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Ho Yay: Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts has enough instances of Ho Yay to get it its own page, starting with how the main character's friend has a huge infatuation with him and often fights with the main love interest for his affection as a result. Regardless, you can interpret it as Ho Yay, overprotectiveness or something else entirely.


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     Gil and Oz 
  • Oz and Gil have a close relationship, and Gil seems to enjoy finding excuses to touch Oz and unbutton his shirt. In addition, Gil's devotion to Oz can seem somewhat... obsessive at times. Although there may be a reason for it and theories that make Oz and Gil's relationship debatable over whether or not it's really love, it's unlikely to discourage the shipping. At all.
    • No matter what the root cause, it's obvious from his behaviour that he cares a lot about Oz, which can be interpreted in a Ho Yay manner. So... it's still Ho Yay. Despite this obligation toward his master's safety, Gil's feelings towards his master are genuine, and run deep. Gil deeply cares about Oz, and always strives to be there when Oz needs him.
    • Gil makes it clear that, whatever his own feelings, Oz will always come first, no matter what. He once said himself in chapter 60 that if Oz had to keep his feelings hidden away, then so did he. "Oz... my master... hasn't shed a tear. I can't cry yet."
    • Plus you don't train for ten years to rescue someone, throwing your own life away in the process, unless you care for them a lot.
    • Gilbert devotes his life to protecting Oz, and actually refers to him as "his most precious person." Their interactions frequently make Alice, Oz's main love interest, jealous, sometimes resulting in tug-o-war matches between Gil and Alice over Oz.
    • Not to mention the third omake with all their Hot for Student implications and how Gil constantly blushes around Oz and sees sparkles around him, and lest we forget... Gil's character song. Just his character song.
      • In the second omake Gilbert kneels before Oz, puts his hat over his heart, reaches out a hand to him like he's proposing to him and states "Just to be by your side is enough for me. I do not wish to part from you again. And for that reason, I will do whatever it takes. I will always accept who you are" and Oz reacts to this by looking embarrassed and blushing. Also, Young Gil states about Oz: "It makes me happy just to be with him although sometimes no I always get him into trouble and he has to go through..."
      • One of the guidebooks had a flap that shows what the characters think of the guidebook in question. Gilbert's thoughts?
      • In the fifth omake Gil gets a picture of Oz wearing a bathing suit and gazes at it while blushing and stuttering.
      • In the omake that came with the Mine of Mine guidebook (It was adapted into the sixth omake in the anime), Oz wants to try smoking like Gil because Smoking Is Cool but Gil is fiercely against it showing that he worries about Oz's health and falls over on top of him after taking back the cigarettes. Also, Oz cheers up Gil and calls him his "prized servant" and Gil responds to this by blushing. And in the sixth omake Oz and Young Gil are seen in one image sleeping in a Sleep Cute position on a bench. And they appear to be holding hands.
    • In the 9th omake, Gil's wish to the Will of the Abyss is to be by Oz's side. Gil's also blushing when he says this.
    • In this scene Gilbert reacts with shock when he finds out that Alice and Oz have already kissed and in this scene (anime-only) has a moment where he hugs Oz close to him and sparkles against a pink background.
    • Here's a rather cute Gilbert/Oz scene.
    • There's one scene back when Gil and Oz were younger when Gil (who was not in his right mind but still...) held Oz close to him, whispered into his ear and then licked it.
    • Episode 5 of the anime features Oz trying to save a young girl and Gil putting his arm around him holding him back and saving him. And when Oz gets free Gil chases after him and puts his arm around him again keeping him from going after the girl.
    • The last part of episode 6 is just extremely slashy in terms of Gil/Oz.
    • Episode 10 of the anime features Gil acting concerned about Oz when he goes berserk and calms him down. He holds him close to him in his arms most of the time too.
