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Reim/Liam will make a contract with Mad Hatter now that the world's been saved.
It feels right that he have that chain next. They were very good friends, and since Barma destroyed the Barma key to the abyss, his contract with March Hare is gone. With Break dead, Mad Hatter is without a contractor and Reim/Liam without a protector. I think that chain should protect him well.
  • No. Mad Hatter never had any will. It has no mind or awareness, and I think upon the death of its contractor it dissipates, goes back to being part of him, like the theory lower down suggests. Either that or Reim goes to the abyss for a new Chain and finds Break waiting for him, wearing that hat and the ragged cape.
It's all Gil and Vincent's fault, and this is the sixth and last time the world has been reset
We know time can be undone and history redone in Pandora Hearts. What if in the original reality, a Gil who's become Glen wished that someone had stopped him from taking Glen's Chains, because he isn't fit for it, and can't live without his little brother. Then a reality like the story as it is now happens, and Vincent succeeds in wishing himself out of existence. In the reality following that one Gil wishes to have never been born, because he's so alone.

Now, people wishing themselves out of existence only works for the reset after that wish, so once Gil resets it so that he was never born, Vincent wishes to have had someone to protect him. Just one person who cared if he lived or died. In the reality following that one Gil wishes that Jack had never met Miranda, so she couldn't make Vincent open the door to the Abyss. Then Vincent wishes that someone saved him and Gil from the streets when they were children, so Gil would still be alive. I know this wish is a bit odd, but it's a domino effect: because if Jack hadn't met Miranda he would not have been alive to save them. Then it comes back to the reality of the first wish, and the story we know.

And every time the world resets it becomes more cracked. In the original reality there were no Black Winged Chains, or chains holding the world together, just one solid whole and some moderately powerful chains held by the Glen. But that whole cracks with every reset, and with every one of those powerful wishes, a Chain is born.

A Black Winged Chain.

Raven first, born of Gil's wish that someone stopped him, and then the others in any order following. Every time there was a Tragedy, it was that new chain that Jack made his contract of destruction with, since Chains that can hold the world-chains together should logically be able to break them as well. But the thing that makes this final reset different, instead of another Black Winged Chain being born of the reset, a rabbit was born instead. and because that rabbit is who he is, Oz the lovable, this time it will work out.
Oz will become the new Will of the Abyss
The Will is the Will because the core is fused with her, and Alice wants it out of her sisters body, as of the most recent chapters. The presence of the Core is making white Alice's body break down because its too much power for her frail shell as the Core itself put it. Oz became B-Rabbit when the Will needed something that she could give the power to sever the chains that bind the world together, and since he had been at the heart of the Abyss for so long he could hold that power without breaking. The Core refuses to get out of the Will's body because she's the company Lacie left behind and it doesn't want to be lonely. Lacie originally left one of Oz's bodies behind to keep the Core company. Oz will offer himself to the Core because that what he was for in the first place, and he won't be destroyed by the Core's presence.

Mad Hatter is actually part of Break!
Remember when Gil first met Break? Remember what Break was wearing? A hat and a raggedy black cloak/ cape thing. Now what does Mad hatter look like? Look familiar?
  • Yeah! I've had the same thought. Besides, it would make sense that for the Will to ceate a chain that destroyed things of the Abyss, she would have to work with something not of the Abyss for the base of it. She used Break's soul to create Mad Hatter.

Gilbert will eventually form a contract with Oz, the B. Rabbit.
Now that Gilbert is revealed to be a Baskerville, having a contract with Oz would not condemn him. But since he's already with the Raven, he might need to become Glen to do that... Because Pandora Hearts is somehow always the reverse Black Butler.
  • Jossed: Given the story of events, this is unlikely as Oz is technically Jack's chain, as a soul in Jack's body.
  • As of retrace 102 it isn't so Jossed. The contract with Jack is over and Oz is no longer in that body. To get him back Alice and Gil will probably both make contracts with him, because like Humpty Dumpty, B-rabbit originally had more than one body.

