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Genda is a Gary Stu
He has an old grudge against the main character, fought him to a standstill with a Nerf Arm in near-total (for Genda) darkness, and is respected by most everyone. Sounds pretty Stu-ish to me. Well, except for the whole "being a canon character since the second chapter" thing, but hey, details.
  • Isn't it a prerequisite for Gary Stu that he's badly written and obnoxious? 'cause Genda is neither.

Mamoru won't be wearing his sunglasses when the series ends.
Three possibilities, ordered from least likely to more likely:
  • He gets a transplant or something and doesn't need them to see.
  • His eyes get damaged enough that the glasses wouldn't work.
  • Igawa makes sonic-contact-lenses instead of sonic-sunglasses, possibly as a means of disguise.

Dai will eventually become a true badass, on or off his bike.
Please note that this will not stop the fandom from making fun of him.

Genda knows Daiba, but doesn't know that he (Daiba) is the head of the Network.
So we know from the Next arc that Daiba trained under Inaba, who was also the sensei (or at least one of them) of Mamoru and Genda. It's not much of a stretch to get to Genda and Daiba meeting each other when they both train/have trained at the same place, and it would fit with the theme of Genda knowing freaking everybody. Also, Genda's face when he finds out that his old acquaintance is the leader of the mysterious group he's been investigating... that'd be priceless.
  • This is actually possibly. And yes Genda's face would be a magical moment, indeed.

Mamoru's family will prove to be important later on.
It's specifically mentioned at one point that nobody knew anything about his personal life or family. Something like that is too good of an opportunity to pass up as a future plot point.
  • No shit, like how about his dad is probably Chuck Norris?

UDDUP will cross over with many more manga series, none of which will have an anime.
Eventually, it will encompass every manga ever printed that just stayed as print (and online version); I'm not just talking series that could vaguely fit within the story world as-is, but everything from galaxy-sized mecha to magical dinosaurs to... well. When one of those series gets animated, the universe will explode.
  • I like the direction this is going...except for the universe exploding, of course.

Juliet is a trap.
Just think about it for a second...
  • Came up with that theory ages ago on the MF boards. We were discussing where Juliet hid her throwing knives, a number of people said "inside", and someone from NSN said that we'd find that to be incredibly ironic later on. As I was probably sleep-deprived, I automatically made a connection from that to "she's actually a man". ...It's still an amusing idea though.
  • She'd be one of the best traps ever, though. I think the irony was because of her past.

Alpha is a cyborg.
I'll just leave this here...

Komura IS gonna return...
...and when he does he's gonna have a really big gun and all hell will break loose. He'll still get PWNT either way though.
  • I think Komura will show up again too, but with him in jail. Maybe in connection with Genda's investigations....

Daiba is a Time Lord
For one, this page has gone on for entirely too long without somebody mentioning that possibility. For two, it would explain how he could manage a worldwide covert Network, I assume his business, AND be a genius at the same time: as long as he doesn't cross his own timestream, he can be in multiple places at once, even if all his "presences" are doing is using the extra time to get more work done. He used a Chameleon Arc to implant the memories of his father killing his mother. How does that fit with him being able to time-travel? Simple; Sparky is his TARDIS, with standing instructions to move him around like that, but without letting him know.

Daiba and Igawa are the real minds behind Iron Man's suit.
Tony Stark just funded the project and took the fame.
  • That one actually makes sense, you know. Trust the geniuses who AREN'T sloshed out of their minds.

Mamoru is actually a government experiment conducted to be the most bad ass person ever.
The people who created him? Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Samuel L. Jackson. The latter because he knew if there was ANYONE that could get those motherfuckin' snakes off that motherfuckin' plane it was a blind Japanese guy with an absurdly sharp katana. Oh and because Bruce Willis ran out of cars.

When all else fails Edge is gonna call Deadpool to come in and take care of Mamoru.
Makes sense. Deadpool is in fucking everything, and at the rate UDDUP is crossing shit over, I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up in the future.

Alpha is Alpha, and also Alpha.
They have the same name, what more proof do you need?
  • This would mean that Alpha is just another personality split of Alpha. Which, simply speaking mean he's just a male version of Tex.
    • Or, since Alpha is a compilation of a bunch of different personalities, that could mean.... It could mean that this gets reeeally complicated.

Alternatively, Alpha is Leeroy Jenkins.
Only, he fucks up the carefully laid out plans of people trying to murder the innocent. You know, because that's how he rolls.
  • *is too busy laughing at the mental image to make a coherent response*

While not aiding with crime-fighting, Sparky is a spambot
  • It's an advanced enough AI to be able to defeat captchas, and that is how Daiba really made enough money to support a world-wide anti-crime Network.
    • Damn it is THAT who keeps sending me all those Viagra emails? DAMN YOU DAIBA! -shakes fist-

Jesus is a stripper when he's not killing people or teaching.
Challenge me, I dare you.

Jesus killed Osama bin Laden.
It Makes Sense In Context.
  • Just "in context"? It makes sense PERIOD. He's an assassin who's spent time in the Middle East and doesn't care much for terrorists; the only reason he let the US take credit for the death is that he's still trying to pretend he's dead.