    • There's more touching between the two in episode 15 and Gil acts concerned when Oz goes into a Love Makes You Crazy state and slaps him back to his senses. He acts really upset over having slapped Oz and both stare into each others eyes and Gil gets close enough to Oz's face to kiss him. Gil also seemed to want to make all of Oz's pain go away. He then grabs him and catches him when he faints cradling him in his arms gently. And hugs him close when he wakes up. And when holding him when Oz says he doesn't want Alice to disappear Gil grabs Oz's hand that's clasping the front of his jacket in his and holds it tenderly while they gaze into each other's eyes. They hold hands for a while until the floor breaks open. And Gil saves Oz when they fall through the floor. And when Gil and Oz get separated they're shown screaming one another's names and reaching out for one another.
    • Episode 23: Gil places his coat on Oz when they flashback to his coming of age ceremony and share a heartwarming moment together as they remember.
    • Chapter 1: Oz teases Gil a lot and says he wants Gil to help him at the ceremony not as his servant but as his friend.
    • Chapter 3: Gil cradling an unconscious Oz in his arms after he comes out of the Abyss.
    • Chapter 4: Gil sitting by Oz's bedside and tending to his injuries after he fainted from coming out of the Abyss and Oz grabbing Gil's sleeve. He even covered Oz with his jacket. And also holds him in his arms again later on too. Also, him putting his favorite hat that he never not wears on Oz.
    • Chapter 6: Oz protecting a young Gil from a falling vase and saying he swears to protect Gil as his master. Oz also says about Gil while smiling "I think of him as my greatest friend, more so than anybody else!"
    • Chapter 7: Young Gil saying that no matter what happens he wants to stay by Oz's side. And Oz dressing Gil's wound.
      • Also despite how Oz is sometimes a jerk towards him Gil still says he always wants to be Oz's servant. He also says he'll never betray Oz and he won't let him get hurt.
    • Chapter 8: Gil holding Oz in his arms.
    • Chapter 9: Gil is implied to have taken care of Oz after he fainted and is mad at Break for getting Oz attacked by the Baskervilles. And Gil being reminded about how he told Oz "I want to be your servant even now."
    • Chapter 10: Gil worries about Oz after Break told him something. And warns Alice not to mention the word "parents" in front of Oz implying that he worries about him. And he threatens Alice, warning her not to insult Oz.
    • Gil's constant Say My Name moments in regards to Oz.
    • Chapter 11: Gil chases after Oz and holds him close to him when he's injured/unconscious.
    • Chapter 12: Gil chases after Oz again when he sees he's gonna get shot and has another Say My Name moment and holds him in his arms.
    • Chapter 13: Young Gil is quick to change his mind and agree with Break's plan when he baits him by saying he'll be able to save Oz if he agrees. And he watches over Oz as he sleeps as well.
    • Chapter 15: Gil tries to prevent Oz from going after Alice because he says he can't let him just walk into danger. He says he'll go instead and tells him to wait where its safe. Oz goes anyway and Gil says even if he doesn't want him to go he'll still follow.
    • Chapter 17: Gil worries about Oz again.
    • In chapter 18 Oz shows that he cares about Gil too when he states as he's being attacked by a Cheshire cat that he doesn't care what happens to him as long as Gil is safe. Also, Gil acts very concerned about Oz when Jack sends him after Alice and yells at him "Why!? Why did you let Oz go alone!?"
    • In chapter nineteen Gil pointed his gun at Jack for sending Oz to look for Alice and rather fiercely demands that he takes him to see Oz.
    • In chapter 22 Gil catches Oz in his arms after he faints from being taken over by Jack. And when Oz wakes up he finds Gil sleeping with his head on the bed implying that he's been watching over him since he fainted.
    • In chapter 28 Gil shows up again and upon spotting Oz states "Oz!! Are you alright!!?" And threatens Elliot with "If you dare lay your hands on him (Oz), even if its you, I will never forgive you."
    • In chapter 33 Gil threatens Vincent with "If it were to involve my master (Oz), even if you are my little brother, I will never forgive you!"
    • Gil tried to kill Alice in chapter thirty-five since Alice was "snatching away his beloved master". And Gil also freaks out in chapter 35 when Oz seemingly acts emo. Also, Oz says to Gil: "I'm your master. Even if you trip and fall, I'll be by your side to support you!"
      • In chapter 36 Gil warns Elliot not to wave his sword around when he's near Oz because he's afraid he'll hurt him.
      • In chapter 37 we get a nice cover page of Oz and Gil standing really close together.