Sharon is Jack's sister
She says so in retrace XV: "Mister Oz and you are too alike, brother Jack". This would mean she has been playing a double game all along. It would also explain why she vowed to stay by Oz's side as soon as she met him: she was making that promise to Jack. It also becomes hilarious in hindsight that on retrace V, when Break told Oz not to trust Alice, he answered that Break, Raven and Sharon were hiding a lot more than Alice. To complete this, she is probably going to reveal this soon, as Jack's true motives have finally been exposed.
  • That was a mistranslation, it was supposed to be "brother Xerx".

The Abyss is actually the Sea of Chaos
  • Think about it, it is a formerly golden paradise, but now a place of nightmares, and the first half of the incantation to summon the power of the Sea and L-sama was: darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night, thou who shines like gold upon the sea of chaos. and the other incantation began with the phrase, Lord of Dreams that terrify. What does that sound like? The Abyss!
Break, Levi and Zwei (or a variation) are related
Think about it. It makes sense.
  • It probably wouldn't ever come up, but it could very well be that Levi is an ancestor of them both. Likewise, Zwei could be a great-great-great-grandchild or great-great-great-grandniece of Break, since he stated the Regnards were a House that produced knights. He could very easily have surviving relatives.
    • Jossed. At least Zwei being a great grandniece of Breaks is Josssed. Zwei lived in Sablier, and knew Vincent. Zwei predates break. B

When Vincent encouraged Gilbert to make a contract with the Raven, it was part of a plan designed to prevent Glen possessing Gilbert's body.
Specifically, if Gilbert has a contract with the Raven, it means that it won't be possible for it to be transferred to his body. Thus, Glen won't be able to possess him. Either that, or Miranda Barma was playing Vincent for a fool.

Elliot is going to be the one who is possessed by Glen.
First off, he "composed" Lacie, second, he's a Nightray, who have an ambiguous background as far as black and white good verses evil and third, those nightmares? Yeah. Just flashes from the past.
  • Brilliantly deconstructed in Retrace LVII. It was actually Leo who composed Lacie, and Elliot's nightmares were actually of when he murdered his brothers to protect his servant. Elliot is really a contractor of Humpty Dumpty, which is a Chain that was specifically designed to protect the current Glen. Humpty tampered with his memories, making him really believe that he composed Lacie, that there was a 'Headhunter' murdering his family, and that he didn't have a seal on his chest.
  • And Jossed. Glen's current vessel is actually Leo. And there really was a headhunter all along, and his name is Vincent Nightray.

Because y'all are taking this way too seriously. (Also, Oscar is Hohenheim.)
  • Also, similar to Hohenheim, Oscar had an ailing wife.

Leo is a woman
You can't tell me that you haven't noticed his womanly curves.

Gilbert is/was/will be the Big Bad.
Yeah, I know, it's PoisonOak, but it's just an idea that I got while rereading some of the old chapters. Vincent is constantly talking about how he does everything for Gil, especially in the flashbacks to Sabrie. Gilbert has no idea what he's talking about... but Gil has also lost his memory. What if Vincent really was/is doing everything for Glibert, in the sense that Gilbert actually told him to do all this before whatever caused the memory loss? If this is true, he will at some point regain his memory and resume his place as the Big Bad, Light style. I'm admittedly not caught up with the current story line, so if there is anything that has happened in the later (or earlier) chapters that debunks this theory, please by all means send it the grave.
  • This other troper also strongly believes he, not Vincent, was the one who killed "Alice" in the past - but that part is still very fuzzy.

When Break is reborn in a century, his name will be Edward Elric
Think about it! They both challenged the sun, pit themselves against the laws of nature, and even in their failure managed the impossible. Besides, what was it Edward cried to Truth as he bound Al's soul to the armor?
No... No! You can't take him too! He's my brother! Take my arm! Take my leg! Take my heart, anything, you can have it! Just give him back! He's my little brother! He's all I have left!
And what did Kevin Legnard say to Alyss?

