Awesome / Pandora Hearts

  • Any time you see the Mad Hatter manifest in reality, you know Break is about to fuck somebody's shit up.
  • Retrace VIII: The Intention of the Abyss (in the form of a white rabbit) captures Alice and starts demanding that Oz love her instead of Alice. Oz cuts her rant short, says he loves Alice, and shoots her in the head. For some reason, the anime version of this scene had Gil shoot her instead, which takes some of the awesome away from Oz, but hands it right over to Gil.
  • Retrace XX: Break Curb Stomping Cheshire in his own reality, as Oz elsewhere destroys said reality.
  • In Retrace XLV, things are looking pretty grim. Random people are dying left and right, Reim is dead, Alice and Leo have been kidnapped, and Break is going to pull one last ditch effort to try to take out two Baskervilles, knowing it will kill him. No one will be helping him, he specifically TOLD those who might have the opportunity not to, and he has absolutely no hope for survival. Then Gilbert shows up out of nowhere, and we finally get to see the Raven in all its gruesome glory.
    • And when the terrified Baskervilles ask who the heck he is? His response is "This idiot(Break)'s left eye!"
    • And later, Reim appears out of nowhere to stop Lily from killing Break. Turns out his chain's power was "False Death". Hey, when you can't fight, you have to do what you can to be awesome. And he certainly delivered.
  • Whenever B-rabbit's Scythe pears in Oz's hands, you know something is about to go down. Often preceded by: scenery beginning to crack, weapons coming at him disintegrating, his expression hardening, children being manipulated, or someone hurting Alice. the following example has the scenery, the manipulation , and the threat to Alice:
  • Elliot's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Oz in Retrace XXVI.
    • Made even more awesome in the anime, Episode 18, and Oz's reply in Episode 19.
  • Anytime a chain takes up almost the whole page, maybe even two. The most notable include the aforementioned Big Damn Heroes moment of Gilbert.
  • Retrace LXXII: Alice drop-kicking Oz out of nowhere while Jack was in the middle of trying to pull Oz into a Heroic B.S.O.D..
  • Break leaving through a cupboard like a boss. Also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • In Retrace LXXIV, Alice saying she's going to stop Jack's plans. As well as saying about Oz "I'll protect you with my own hands!" She then proceeds to stab herself with a pair of shears just to severe any means of contact between Jack and Alyss, and thus, keep things from getting worse.
  • Retrace LXXVIII: Gil has had enough of this nonsense, finally throws away the doubts he's been carrying since his first appearance and becomes pure awesome. So awesome, that he instantly snaps Oz out of his Heroic B.S.O.D..
    "I decided long ago. I have always known... who I wished to protect. And yet, I was afraid of what I couldn't remember, of what might be lurking inside of me and that sapped my confidence. There was nothing more to it than that. So, I guess... there's nothing to be afraid of anymore."
    • To elaborate, the guy burns his left arm off in defiance of the control that Oswald holds over him (which was concentrated in that arm), all for Oz's sake.
    • Also worth noting is Break's simultaneous declaration to Lily that he doesn't need to worry about his own execution, because Oz's execution will be thwarted? How does he know this? Break is confident that even after remembering everything and shooting Oz, Gil will side with his master. Sure enough, it comes true.
    • He does it again in Retrace LXXXI when Jack tries to take advantage of Oscar's darker feelings towards Oz. He responds by angrily shouting that Oscar will never betray Oz. This also gives Oscar the chance to pull off his own moment of awesome by pinning down Jack!Oz to a wall and stating that he won't let him take advantage of his feelings.
  • Retrace LXXXII: In the face of Oscar's loyalty and true compassion for Oz, Jack attempts to remind him that everything Oz has ever achieved is false. Oz's response?
    Oz: "That simply... Can't be true!"
    Alice: "Oz is calling me..."
    • And with that, Oz and Alice are reunited.
  • Though it's a rather macabre moment, who didn't cheer in Retrace LXI when Vincent used Demios to behead Smug Snake Duke Nightray?
  • Although he didn't do anything awesome at the moment, Rufus Barma revealing how well he's played everybody, including Glen Baskerville, and how things are going just according to his plan. Then we see Break with his Mad Hatter out, already killing Baskervilles.
    • He also has an awesome moment in Retrace LXXXVII, where he delivers an Armor Piercing "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Glen, telling him that he's no different from Jack and that the only motives he has for wanting to hit the Reset Button are extremely selfish. This gets Glen mad enough to try to kill him.
  • Half of Retrace LXXXVII contains a fight scene in which Break takes on at least 20 Baskervilles (including Doug) at once, killing or fatally wounding a majority of them, without getting a single scratch. Considering the shape his body was in at that moment, this was indeed AWESOME.
    • Retrace XCIV reveals that Cheshire is alive and manages to screw Oswald/Glen's plans by sending him and Vincent to the Tragedy of Sablier.