    • In chapter 38 Gil thinks back on past moments spent with Oz and thinks "I want to stay by his (Oz's) side."
    • In chapter 39 Oz encounters Gil again and worries about him and Gil touches Oz's arm.
    • In chapter 40 Gil gets pissed off at Oz's father for disrespecting Oz, chases after him, points his gun at him, and warns him to stay away from Oz.
    • In chapter 41 when Gil sees blood on Oz's jacket he freaks out and worries about whether he's injured. He also tells him to put on his hood because he's worried he'll catch a cold.
    • In chapter 43 Oz worries about Gil and Gil smiles, places his hand on Oz's head thinking that even if he can't find an answer he still wishes to protect Oz. He feels that staying near Oz is enough for him.
    • In chapter 44 Gil tries to protect Oz from an insane woman.
    • In chapter 47 Gil again worries about Oz's health and caresses his hair.
  • Retrace 48 was basically a non-stop Ho Yay fest. For starters there's the scene where Gil tells a cross-dressing Oz that he looks 'gorgeous'.
    • Gil gets pissed at Break for knocking down Oz. "Break!!!! What are you doing to Oz!?"
      • And both Alice and Gil respond to Isla fanboying over Jack/Oz by saying very jealousy "Hey you! Stay away from Oz!" and trying to pull Isla away from Oz.
      • And Gil gets pissed at Isla for putting Oz on the spot.
      • Gil also catches Oz in his arms again after he faints after being taken over by Jack.
    • In chapter 62 Oz greets Gil in the morning and the two share a smile. And Gil says Oz is cute and gently places his hand on his head. And freaks out when he learns that the hand of the seal on Oz's chest advanced, showing that he worries about him. And Oz correctly states that Gil is always fussing over ever little thing that happens to him. Oz also states that he was worried about Gil and that made Gil worry about him.
    • In chapter 63 Gil goes frantic with worry when Leo shows up thinking he might hurt Oz.
    • In chapter 64 Gil has another Say My Name moment in regards to Oz and holds him close to him after saving him. Also, Echo states that Alice saying Oz's name all the time sounds a lot like Gil since he also says Oz's name all the time.
    • In chapter 65 Gil says he wants to follow Oz even though he's busy with something.
    • We also have the cover picture of Caucus Race, as featured in the ads.
      • Speaking of Caucus Race, in the first volume we are treated to a story where Gil has (another) marriage meeting, and his potential fiancee guesses correctly that his reluctance to get married is because of his devotion to his master. Meanwhile, Oz, who is spying on this meeting, contemplates Gilbert getting married and isn't sure what to think of it.
    • In chapter 74 Gil stands in front of Oz to protect him and worriedly asks him if he's hurt. Oz grabs Gil's jacket again and holds him from behind while crying and apologizing.
  • In chapter 78, Gil realizes that as part of the ceremony to make him the next Glen, his contract with Raven included More Than Mind Control that forced him to obey any order from Glen. In order to save Oz, he has Raven BURN OFF HIS LEFT ARM, effectively ending the contract. He follows this up with a Big Damn Heroes moment and a declaration of his resolve to be with Oz forever.

  • Gil's younger brother, Vincent, is extremely possessive of him. Extremely. Also, at the end of the omake here where Gil is a teacher and Oz a student we see a picture of Vincent hugging Gil from behind while releasing heart marks. And chapter 13 features their reunion with young Vincent acting really joyful upon seeing Young Gil again, hugging him, holding him from behind and resting his chin on his shoulder. At the end of chapter 18 Vincent thinks about how cute Gil is. And Vincent even kills various members of the Nightray family simply for their dislike of Gil. In chapter 61, it was shown that he was going to use the Will of the Abyss to cease his exisitence from the world, hoping for Gil to live a much happier life and for him to be in the sunshine forever. That is why he was teaming up with the Baskervilles hoping that when they are to capture the Will, that he is able to make a wish for her to grant. If he can't do this, he wants Leo to just kill him so that he will never hurt Gil, and Gil can lead a happy life. In chapter 33 Vincent tells Gil that whatever he does, he does it all for him and at one point puts his hand on Gil's face and puts his face close to his.