You want this right eye of mine don't you? If that is what you desire, I shall give it to you! Be it my arms, my legs... I grant you whatever your heart desires!
And in both cases, they cry a plea, a demand to the heart of the universe, and are answered.

Leo is the Head Hunter/original contractor with Humpty Dumpty.
He's the oldest child we've seen from the orphanage, he has more access then most people to the Nightray household, and there's certain lapses of memory that Elliot can't account for. The reason Elliot isn't dead yet is because Leo is attached to him, and is disregarding whatever reason he has to kill everyone else. There's also the fact that Elliot has commented on his eye color, something that we have never seen. Two other character with "unusual" eye color are Barma and Isla, who are both from another country. We know that Isla has connections to both Leo and the Headhunter; could it be that Elliot has been a plant the entire time?
  • As of Retrace LVII, this has been proven wrong. Elliot is the 'Head Hunter', and Humpty Dumpty's contractor.
    • Retrace LXI also shows that Vincent has been the true Head Hunter all along, and Humpty Dumpty was just a copycat.

Vanessa is Celty Strulson.
So Vanessa loses her head. So I'm thinking she doesn't actually die and instead moves to Ireland where she spends some time as a Dullahan. Because, you know, her body and her head are no longer together. And changes her name to Celty Strulson so that no one who knew her as Vanessa Nightray would know.

The power of March Hare will resurrect Reim
As of now, we haven't seen the power of March Hare before. And even Break have specifically said that that Chain is not specialized for battle. Then what it's specialized in? Healing! We all know that in the original story, March Hare is partner/friend/lover to Mad Hatter. And to elaborate; March Hare's power can only be triggered if there is Mad Hatter nearby. So in way or the other, with the help of Break, Reim will be alive again and fangirls will rejoice.
  • I am so waiting for this to happen. Bonus points if it happens in the middle of the fiery hell that is Isla Yura's staging
    • Aaaand as it turns out Reim wasn't dead at all. March Hare induces 'false death'. Not quite a 'resurrection', but hey, at least Reim's back!.

Alice was once Lacie.
Just bear with me guys, this theory is as random as they come: We know that Lacie was sacrificed to the Abyss long enough before for Alice not to know who she was, before Jack told her. It can be said that the Will of the Abyss more or less makes the Abyss "stable"( or as stable as it can be. I got the impression that before the Tragedy, there was nobody to actually control the Abyss, so it was actually wilder than what it is now, it's time-bending, soul-twisting abilities included. I also remember that it was said once in the manga that the people who got stuck in the Abyss would eventually become Chains themselves. You may see where I'm going with this.

Somebody (probably Glen) tried to bring her back, but by that time, the Abyss had already gotten to her, deforming both her appearance and mind, although not completely. And what we have when the "Chainification" is left halfway done? BAM! Split personalities! That would explain why Alice didn't change all that much physically (giant rabbit form notwithstanding) from human to chain, her body was already previously modified. And thanks to the Abyss not having someone in charge, it went bananas with her mind, wiping her mind clean of her previous memories, leaving a teenager body with the mentality of a little child. Somehow, she and her "chain-half" became deeply bound to the Abyss, which turned her into a valuable asset to have. But her resemblance to Lacie was so disturbing to the Baskervilles that they put her into that tower, to avoid having any sort of contact with "such a mockery of that person".
  • If that's so, then it's also possible that B-Rabbit!Alice is the Lacie Glen wants back. After all, the present Alice is rather different from both black and white Alices of 100 years ago. It's possible that the present Alice was the result Glen wanted.
  • Jossed. Alice is Lacie's daughter, cast out of the Abyss after Lacie gave birth to her there. And the Will of the Abyss is Alice's twin sister. She was never cast back into the real world, but their link gave them the power to switch places. Both of them are the result of an experiment by Levi, the Glen before Oswald, who impregnated Lacie before she was cast into the Abyss for being a Child of Misfortune in order to see whether the child would give the "core of the abyss" a form and a will. He got what he wanted. Yes, chapter 69 was just about the biggest Info Dump yet. And it works.

