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The charter inside the Laplace Box is a fake
It contains the definition of what a Newtype is before Zeon Deikun conceived them. Seems kinda suspicious to me...
  • Jossed. We see a flashback to it being signed with clause and its clear the conspiracy is 96 years old.

Syam Vist does not know where the Laplace box is and the Unicorn can't lead anyone to it.
When he finds the box floating in space, his own ship was destroyed and he only has his backpack for oxygen supply. The only other ship we see around the station's remains, which could recover him in time is a proto-Salamis Cruiser. Ergo the ship's crew recovered him and the box and handed it over to the Federation which surviving leaders decided to hide it. Syam managed to avoid prison or execution and is the only outsider alive who ever knew about the box. The Unicorn Gundam can not lead to Laplace box, it's purpose is to scare the people who know where the box is to expose themselves so it can be found.
  • Jossed. Syam was with the box the whole time, as evidenced by the fact that the room where Syam was in the past episodes was the same room where Banagher and Audrey found the UC Charter tablet.

Full Frontal is Char
Although the novels indicate that Frontal was indeed a clone of the original Red Comet, OVA 6 has made it a lot more ambiguous. Count the fact that Mineva declared that he was not the Char she remembered, AND his continuous talks of sacrificing oneself to become a vessel for the ideologies of spacenoids (which was in loose reference to this bit in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack), and it probably makes sense...
  • Jossed: Episode 7 has Frontal himself confirms that he's a clone. Additionally, during the shared newtype vision with Banagher, one of the things that convinces him to let Banagher go is the spirit of the real Char (and Lalah).

Banagher will finish off Full Frontal...
By ramming his mobile suits cockpit with the unicorns horn.
  • Jossed: Frontal is finished when the spirit of Lalah sides with Banagher after which the spirit of the real Char comes and tells him to let go.

The Ronah family will seize the Vist Foundation's assets in the end.
While the Ronahs were already rich and self-proclaimed nobility by the time Unicorn takes place, all those connections and very deep pockets used to make Cosmo Babylonia less than 30 years later had to come from somewhere.

Char and Amuro did not die in Char's Counterattack
Instead when Axis Shock occurred, they fused into the Psyco-Frame. When respective forces found the Frames, they used them to create the Sinanju Stein and Unicorn respectively.
  • Jossed. Char was apparently confirmed to be KIA in Episode 7, as his spirit appears before Frontal (along with Lalah) convincing Frontal to let go.

Angelo Sauper is Carozzo Ronah from F91
Angelo shares more than a few traits with Carozzo. Angelo's color scheme is shared with the entire Crossbone Vanguard, meanwhile both use mecha that have a distinct flower motif (Angelo's Rozen Zulu and Carozzo's Rafflesia). Also, Angelo shares an uncanny resemblance to Carozzo's son, Dorel Ronah while his wife Nadia shares more than a few features with Full Frontal.[1]
  • Sadly, this appears not to be the case. The brief glimpse of Carozzo's real face we get in a family photograph looks nothing like Angelo. Additionally, while their birthdates are never mentioned in the anime proper, according to their official character bios Carozzo is a year younger than Angelo.
    • On the other hand, in his cameo appearance in Gundam Build Fighters his hair is depicted as the same greyish purple as Angelo and Dorel rather than the dirty blond shown in the family photo.

Gundam Unicorn is an AU
Gundam F91 and Victory Gundam are the result of Banager failing to become a fully realized Newtype, and is killed along with Mineva by Gryps 2 in the main story line. This would explain why she does not have a role in or is referenced in F91 or Victory (aside from more obvious production reasons). It also helps explain why the Federation further stagnated (although Full Frontal definitely did not get the Box, because it would've been obvious in those stories) or at least why the events of Unicorn apparently failed to impact the Federation in any way given the events of F91 and later. This AU also could imply the events of Turn A Gundam will be averted.

Gundam Unicorn unwittingly made the events of F91 and Victory possible
Contrary to the WMG above, it's also very possible that the reveal of Laplace's Box to the entire Earth Sphere at the end of Unicorn is precisely why the later UC series played out the way they did. While the revelation could have led to favorable reforms, in a cruel sense of irony it would also guarantee the Federation's road to stagnation, its once-absolute supremacy now tarnished. In search for the inner god of possibility, Spacenoids would seek their own destinies independent of the Earth or even the legacy of Zeon, eventually leading to the colonies becoming nigh-sovereign countries in all but name. Unfortunately, this rekindled sense of "transcending the now" would also inspire certain factions and individuals to forge Cosmo Babylonia and the Zanscare Empire as alternatives to the Federation, only to end up repeating the very same cycle that began with Laplace's Box all over again. One has to wonder how Banagher, Audrey or Riddhe would feel, knowing that they're effectively to this new century what Syam was to the previous one...

Gundam Unicorn takes place in the Alternate Universe established by Gundam Evolve 5
In Evolve 5, which takes place during Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, it's Amuro who reaches the Quess and the Alpha Azieru, instead of Hathaway and Chan. Amuro succeeds in disabling Quess's funnels and tanking her fire, and convinces her to pull a Heel–Face Turn and go rescue Hathaway. In this case, the Alpha Azieru is intact, and isn't destroyed.

Now, consider the Neo Zeong's design, including the lower chassis and propellant tank boosters, which look very similar to that of the Alpha Azieru. This strongly suggests that the Neo Zeong was remodeled from the Alpha Azieru, and for that to have happened, that means that the Alpha Azieru was not destroyed, and was recovered by Neo Zeon forces. And because the Alpha Azieru wasn't destroyed, Quess is still alive, which means that Hathaway's motivation for joining Mafty is gone, which means that Hathaway's Flash will not happen. - Seemingly confirmed by the presence of the RGZ-91 Re-GZ aboard the Ra Cailum.
  • Of course that means a far more horrible future has taken place; one in which Quess survived.

The next series, OVA or whatever in the Universal Century timeline's gonna feature aliens
Because of the Sequel Hook (the part about the "extraterrestrial biological emergency") Laplace's Box contained.