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Authors and Websites

    General Fics 

Beyond the Winding Road by Emori Loul
  • Recommended by: Souvenir Bookworm.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Post series. One hundred years have passed in a world full of life, color, and stories. It's time again for some familiar faces to join it.
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    • Comments: A slightly slow-paced but fascinatingly detailed interpretation of the Pandora Hearts universe and the daily lives of post-series Oz, Alice, and Gilbert. Despite its general light-heartedness, it doesn't shy away from the more bitter implications of the ending, and adds quite a few new aspects of its own. The author's true strength, however, lies in their ability to make the fairy tale-like land of Pandora Hearts seem like a real, tangible place in history.

    The Portrait By 10051
    • Recommended by Gamma Cavy
    • Status Complete.
    • Synopses: a sweet story in which Gil and Oz look back on the friendship between Jack and Oswald.

    Old Wounds by Starlit Skyline
    • ''Recommended by: Gamma Cavy
    • Status: Complete
    • Summary: Whenever Oz looked at Vincent, he flinched and shivered, for it felt like someone had walked over his grave.
    A Hundred Cycles by Gamma Cavy
    • Recommended by: Tiamat Dragon Queen
    • Status: Complete
    • Summary:Human souls return to the earth after a hundred cycles. Chains are immortal. When Gil lies dying, Oz takes drastic measures to find his best friend again.
    • Synopsis:A look at the possible long term issues of Oz being a chain, and a creative solution. If he must, Oz will wait forever. It diverges from canon after retrace 78, so anyone hoping for Alice will be disappointed.
    Unfolding Time by Starlit Skyline

    • Recommended by: Gamma Cavy
    • Status: Complete
    • Summary: It begins where it ends, but it ends where it begins. Do you want to live forever, Jack?
    • Synopsys: You could say this is kinda a character study of our favorite traitor, his brokenness, madness, goals, what drove him. He's a really interesting guy, isn't he? Anyway, the plot is done similarly to PH, so it's like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to work it through a bit before the picture becomes clear. An interesting work, and one that successfully caught him.
    Ambidextrous, by Nadramon, can be found Here or Here.
    • Recommended by Gamma Cavy
    • Status: In Progress
    • Original summary: No matter how many times he changed his name, Gilbert would never belong anywhere. He simply hopes that his master can be saved. The question is: does he still have one? [Alternate continuity from Retrace 74 onwards.]
    • Warning: Important manga spoilers.
    • Synopsis: An alternate continuity from retrace 74, Ambidextrous is the story of Gil coming to terms with the whole "I'm a Baskerville in service of Glen" thing, and then choosing to save Oz anyway, because Glen's become far to much of a Well-Intentioned Extremist, and doesn't care about the fact that theB-rabbit is a person who doesn't want to hurt them, only that it's a Chain that can destroy Baskervilles. Glen is also jealous of the fact that Gil s now loyal to Oz, so it's unclear whether the decision to destroy B-Rabbit is only because the chain can cause destruction, or if there's some of "if he's dead Gil is mine" going on as well. Naturally Gil won't let Oz be destroyed, and couldn't care less that his master is a Chain. Oz, however, wants Gil to save Alice. So as Sharon and Break rescue Oz, Gil braves the Abyss to find Alice, and make a contract with her. They then hatch a most intriguing plan to remove Oz from Jack's control. After all, chains can make contracts... and if Glen and Vincent can have more than one Chain, so can Gil carry three.

    Undone by Starlit Skyline
    • recommended by: Gamma Cavy.
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis Break grieves.
      • Hi guys, Word of God here. If you're going to read that one you should read Cavy's sequel too. Mending can be found here/; Mending

    The Lord's Duty by metisket
    • Recommended by: Gamma Cavy.
    • Status: Complete
    • Original summary: Leo wondered just what he was to Elliot Nightray. Sometimes the answer seemed troublingly close to everything. Elliot had an awful tendency to lean on weak reeds, and then to blame them when they broke.
    • Synopsis: After Oz's second coming of age ceremony in chapter 56 Pandora tries all the child contractors. Unfortunately for them the Oz faction aren't going to let anything happen to Leo. Eliot in particular is upset at this farce of a trial for his servant. It borders on hysterically funny at times, especially when one of the judges incurs Breaks wrath and Leo prays for his poor doomed soul. Also when Leo realizes that the last time he heard that tone from Oz, they were in Sablier, and Oz was holding a scythe and drenched in the blood of his enemies.


    Countervalue of Truth by Icylady
    • Recommended by: Gamma Cavy
    • Status: Complete
    • Crossover: Harry Potter
    • Original summary: When Chains start to appear all over Great Britain, Pandora cannot let it slide. AU story
    • Synopsis: Chains begin to appear in Great Britain, and Pandora's best agents are sent to deal with this. it's somewhat AU to both original works, one because a character who should be dead isn't and the other because it isn't the same fifth year as usual. Oz, Eliot, Alice, and Leo are sent undercover as students, with Gil and Break pretending to be body guards, while they search for the contractor. By the time they leave Britan, the Ministry is in shambles, Voldemort is not ever coming back, it's discovered that Baskerviles are very hard to kill even by wizarding methods, and Hermione might be engaged to Elliot. All in all a fun story, and well worth reading at least once, if only for the novelty of a fifth year with no Umbridge.

        Alternate Universe Fics 

    If I Fall Forward, You Fall Flatby ryuko1
    • Recommended by Gamma Cavy
    • Status: Complete
    • Original summary: Winter is long, hard, and isolating for a creature out of it's element. But Elliot's winter of discontent might have a few upsides as well. Avian/Mer AU
    • Synopsis: Winter is long, hard, and isolating for a creature out of it's element. But Elliot's winter of discontent might have a few upsides as well. Or the one where Elliot has wings but is unable to fly for the winter migration as all avians do, and Leo is a merperson, and they strike up an odd friendship.