Break is going to end up losing his other eye.
Vincent uses his scissors on Break, because he's getting in the way of something, and he thinks that'll keep Break out of the action. He then proceeds to get thoroughly pwned by Break, who was already used to fighting without being able to see. Sure, maybe this particular set of circumstances isn't that likely, but if it happens, it'll be an automatic CMOA.
  • Unlikely now that Break has gone completely blind in his remaining eye. It would be of no benefit for anyone to remove an eye that no longer works.
    • Jossed: Break has finally died as of Retrace 92, without losing his other eye.

Leo is going to disappear after this arc.
Because he just wouldn't be able to deal with Elliot knowing about Humpty Dumpty, he'll run off and probably get found out by the Baskervilles or something as Elliot contemplates suicide.
  • You were sort of right. Elliot does disappear. As in, he dies.
  • As for Leo disappearing, he does get taken away by Vincent in Retrace 61. Not that this stops him from appearing the next chapter, though.

Elliot is going to have a much smaller part after this arc.
Because his seal is growing ever-so-close to being full.
  • Retrace LIX makes this... *cough* most likely.

Emily is the one behind everything.
Emily is the one pulling all the other characters' strings to achieve her own ends, which have not been revealed yet.

Leo is the reincarnation of Lacie.
We also obviously have to assume Leo is female. Elliot is either Glen or just in some way reminded her of Glen and she wanted to jog his memory by writing the sheet music about herself.
  • Except Leo actually is the reincarnation of Glen.

Lotti is in some way related to Lacie.
The letters in 'Lacie' can be rearranged to spell 'Alice'. This was originally used in Alice in Wonderland, during the March Hare's tea-party, where the Dormouse tells a story about three girls living down a well called Elsie, Lacie and Tillie. This was a reference to the three girls who Carroll originally told the story to. Elsie was a reference to Lorina Charlotte (note the initials) Liddell, the eldest of the three sisters. Since Lotti was possibly named after her, it could mean that she has some connection to Lacie...
  • Lottie being related to Lacie in a familial sense is very unlikely with the revelation that Lacie is Oswald-Glen's younger sister, and the two have been together since they were children. Lottie may be a Baskerville, but it would be incredibly odd for her to be Oswald-Glen's servant if she were related to the two of them unless neither party knew about it.

Elliot and Leo are Peppermint Patty and Marcie.
And Break is Snoopy, Gilbert is Charlie Brown, Ada is Sally and Alice is Lucy.

The Will of the Abyss will kidnap Oz.
She came pretty darn close to doing so around the start of the manga, and we know that she had the hots for Jack, whom Oz is the reincarnation of. I think that it would be a really good story arc, or even Grand Finale scenario, for the Baskervilles to attempt to earn the Will of the Abyss's favor in exchange for Oz. Naturally, his friends from Pandora come to rescue him, but only after he's gone through a few rounds of Break the Cutie and Mind Rape.
  • Unlikely now that it's been revealed that Oz is not the reincarnation of Jack but rather the chain B-rabbit who is using Jack's body. Retrace 76 also reveals that the Will hates Jack for what he did to her and her sister and willingly had her own memories shattered so as to never be able to help him again. The suspected Break the Cutie and Mind Rape do occur, however, courtesy of Jack himself.

Jack will at some point be nicknamed Jack the Ripper
Definitely out there, but it would be a hilarious reference to Lewis Carroll being a Jack The Ripper suspect.

