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Tear Jerker: Pandora Hearts
  • One of the things fans find noteworthy of this series is its Dysfunction Junction nature. And boy is it ever...
  • Retrace LIX. Elliot pulling a Big Damn Heroic Sacrifice by rejecting his Chain, thus causing his death. The other characters' reactions to this in the next few chapters made it more heartbreaking.
    • Oz reflecting that the good weather felt like the world trying to put behind what happened in Yura's mansion, and finding that irritating. Alice's attempts to lift his spirits did little to lift his spirits, nor that of the readers'.
    • Leo, of course, is the most affected by Elliot's death. Sobbing and screaming at random intervals for three days isn't even the end of it.
    • The first page of Retrace 60 was a color page with the following text:
    • What follows that was a completely black page, aside from the following words in white: Elliot is dead. Even the original magazine release didn't have a recap!
    • Then we have this:
    Elliot: I'm sorry, Leo.
  • Elliot falls unconscious in the middle of an encouraging chat with his sister. He wakes up to his sister's headless body falling down some nearby stairs and Break, the person he has idolized since his childhood, accusing him of being the headhunter.
    • And then, it was revealed that not only did Elliot really kill her, but he was also the one who killed his brothers. At least, the brothers who weren't killed by the real Head Hunter, who just so happens to be one of his adopted brothers.
  • Retrace 47, in hindsight, as well as the Drama CD about it, considering someone's recent death and the Face Heel Turns of a few others...
    • "Hey Elliot, wouldn’t it… be nice to have fun with everyone again… like Oz said?" As said by a pre-Face Heel Turned (sort of) Leo after the Unbirthday party. Considering the recent chapters, something like this seems highly unlikely.
  • March 2012 of the official Pandora Hearts calendar has Baskerville!Leo surrounded by marigolds. It gets depressing when you learn that among the meanings of marigolds in the flower language are grief, sorrow and despair.
    • The official guidebook also gleefully reminds us that "having no outlets, his sadness and despair transformed into destructive impulses, and he has applied the death of his friend to himself, personally."
  • Oz trying to reach out to Leo is both this and a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. They even had tears on their eyes when the former succeeded. Then Jack makes the former skewer the latter with B-Rabbit's chain...
    • And before that...
    Oz: You're wrong, Leo. You don't want to destroy anything. You just want to destroy yourself.
    • Zoom in to the panel where Oz says that and you'll notice Leo has tears in his eyes, making it apparent that recent events are taking their toll on him.
  • Becoming the host of Glen's soul doesn't seem like a happy fate. On top of having to bring more bad luck to others than usual, you have a chance of making a close relative a Child of Misfortune, as well as having to throw them into the Abyss one day. Poor Oswald...The Worse part is that everything about the Baskervilles and The Childern of Misfortune were lies by the Jurors as they wanted to get rid of the latter for being out of their control and used the former for their stories.
  • The treatment Oz gets from his father is downright heartless, what with being called "disgusting filth" in a flashback and being referred to by "it".
  • Despite (or even because of) the lack of fanfare or dwelling on Fang's death. The mortified expressions Lily and Lottie displayed]] really sells it.
  • Chapter 74 has Gil being ordered by a Glen-possessed Leo to shoot Oz, which he does (Though, not out of his free will), and as Oz is laying there on the ground, he remembers Jack's cruel words.
    • Jack's treatment of Oz, period. Puts the poor boy into a Heroic BSOD so bad, you will definitely want to give him a hug.
    • Oz making Alice vanish to keep her from suffering any further for his sake.
  • After the Baskervilles take over Pandora Oz asks about Break and we just see a panel of his limp hand and Lottie saying "The Mad Hatter isn't a threat to us anymore."
  • In Chapter 76 when Alice cries because Oz rejected her and she got sent to the Abyss. After all they've been through, it really sucks.
  • When Lacie says goodbye to Jack for the last time. Oswald's face really brings the Tear Jerker home.
  • We never find out what Lacie's last words to Oswald were. But they made him make this expression.
  • When Oswald finds out that the Tragedy of Sablier is Jack's fault. Not only does he flip out, but the betrayal is evident.
    • In hindsight, Oswald telling Gil that he wanted to be friends with Jack is fairly heart-breaking, considering that we all knew what Jack was doing behind the scenes.
  • When Oswald tells Jack that Lacie is dead. And that he killed her.
    • Both of their reactions to Lacie's death. Jack totally lost any shred of sanity he regained when he found her. Oswald is clearly traumatized, having killed his younger sister, and when he thinks he glimpses her when walking through the mansion... it's a Tear Jerker. 'Nough said.
  • Gil, when he remembers his master and Parental Substitute, Oswald, and what Jack did to him and Oz.
  • After the true nature of the Tragedy of Sablier and Oz's connection to Alice and Jack are revealed Gil betrays him and he is imprisoned by Pandora, which is now working with the Baskervilles. And Oz doesn't seem to care and doesn't try to fight back, because he knows that everything he is and was never actually was his, but a fabrication that resulted from Jack's lies and manipulation.
    • Note that the name of this Retrace is "Alone", exactly how poor Oz was feeling at the time.
  • Retrace 78: Decision. Yet another Wham Episode with a lot of tears.
    • Gilbert feeling so guilty over having shot Oz, he actually shed tears and burnt his left arm off to sever his connection with Glen.
    • Pretty much everything about Leo in this chapter screams just how far in the Despair Event Horizon he has gone, to the point that he has lost the will to fight against Oswald!Glen's take-over.
    • Oswald actually wishing to travel back in time to kill his own sister if it meant preventing the Tragedy of Sablier from ever happening, which shows just how far off the deep end he has been. There's also him using Elliot's sword to kill Oz.
    • Jack huddled amidst the ruins of Sablier while cradling Oswald's severed head. Also, when he comes to the realization that he murdered his best friend, there are tears in his eyes and evident remorse despite his Sanity Slippage.
    • Oz explaining to Echo that he is actually the chain B-rabbit causes her to break out of her Emotionless Girl persona and hug him.
  • Retrace 82: Wish. "Oscar Vessalius falls down here."
  • No love for poor Cheshire ? although he does return.
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