kaede and Komachi, Kanon's Girl Posse, reenact how Kanon's and Mikage's relationship should be going, which is kicked Up to Eleven when Kaede passionately holds and looks as if she's about to kiss Komachi.
    Kaede: I could cover you in kisses!
  • Waniyama seems to be quite admiring of strong men and once hit on Masago.
  • In episode 25, everyone seems to be dating someone, prompting Labra to proclaim that Angela is her girlfriend. Cue an embarrassed Hinata explaining to her that that wasn't possible, because they were friends already (note that she didn't say "Because you're both girls.").

Kira Deco

  • Coal's crossdressing makes this inevitable. It gets better with Io liking his crossdressed form until the upsetting reveal.
  • Episode 2. Ruby's expression when first meeting Pink is the same as Garnet meeting Blue Knight. When Angela tries to arrest the KiraDeco 5, Ruby jumps to tackle her out of the way and saves her, even though they've just met. Then the secondary effects of Angela's spell make Pink fall asleep, and Ruby is all like "YOU GONNA GET RAPED". The next morning, Pink is sleeping on Ruby's bed with Ruby on top of her. Then, Ruby packs up the decorative stones she loves so much and gives them to Labra as bail to get them off Pink's case.
    • In episode 3, there's a scene where Pink seems to try to tenderly touch Ruby's facenote , and then immediately backs away with a flustered look on her face.
    • In episode 20, Ruby and Pink are directly compared to Garnet and Blue Knight when Pink promises to protect Ruby from Garnet's assailant. One time, Pink performs a Diving Save, and is looking all heroic while Ruby looks at her with loving eyes saying "Oh, Pink...", with Love Bubbles in the background.
    • In episode 24, Pink gets upset at the fact that Ruby has a date to the ball, as she was hoping that Ruby would be her date. Her reaction at discovering Ruby's boyfriend can be read as jealousy.
    • In episode 34, Ruby looks distressed when Pink is about to ring the Amore Bell (if you ring the bell with someone you love, you'll stay with them forever) with Gray.
    • In episode 36, Ruby sees Blue carrying Garnet and asks Pink to do the same with her while blushing.
  • In episode 12, there's the scene of Ruby taking Topaz' hands and Topaz leaning in to look at her face more closely. It Makes Sense in Context since Ruby is actually begging for her to make clothes for Pink and Topaz is determining whether she is worthy.
  • At the start of episode 33, Pink distracts Ruby by telling her that Opal is flying around "butt-naked". Ruby turns to look with stars in her eyes.
  • In episode 38, Retsu receives "get hugged by Blue" coupons by mistake. "Now, Blue! Hug me as hard as you can!"
  • In episode 44, Kohaku pleads with Tour not to "partner" with Sapphie (whom Tour was trying to seduce), saying that Tour's real partner is him. Tour is moved, instantly drops his Latin Lover persona and holds hands with Kohaku while re-asserting their partnership.


  • Nene and Ruruka put on a Yaoi Guys act when they get gender-bended in episode 4.
    Dude!Ruruka: The wind blows strong... Farewell, mademoiselle!
    Dude!Nene: Let's board a ship to Portugal...
    (they lightly touch hands)
  • Sapphie seems to develop a huge crush on Azusa in episode 6. Sapphie spends all her time with her, growing a rose for a contest, and characters go so far as to comment on how "lovey-dovey" they are. At the end, Sapphie really tells her "I love you". Oh yeah, and that flower they were growing? It's a rose, and it's named Azusapphie.
  • In episode 25, the gang puts on a play, and Sapphie and Ruby play the prince and princess, respectively. A highlight is when Sapphie pulls a Bishōnen face and makes a heroic pose while beckoning for Ruby's (who's lying on the floor in typical Damsel in Distress fashion) hand.
  • Near the end of episode 38, watch out for Dian humping Taira's leg.
  • Marie and Nobara qualify for this in episode 44. Nobara orders a big cake from the Cafe in order to celebrate the anniversary of their friendship, and tries to drag Alex out of the woods so he can make a Magic Gem with Marie. She then becomes brainwashed by the Red Moon, and Marie is beside herself with worry and refuses to leave her side even though that entails being a slave to Nobara. You'd think Marie wouldn't ever put up with that. When Nobara goes back to normal, Marie is so happy that she hugs her and clings onto her.