Jack caused the Tragedy of Seblier and Glen was trying to stop him
With the current reveal in the latest chapter, it threw the whole plotline and what we knew on its head. Such as revealing that Gil wasnt really Jack's servant, but he was actually GLEN's. My reasoning now is that what if Jack had been lying to us from the start and that it was instead jack himself that caused the Tragedy in a big gambit to keep him and Lacie together? this could further be supported if perhaps Lacie is related to Glen, such as his daughter or younger sister and had protested their relationship. after all, Jack seems to be 100 times worse the yandere for Lacie than Oc is for Alice. Similarily, the reason [[spoiler: Glen's body is in all of the crystals was part of a gambit to seal Jack away due to that yandere nature that was threating to destroy everyone and everything. Oz's father could even be part of a gambit to release Jack and restart it all over again so Jack could have his Dystopia with Lacie. Also, it could be revealed that if all of Glen's body is destroyed, JACK would be released back into the world]].
  • Confirmed as of Retrace LXXIV.

Lacie is Alice and the Will of the Abyss combined
We arent told much, but from the looks of it the Will of the Abyss and Alice DID at one point seem to share one body, and despite the fact that he may be lying about everything Jack DID say that until she was killed, Alice had been human. What if the shock of death had split 'Lacie's soul in two, one becoming our Tsundere Alice and the Mind Fuck Will of the Abyss? Also, in order to set free the Will of the Abyss like what Breakk seems to be planning to do to fulfill her 'wish', Alice and the Will of the Abyss may have to rejoin, which may return the Abyss to its 'former glory' as the Baskervilles seem to try to be planning.
  • Jossed. Alice and the Will of the Abyss are Lacie's twin daughters, born after Lacie was cast into the Abyss as part of a Baskerville tradition because she was a Child of Misfortune.

The Mock Turtle, Duchess, Twins and Knitting Sheep will figure in sometime
The series has stayed very close to the books, if we're going with the idea that Oz is Alice and Alice is the Red Queen. Every character has fit in somewhere with the original. Therefore, since these five haven't appeared (to my memory) they will be in some way important!
  • We already have the twins in the form of Echo and Zwei as split personalities, as well as the chain Doldum. As for the others, we are still in the wait.
  • Sharon is the Duchess, as I heard it.
  • This is probably unlikely given her personality, but in recent chapters there is a chain that resembles a humanoid pig in a dress that attacks with a butcher's knife which seems to fit better (since the Duchess tends to be portrayed as extremely ugly, and her baby turns into a pig)

Vincent will fully fall in love with Ada
And give up his homicidal tendencies and team up with Oz and Gil. Recently it shows signs that he actually DOES have feelings for her, so it is possible. Either that, or he will have a Heel Face Turn as will all the Baskervilles in order to turn against Jack due to the sudden realization that they had been destorying GLEN's body.
  • I support Vincent falling for Ada, and I have a reason for it aside Shipping Googles. Vincent sisnce to get along better with those considered "weird" as he was a weirdo before; that's how he met Noise/Echo. And while in his plan to corrumpt Ada he discoveres that Ada is a Nightmare Fetishist, so someone "weird" as well, but that still can radiate light and light up his darkness. Ada defending him despise her lack of any strength just started to cement it.

There are actually several timelines because people keep asking the Will of the Abyss to change past events
We know because of Break's backstory that it is possible to change the past, with unpredictable consequences. After Retrace LXV, it's possible that the timeline has been altered twice: the original using this chapter's Jack-centric storyline, the second the one where Oswald is Glen, as we previously had seen in flashbacks, possibly caused by Jack, the third caused by Vincent in order to save Gil's life when he dies during the second timeline.

Leo isn't Glen's next body
Gil is. That's why he wasn't easily killed when he was shot. Leo's just a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to be insane.
  • How did it happen that Glen's silhouette appeared to him in Chapter 58, though? Also, even Jack said that Leo's still alive shortly after skewering him with B-Rabbit's chain.
    • Jack could have lied. Easily. He could have been lying all along. We don't see afterwards... at least, not yet.
    • Retrace 70 has confirmed that Leo really does survive getting impaled with B-Rabbit's chain.
    • Jossed by Retrace LXXIV through having Gilbert shoot Oz unwillingly as an immediate response to Leo's command.