    • Retrace 65 features Vincent saying in response to Gilbert asking why he's working with the Baskerville's and why he's the headhunter: "I'm doing it all...for you. You know, brother...To me there's no one more important than you. I like you. I love you! That's why...I'd do anything to make you happy." Also, Gilbert taking a bullet for Vincent in chapter 65.
    • In the second omake Vincent shows up to give Gil his favorite cake. Gil asks how he knew what his favorite cake was and Vincent replies while blushing "I know everything about you. Because we are connected by an extremely deep bond. No matter how far apart we are, we will surely return to the same place. Because that is our fate!" Also, in the same omake he states about Gil "Oh, Gil belongs to me, so please don't touch him after nightfall."
    • Retrace 68 features a young Gil telling a young Vincent "Don't worry. No matter what happens I'll always be there to protect you."
    • Retrace 70 has Vincent worrying about Gil when he's injured.
    • Retrace 72 also has Vincent worrying about Gil again when he's hurt.

     Break and Reim 
  • Even Break and Reim have their occasional moments. It's most apparent around Chapters 30-31 and Chapters 42-43. And in chapter 23 when Break introduces Reim to Oz he links arms with Reim, rests his head on his shoulder and calls him a "very important friend".
    • It's now becoming even more apparent in the recent arc (chapters 50 - 52), with Break threatening to kill or harm Lotti if anything had happened to Reim.
      • Not to mention he pretty much went batshit crazy when he thought Reim had died.
    • And in chapter 62 Break asks Sharon how Reim is doing, indicating that he worries about him.

     Elliot and Leo 
  • Elliot and Leo also have this too, especially hinted in recent chapters.
    • In chapter 25 Leo clings to Elliot briefly here. And Elliot appears to protect Leo from Lotti's thrown knife. And appears to shield him again in chapter 26. And in chapter 38 tells him to step back so that he can protect him from a crazy Oz.
    • In chapter 39 Leo expresses concern for Elliot when he has bad visions.
    • In chapter 45 Leo gets close to Elliot and straightens his tie for him.
    • In chapter 49 Elliot is shown worrying about Leo.
    • In chapter 50 Elliot thinks its a shame that Leo hides his face behind his hair because "his eyes are such a beautiful color".
    • And in chapter 50 Elliot and Leo get into a fight and Elliot has a flashback where he remembers when he chose Leo to be his servant. "I think my servant should be someone as irritating as you. You are what I've always been looking for. Someone I can speak to openly. My friend and equal." He then gives a warm smile and offers his hand to Leo.
      • Also, Leo tells Oz about Elliot: "I hold Elliot in very high esteem. We are completely different but that's part of the reason why he's so important to me." And then Leo expresses something of a Yandere side when he threateningly tells Oz, "If Elliot has an enemy, no matter who he may be, I'll kill him! Even, for example, if it is you [Oz] or even myself."
    • And in chapter 57 Elliot seemingly kills his mother because she was trying to kill Leo. And Leo really wants to apologize to Elliot, and vice versa.
      • Chapter 61: Elliot's last words were "I'm sorry, Leo."
      • Chapter 63: "Elliot was always noble-minded and unyielding. That is probably why... someone like me, who was your exact opposite accepted your offer, to be by your side." Heartbreaking, considering that Elliot's already dead by that time. Also, Leo flashbacks to the time he spent with Elliot and states that even though they often argued Elliot would always return to him and Leo began to increasingly enjoy their interactions. And during the flashbacks Leo wakes up from a bad dream to see Elliot by his bedside implying that he watched over him.
    • Leo by far appears to take Elliot's death the hardest, blaming himself entirely for Elliot's death and losing his sanity in the days that follow.
  • And on Elliot's side, he attacked a monster to attempt to save Leo. And then there's the fact that his headhunter trigger was someone acting harshly towards Leo. True, this was largely due to humpty dumpty's influence, but Elliot himself's facial reactions to his brothers talking about killing Leo too were devastated.

     Elliot and Oz 
  • There's also a little between Elliot and Oz, although it seemed more prevalent in previous chapters.