  • The OP has Mizuki and Charon taking cream from Momona's face and licking it.
  • Predictably, Momona and her best frenemy and foil Lillian have a boatload of this.
    • The ED has a sequence where Lillian replaces Momona's Love Interest's position, flustering Momona in the process.
    • In episode 3, talking with Luea about her conversation with Momona, Lillian remarks "But what's this uncomfortable feeling? My heart is pounding."
    • Episode 8 features the two going to look for a flower that Lillian wants to give Cayenne. Lillian looks honestly moved when Momona saves her from falling off the cliff, saying that she's her friend. In the end, Lillian chooses to send the flower (A WHITE LILY!) to Momona as thanks while Cayenne gets zilch.
    • Episode 21 has them agreeing to attend the Jewel Festival together; they even reject Miura and Romeo when they invite them. But they still agree to let the Princes escort them, so the Les Yay is mitigated here.
    • In episode 23, Momona remarks how similar and wonderful Cayenne and Lillian are with a dreamy look on her face. Ruby asks "You really, really, really love Cayenne and Lillian, don't you, Momona?", and then Momona says how much she'd like it if she could be transfered to the Royal Palace with Lillian (and no, she doesn't even think about Mizuki and Charon). Do you smell an OT3?
  • Ruby and Luea seem inordinately obsessed with each other at times.
    • Ruby loves it when she thinks Luea is praising her (she's not, but she's too daft to realize) and tries to snuggle up to her whenever she has an excuse to do so.
    • Luea seems fixated in specifically showing Ruby, whom she theoretically despises, that she is way better than her. Trying to impress her?
  • Mizuki and Charon. Mizuki in general is a magnet for this, with her tomboyish appeal drawing in lots of fangirls and even getting comments about what a great Prince she'd make.
    • Episode 18 has Mizuki and Charon practice "Ladies first", with Mizuki in the role of a Prince. She holds the door, shields Charon from traffic by hugging her and pulls back the chair for her. Throughout this, Charon is blushing like she has a fever.
    • Episode 21 has Charon wanting to go to the Jewel Festival (only couples can go) with Mizuki, and links arms with her (Momona does the same). Alas, this is rather minor as it's put aside when their respective Princes come to invite them.
  • Lady Diana's first act upon meeting Momona is to give her a big hug, with Momona looking flustered and Love Bubbles in the background.

Magical Change

  • An average girl suddenly finds that she has to room with 4 little animals who can turn into beautiful girls. Yuri-inclined fans are cracking jokes about Airi having a harem.
  • Episode 7: human Garnet saves Nene with a Bridal Carry. Nene puts her arms around her neck and starts musing about the suddenness of love while blushing. She departs saying that she'll become fashionable for Garnet. Barely subtext at this point.
  • Episode 18-A has a scene where Laura wants Luna (who's a seal matrix at this point) to stamp her cheek because then she'll be like Sakutaro. Luna is clearly thinking of something else as she blushes and refuses, causing Laura to also blush as she stammers out that Luna totally misunderstood her request.
  • Episode 23: human!Luea gets weirdly knightly during her declaration that she'll use her spell to make Sakutaro Laura's brother. The Love Bubbles and Luea's bedroom eyes complete the scene.
  • Episode 29: Kato Mittermeyer asks Larimar in an interview if she has a special someone. Kato adds, apropos of nothing, that her own only interest is Laura.
    • The "Currently on the Run" segment has Labra follow a Redstring Of Fate that leads her to Ruby. Then she yanks the string off her in a manner resembling a villain taking off a helpless girl's kimono. Then it cuts to outside, a bunch of flowers rain down from the house timed to a sigh that sounds like a... Modest Orgasm? O... kay. Though considering who they are (especially Labra), this is a strong candidate for No Yay.