Oz is Jack's son
Think about it. If a pregnant woman is sacrificed to the Abyss, it basically rejected the baby and sends it back out. In Lacie's case, with twins, it only rejected one, and the other became the Will of the Abyss. What if Jack impregnated a woman and got her thrown into the Abyss by Glen? The child that was rejected was Oz, but since the Abyss isn't reliable with time, he was sent back out during the current time period. Zai knew this, abandoned his child somewhere and took Oz back with him, claiming it to be the child. Oz's crime being his very existence is because he's a child born of the Abyss.
  • Jossed by Retrace LXX: Oz. He is not Jack's son. He is, however, Jack's Chain.

There's a lot more about Break that we don't know
Such as: why wasn't he considered a "Child of Misfortune"? Is it because he's albino? In the world Pandora Hearts is set in, it seems odd that they'd just let that slide. I mean, we know about the Red-Eyed Ghost thing, but that's not quite the same as a "Child of Misfortune". Something tells me we'll hear more about this.

Now that he's popped up again, this troper's money is on Zai having known from the start that Oz was not, in fact, totally human. It's even possible that because Oz is actually Jack's body with the B-Rabbit's soul, he's even more of an abomination than any other character in the series in a literal sense (while the metaphorical title goes to Isla Yura). If Zai really is a fully-fledged member of the Baskervilles, then there's no reason that he would not consider Oz to be a monster.
  • As of Retrace 77, this seems to be correct. He was at least aware of Oz's true nature, and was confronted by Oz/Jack when they returned from the Abyss for the first time.
  • And Retrace 78 confirms this. After being rejected by the Abyss, Jack was trapped in an endless cycle of reversed aging to infancy and back again. Over time, his soul was eroded until only Oz remained in control of the body. He asks Zai to adopt him as his son when he reaches infancy again, since his own son is going to die after being born. Little surprise that Zai hates him.

Break is not really dying.
Instead, he is slowly being turned into a Chain like all previous Glen Baskervilles. We've been told that former Glens eventually experience this because of the unusual amount of energy from the Abyss that they are exposed to because of multiple contracts and their unique nature. We've also been told that Children of Misfortune are similar to the Glens, sharing a special connect to the core of the Abyss. From the fate of Revis Baskerville, we know that their bodies wither and rot from the inside out during the process of being turned into a Chain.

He was the one who set in motion the majority of events leading to the Tragedy. He allowed Jack to visit whenever he liked, encouraging his obsession with Lacie. He impregnated Lacie as an experiment, in order to create a host for the Core of the Abyss. And he was the one who informed a grieving Jack about the chains that protect the world from being swallowed by the Abyss.

Jack is an even bigger asshole than we thought.
Not only did he turn Oz into a Nigh Invulnerable Chain and have him destroy pretty much everything, but he also imprisoned Oz's soul inside his body. His thinking was that one day Oz would regain his powers as B-Rabbit, and (rather than give Oz the chance to be free of him and then refuse his contract when Jack called for him again) he would be forever tied to Jack, with no escape even in death. 'Cause, let's face it, Jack would do that to Oz.
  • Retrace 78 indicates that Jack had no intention of doing that, and indeed had no idea that it had happened at first. In addition, Jack isn't the one who turned Oz into the most powerfu; Chain - the Will of the Abyss did so that he would be able to grant Jack's wish.

The Will of Abyss isn't the cause of the distortion, the Core of Abyss is. The Core is also God, though an odd one

Ok, this is going to be long, so bear with me. The Core of Abyss is the mind of Abyss, the creator of the world and therefore god. But it is, to borrow a term from the Cthulhu mythos, a blind idiot god, not in the sense that it's some horrible abomination, but in the sense that it is barely aware, with an undeveloped mind. It's more a primal force than anything else, and created the world simply because that's what its nature is.

One basic desire it had even from the start was the desire to exist, and this influenced both the world and Abyss. Abyss would give life to things without them, and life developed in the human world as well. In addition, the Baskervilles, special messengers chosen by Abyss, were created in order to protect it. None of this was a conscious decision on the part of the Core, simply a consequence of its ability to influence reality.