    • Elliot and Oz have a textbook Meet Cute: their eyes meet after they reach for the same book at the library, they get to talking about how much they love the book, and Elliot acting like a stereotypical Tsundere character. (One non-fujoshi who wasn't familiar with the series, upon seeing the relevant pages out of context, asked if it was an actual Boys Love comic.) Elliot subsequently rescues Oz while talking about how he's sworn to protect everyone important to him, and even breaks him out of a Heroic BSOD. It ends up in Foe Yay territory when it turns out they come from Feuding Families, and Elliot tries to deny that Oz could be the person he's supposed to hate, just because he doesn't want to dislike Oz. Then things like this happen and it's really hard to write it off as Shipping Goggles.
    • In chapter 26 Elliot appears to get pissed off when he sees Lotti attack Oz and tries to attack her. And gives Oz an awesome "The Reason You Suck" Speech after slamming him into a wall and getting close to his face. And smiles at him. And tells him he'll never let him die.
    • In chapter 35 Elliot and Oz meet again and the text at the end says "Meeting again in an unexpected place, is this fate!?"
    • In chapter 36 Oz smiles at Elliot while appearing to blush and asks if he's worried about him. Elliot denies it. Also, Oz tells Elliot while smiling hugely "I'm very happy to meet you again, Elliot!" In response Elliot looks shocked and Leo says ""It seems that he likes you." And Oz calls Elliot a gentle person which Elliot again denies. And in chapter 38 Oz says Elliot really is gentle and must care about Gil which Elliot again denies.
  • In chapter 40 Oz's father appears and expresses his contempt for Oz and Elliot gets pissed off.
  • In chapter 42 Oz rather nervously tells Elliot that he just wants to be friends with him.
  • In chapter 62 Oz states he feels really sad after Elliot's death. Gil does too.

  • And then there's Jack and Glen Baskerville, tragic "best friends".
    • And then there's the whole thing with Jack and Gil. For example, in chapter 38 Jack calls Gil his "small cute little servant". And in episode 14 when Gil points his gun at Jack, Jack gently places his hand on Gil's arm and his other hand on Gil's face.
      • And even with Jack and Vincent.
      • Jack and Vincent aren't really foes. Vincent seems to idolize Jack (probably from the fact Jack gave him and Gil a home after finding them on the streets).
    • Jack and Glen had been best friends even when the latter was still Oswald. Even the Glen at the time, Revis, could see the Ho Yay between the two!
    • Jack was often scared of Oswald early on. The former, on the other hand, expressed interest in knowing more about the latter.
    • In chapter 70 Jack states that Oswald is a dear friend to him.
  • And Break seems to engage in some playful flirting with Oz at times. And in one scene in the anime he states he's worried about Oz after he fainted and in chapter 4 tells him that he looks good in his usual outfit. And in chapter 5 he leans in close to Oz to whisper something in his ear. And in chapter 9 when he gently lifts Oz's face up with his hand. Also, this cover page from chapter 47.
    • Also in chapter 72 Break worries about where Oz is.
    • Break seems to like teasing Gil a lot too like in chapter 13 where he tires to lift him in a Bridal Carry and when he grabs his face saying he'll be Break's other eye. Also, in chapter 20 Break rather excitedly greets Gil and chases after him saying that even if Gil fears him he'll continue to like him even more. (said with a heart mark) Break constantly bullies and belittles Gilbert, often making fun of him and his failures. Break makes it his business to antagonise Gil, and has been doing so ever since the two met, the day after Oz was dragged into Abyss. Break has little to no respect for Gil, and often joins in when Alice is insulting him - he has even started using Alice's nickname for Gil, "seaweed head" on several occasions. Despite all this, Gil seems to have a lot of respect for Break, and although the pair never appear to get along, it can be assumed that Gil does actually care quite a lot about the Hatter. When Break collapses in Sablier, Gil carries him to safety, although Break isn't exactly grateful, and warns him that nobody needs to know about him having to be rescued. Also, in the sixth omake Break cheers up Gil complete with bubbles and pink sparkly background after putting his hand on his shoulder. And in episode 24 Gil holds an injured Break in his arms.
  • There is a little between Elliot and Gil, but it was also more obvious in previous chapters.
