Funny / Until Death Do Us Part

  • This scene, when the three get (more) properly introduced.
    Haruka: ... well... er... just who are you two?
    Igawa: Allies of justice!
    Mamoru: (At the same time) Criminals.
    Haruka: Huh?
  • Komura turns himself in to the police after getting saved from Mamoru by Aegis. When the arresting cop is filing out the paperwork, this happens.
    Komura: Am I 'Don-Ichi'?! Don't be taught characters by a yakuza!
  • In chapter 109 when after Haruka learns of Mamoru's past and hugs him, Mamoru acts extremely confused and flustered, having no idea what is going on and after the hug ends complains that
    Mamoru I don't get what's up... That girl ain't right.