At some point, one of the previous Glens interacted with the Core, and this caused the Core's mind to develop more. But since the Core has an unstable, undeveloped mind, any additional emotions or thoughts it gains have potentially horrible effects on the world. The darkness that used to exist at the heart of the Abyss was the result of this. The Core simply gained a new feeling, loneliness, and as a result a destructive all consuming darkness took over part of the Abyss, and the world was probably destabilized as well. Realizing how dangerous interacting with the Core was, the Baskervilles banned anyone from approaching it except for Glen, and only then in extreme circumstances.

[ Unfortunately, because the Core was now lonely, people in the world began to be born with red eyes, people with the ability to touch the Core. Because the Core wanted to interact with people. The Glens, fearing what further interaction with the Core would bring about, decided they had no choice but to throw such people into the darkness of Abyss where they would be destroyed and removed from the cycle of souls, to ensure that no further destabilization of the Core occurred.

But then something unexpected happened. Someone was born who was both a child of ill omen, and a Baskerville: Lacie. Maybe the Core was growing increasingly lonely, and this was the result. And since Levi was more interested in his experiments than upholding his duty as Glen, he let Lacie go to Abyss. There, she sensed the presence of the Core and began to interact with it, the thing every Baskerville (aside from Levi) feared the most. Fortunately, her initial interactions did not have a drastic effects. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to completely remove the Core's loneliness, as she always had to leave, and at first at least, Oz wasn't much of a companion. When Lacie was cast into the darkness and destroyed, though, several things happened. First, the Core merged with White Alice, and thus was no longer lonely, because it was now literally as close to someone as it was possible to be, at all times. Thus, the initial distortion caused by Glen disappeared. But, the Core was sad that Lacie was gone forever, and so it gained sadness now. More distortions were created, and a different type of darkness consumed all of Abyss.

This explains why the heart of the Abyss, where the Core dwells, used to have a darkness that destroyed everything, but doesn't seem to anymore. After all, that's where the Will of Abyss dwells now, but we saw from when Break showed up there that it wasn't much different from the rest of Abyss, and Break wasn't being consumed, simply transformed into a Chain like he would elsewhere in Abyss, albeit quicker.

If this theory is correct, Oz, someone whom the Core knew even before merging with White Alice, is going to be very important in finding a way to fix things.

Jack Vessalius was given APOTOX4869 and that's why he can't stay as an adult for so long.

Not only does Jack shrink again and again to the age of a child, it happens over and over, which implies that he can't stay as an adult. Also note how he goes under a fake identity and pretends to be someone else. Also, Oz is a lot more like Shinichi than we think, what with the lying to protect people you love thing, the self-sacrifice concept, etc.

Every time he takes over Oz's body, he can only stay there for a short period of time and he seems sweaty, just like a certain detective.

The only difference is that the Core of the Abyss was pissed at Jack and gave him it to teach him a lesson.

Alice is really Suzie Salmon reincarnated

She was murdered as a child and died at age thirteen. Also, she has an older sister who mourns her loss. Her friendly neighbor Jack, was really evil and tried to murder her. Only this time, Suzie has power over Mr. Harvey (who is Jack reincarnated).

Tales of the Abyss and Pandora Hearts take place in the same universe.

They both have the same title and have to do with the Abyss.

The Vessailus Key of the Abyss is hidden inside the camera

Why else would Oscar freak out about Oz snatching it when he was little?

Lacie is actually Sebastian.
If anyone have been following Black Butler and Pandora Hearts at the same time, you will notice that the chapter which Lacie shows her face in Jack's flashback is in the same issue as the chapter which Sebastian had his long flashback on his meeting with Ciel. Lacie, a mysterious ravenhead, who's a Child of Misfortune, with red eyes meets Jack and changes his whole world. Sebastian, a mysterious ravenhead demon with red eyes appeared to Ciel and changed his whole world. And it all happened within the same issue of G-Fantasy, the magazine from which both mangas are released. This have to be planned.

