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Anavel Gato was a robot.
Salvaged from the now-defunct Gundam fansite "Immobile Tavern G-Pub," this WMG explains why Gato's two main modes are military specialist and Ghiren Zabi fanboy. Delaz, of course, oversaw his production, but their deaths during Operation Stardust meant the Axis fleet would have to continue relying on human soldiers from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam onward.
  • Also, Kou earned 15 Silver Points upon defeating him.
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Kou Uraki is a descendant of Touta Matsuda.
The bowl cuts and childish attitudes toward work/carrots can't be a coincidence.

The OVA as a whole is an allegory of the decay of Tom Cruise's sanity disguised as an Affectionate Parody of Top Gun.
All I can say without being hounded by the Church of Scientology is that Cima Garahau is Katie Holmes.

Captain Synapse didnít commit suicide
Agents of the Titans assassinated Synapse
  • and made it look like suicide
  • Bask Om personally killed Synapse
    • and made it look like suicide

The Series is Bask Om's Start of Darkness

Anaheim Electronics attempted to revive the War Economy and Metal Gear concept.
  • Given that the GP-02 is a Gundam designed to launch a nuclear warhead anywhere and survive the ensuing blast not to mention backing both the EFSF and Spacenoids, it's possible that Anaheim may have learned of the events of Metal Gear in the past, finding the notion of the Patriots' War Economy, Outer Heaven and even the concept behind Metal Gear to be potentially profitable. Even if the GP-02 was ultimately destroyed, however, reviving the War Economy proved to be a success by the time Unicorn takes place.

Operation Stardust did succed, the expected results took a long time.
  • Short term it caused hostilities to boil up but in the long term, the Federation does end up weakened as a result of various events (Zeta, ZZ, CCA, UC), though this came about 20 years after the last major Zeon movement.

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