Awesome / Jewelpet


  • Kanon, Jill and Shouko walking out alive, almost got burned after the building that they were imprisoned in got destroyed. With a little music.
  • It can't be denied that episodes 49-52 had some pretty kickass fight scenes. Like mecha-Garnet vs. mecha-Sango, Labra vs. Master, Peridot vs. a horde of Mooks, and especially every Jewelpet in existence vs. Dark Jewelina.

Kira Deco!

  • The final battle in Episodes 51-52. Not only the Kira Deco 5 gained their 11th-Hour Superpower moment, but Ruby restored the Mirror ball in its original state and defeated the Dark General.


  • Mouri's Archery scene in Episode 12. Seriously he stood up to Apel's challenge and shoot the Sakuramochi in a serious point-blank position.