Vincent is Kayo Sudou.
Come on, I'm the only one who noticed it? Two yanderes who happen to use scissors, in crazy-dark Mind Screw series. And MA, in Kayo's original body, appears to possibly have heterochromia(or its just a weird shading). And Kayo is the only sinner who didn't die at the end of her song...Or they're reincarnations. Whatever it is, Vincent is Kayo, or something related to her. Because I cannot deny that there has to be some connection.

Mad Hatter was originally Roman Sinclair.
Just to make things even a tiny bit sadder. Or sweeter.

After his youngest daughter slaughtered the rest of the Sinclair family with her Chain, Roman was the last one standing. The Chain wounded him, but not fatally- it couldn't, because his daughter's incuse completed its revolution and she was now being dragged down into the Abyss. Roman rushed to her side, causing him to be sent to the Abyss as well.

The two of them found themselves in the Intention's room, just like Break had. The daughter at this point was out of her mind and mistook the Intention as just another human to feed her chain. Naturally, the Intention put an end to her quickly, and noticed that Roman was still alive and kicking. "Yes... you will be a fine one..."

Roman spent the last of his days wandering the Abyss and harboring a deep grudge against the Intention for killing his daughter, and in turn the rest of his family, as well as the existence of the place and creatures she commanded in general. He vowed, though he was doomed to roam this hell and die/become a Chain, that he would remain true to himself until the end. He found that his fate was to be the latter, and so clung to his conviction of opposing everything of the Abyss. These feelings allowed him to become the extremely powerful Abyss-terminating Chain known as Mad Hatter.

Enter Kevin.

By this time, Roman was accustomed to being Mad Hatter and reigned in the Abyss for many years as a terror among terrors. Even so, not once had he made a single contract prior. He rejected anyone who tried, finding them unworthy somehow.

But then Kevin, his loyal, warm-hearted knight Kevin appears suddenly before him after an endless eternity (ever since,in his view, the knight disappeared mysteriously four years before his daughter made a contract. He assumed that he had been too hard on him and that drove him away.) Mad Hatter peered into Kevin's eye and saw that the glimmer has faded, the gentle nobility corroded, and the warmth now a quiet, cold sorrow. The Chain saw that whatever happened to his young former knight had broken him, and that there was no way he'd refuse him now.

The Mad Hatter spent a destructive, lonely existence in the darkness. But now there was a chance to gain a part of his old life, his heart, and his light back, and to thank the person who had so dutifully served and cared for his family by serving him in turn.

Even if that person would never know it.

The form of Chains depends on the person they once were.
Either on their personality or past actions, or both. For example:

- Leon was once a warrior, "brave as a lion" as he'd often been called.

- March Hare was a timid, frail person who was once in a deadly conflict, but he saved himself by pretending to be dead.

- Bandersnatch was a free spirit, a rogue who worked in the shadows. Perhaps they were a bounty hunter as a human, or a thief who stole only for themselves and the ones they cared about.

- Equus was a skillful, suave courier and spy. Like Bandersnatch, she worked in the shadows anonymously.

- Albus was the Commander of the king's royal army. He manipulated his way into that high position, but he was once a noble warrior who cared deeply for morals. But war had hurt and changed him, and he then he found it fit to do whatever it takes, no mater how abhorrent, to defend everything he held dear. He believed that the Intention could grant him a wish, seeking her out even after he became a Chain.

- Duldum was a girl who suffered from bipolar disorder. She was friendless due to her strange, sporadic behavior and was lonely for most of her life before becoming a Chain. She seeked desperately for a person who could stay with her, understand her, and as a Chain, found that person in the form of Noise (and later Echo.)

- etc.

The Rainsworth's key is Rufus' golden fan
Rufus and Cheryl interchanged keys as an alliance and a sign of trust. The Rainsworth women are known for their Paper Fan Of Dooms so it's likely that their key is a fan too.
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