  • There seems to be a few moments between Vincent and Break at times. For example, in chapter 23 Vincent tells Break "I like you the most."
    • An official guidebook had Break in both of Vincent's "Likes" and "Dislikes" list. Which is quite interesting...
  • As for the girls, Alice and Sharon seem the most obvious like how in the fifth omake its assumed that Sharon calls Alice "cute" after seeing her in a bikini, along with a few hints of Lotti and Lily.
    • And there's also Lotti, Ada, and the poison.
    • In the 9th omake there's a picture of Lotti groping a blushing Ada's breasts.
    • And Echo and Alice, like in the fourth omake where Alice falls asleep on Echo's shoulder.
      • Or how in chapter 74 Echo catches and holds Alice in her arms and both react in a Tsundere manner.
    • A guidebook places Lotti in the list of things Zwei is not good at.
  • In chapter 48 Oz, dressed in a maid's outfit, manages to make a male servant blush.
    • And Isla Yura is revealed to be a major Jack Vessalius fanboy. He practically Squees, blushes and releases heart marks. "Don't worry Oz-sama. The one I'm interested in is not you but the man hidden inside of you: Jack Vessalius!"
  • "It means, we're friends!"
  • The Isla Yura arc has been full of Elliot/Leo and Gil/Oz (sub)text, but the end of Retrace LIX is an Elliot/Oz Ho Yay fest.
  • Retrace 61 is a Ho Yay fest, it has the mandatory Elliot/Leo and Vincent/Gil, but then it also has large amounts of Vincent/Leo and Vincent/Elliot, with the former pairing now consisting of Vincent serving Leo and calling him "My Lord, Leo Baskerville."
  • Elliot's admiration of Break as stated in the character guide.
  • Oz adores Oscar and says in chapter 14 while releasing heart marks that he's become more and more handsome. Oscar also hugs Oz and Gil close to him and at the end of the chapter Oscar is replaced by Break in the scene where he hugs Oz and Gil.
  • Chapter 17: Vincent and Reim here. Also, in that same chapter a half-asleep Vincent hugs Reim thinking its his beloved brother Gil while releasing heart marks and with a heart in his speech bubble.
  • Even Jack and Oz have some like in chapter 11, where he hugs Oz close to him from behind and chapter 18, where he appears and, again, holds Oz close to him from behind. And in chapter 57 warns Isla Yura not to utter Oz's name with his filthy mouth. And he also hugs Oz and whispers in his ear in chapter 65. Or in chapter 70 here where he pushes Oz to the ground and leans over him and here when he approaches Oz from behind and touches him. Or here in chapter 72 when he rather tenderly hugs Oz from behind and touches him with his hands. Alice then appears to kick Jack away from Oz, jealous that he was touching Oz without her permission.
    • In general Jack just tends to get very touchy feely around Oz.
  • In addition to his possessiveness over Gil it also appears that Vincent also cared about Elliot Nightray as he was the only one who didn't shun Gilbert and him and they were able to live a happy life where Gil was able to smile.
    • "I really liked you. It was only thanks to you that... Gil managed to live in that house without forgetting how to smile." (Vincent talking to dying Elliot)
  • Vincent has taken to calling his new master Leo as so, lately. And in Retrace 64, the former held the latter, who was collapsing from the strain Jabberwock was putting on his body.
    • Retrace 61 features these two moments between Vincent and Leo. Also, Vincent thinks Leo's eyes are such a beautiful color and cuts his hair for him and caresses his face with his hand. And in chapter 63 Leo refers to Vincent without honorifics.
  • Oz and Leo have this too, such as in chapter 62 when Leo says he's come for Oz and chapter 63 where Oz says Leo looks really great after his Important Haircut and losing the glasses. Also, Oz to Leo in chapter 65 about not wanting them to be enemies: "I'm glad that we met! No matter how hard it was...and how sad...I never wished that...I'd never met you!" Or in chapter 70 Oz tells Jack he won't let him harm Leo because Leo is his friend.
  • In chapter 73 a young Gil says to Glen that he likes Jack but he also likes Glen better.
  • In chapter 74 Gil and Leo get this finally when Leo touches Gil on the shoulder and says "No matter how much time has passed. I'm're one and only master."

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