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The Spring Of Drowned Man/Woman wouldn't cure Ranma, Mousse, Ryoga, or Shampoo
Think about Panythose Taro. When he submerged in the Spring of Drowned Octopus, it didn't cancel his previous curse and make him a full octopus with cold water... it MERGED his two curses. Meaning if any of the main cast went into The Spring of Drowned Man/Woman... Ranma would be a male/female hybrid (hermaphrodite?), Mousse would be half-duck half-man, Ryoga half-man half-pig, and Shampoo half-woman half-cat.
  • A particularly horrific fanfiction example has Ranma becoming a self-impregnating mostly-woman.
  • But hasn't the Instant Spring of Drowned Man powder already shown that it can cure Ranma and Genma?
    • We don't know that it's the same kind of magic—it could just be named after/inspired by Jusenko. If there were some way to make Jusenko temporary, then why couldn't that apply to already cursed people? That being said, there's also evidence that Taro didn't immerse himself completely; it's suggested that he only washed his hands and back.
  • If Spring of Drowned Man would cure them, why didn't Herb just jump in after he was locked? Presumably he'd still be locked, but he'd be locked as a guy this time.
    • He probably did... And found out he didn't change at all, hence his need to unlock it.

Taro's curse-fusing only worked because his original curse was a Mix-and-Match Critter
Unlike the other cursed characters seen in the series, whose curses were all singular, Taro's curse was created by four creatures (a yeti, an ox, a crane and an eel) all drowning in one spring at the same time. Because of this, his curse is unstable; he became a crane-winged eel-tailed yeti-ox because the four curses are fighting for dominance but can't overpower each other. So if he splashes himself with more curses, then they just get added into the mix. Other characters would have their curses overwritten, unless they also applied Taro's original curse.

Curse fusion vs. curse overwriting depends on how much curse water is used
We saw in the Taro's Return arc that a small dose of curse can only affect a single location — one drop of Twins water on Happosai's bump just doubled the bumps. Likewise, the "attempt to cure via water" efforts have always seen large doses — a whole Japanese Nanniichuan springnote , using bathtub-drums for powdered Nanniichuan, and turning the Tendo pond into a temporary Jusenkyo spring in the anime, and that barrelful of Nanniichuan water in the manga's final story that was explicitly "just enough for one person's cure". So, if you only apply small amounts of curse water to specific locations, it must only cause partial transformations — Taro got his tentacles and ink-shooting fingers because he wet his fingers in the Octopus spring and applied drops of it to his shoulders.
  • What about Mousse's initial attempt to curse Ranma with Yazuniichuan water? Firstly, he was flinging balloons containing quite a bit of cursed water, then he had a whole bucketful left, so Ranma would have gotten pretty well soaked regardless. Secondly, he was after Ranma for revenge, so he wouldn't have cared if Ranma ended up becoming a boy who turns into a duck or a boy who turns into a half-duck freak.

"Template" curses overwrite, other curses fuse
We do have Word of God that Nanniichuan is a cure for Ranma and the other Jusenkyo cursed-victims (which, by obvious implication, makes Nyanniichuan a cure for Shampoo). We also have the canonical fact that Taro merged his old curse with a new octopus curse. The simplest explanation, then, is that a curse relating to a victim's original form will act as a cure, but other curses will simply merge. Splash Ranma with fox water, and his curse will change into a fox-girl of some form. Splash Shampoo with Nanniichuan and her curse will become a cat-boy. Splash Ryoga with gorilla water and he will become a pig-gorilla Mix-and-Match Critter. But give the right human water to any of them, and they'll lose their old curses.

Ranma Saotome is Inuyasha's reincarnation.
It would be one thing if Inuyasha was just an Expy of Ranma. However, they also share the same voice (in Japanese and post-Season Three English, no less), and Inuyasha bears a very strong resemblance to Ranma in the manga. With Kagome being pinned as Kikyo's reincarnation with less evidence in canon, it's hardly a far-fetched theory. This is assuming that Inuyasha stays in the past (he does) as opposed to going to the future.
  • It even makes sense with the cat-vs.-dog thing.
  • That would explain why Ranma has super strength, super speed, endurance to practically anything, and loves to fight. Hell, I'm sure during the reincarnation process, Inuyasha threatened the being in charge that he'll rip them from adam's apple to asshole if they didn't give his reincarnation some portion of his enhanced demon strengths, and enjoyment of fighting. That's why Ranma is a genius at martial arts. His past life was a half demon who had centuries worth of experience of battling supernatural village busters. Unfortunately, Inuyasha should have included something about cats... Ranma has that horrible fear, it'd be helpful if he had Inuyasha's more sadistic and torturous nature he has towards them (There is nothing any troper can say that will change my mind that all those times he's "happily" playing with Buyo, when he's really just torturing the cat for his own pleasure. Being half demon means he's a trickster who's just waiting for the perfect opportunity to show his true nature - and Ranma's very cunning himself when he wants to be! Another link.).
    • While this is an interesting idea, Ranma being good at martial arts and enjoying it is not proof of him being Inuyasha's reincarnation. Ranma was literally raised from birth to be a martial artist so its only natural that he'd be good at it, and it being the thing he was raised for its also only naturally that he would like it. You could make a case that he could still be mentally a genius in this particular field, however I argue that this still has more to do with how he was raised rather than inheriting anything from his previous incarnation. The fact that the two have similar personalities however, is certainly a case that can be made in favor of this theory.

Ryoga is Kouga's Reincarnation.
Like above, he retained the fangs, why Ranma didn't. I'll chalk that one up to Ryoga's blood line being less diluted, Kouga and his decedents probably bred with demons for much longer, plus Inuyasha was half to begin with. It also explains why Ryoga's superhuman strength dwarfs Ranma's, also dogs seem to like him :3
  • ...Descendant doesn't mean the same thing as reincarnation. It is possible that Ranma is Inuyasha reincarnated but not descended from him (and thus would have no reason to have inherited the fangs) while Ryoga is Kouga reincarnated and is also descended from Kouga (and thus inherited them). Or maybe, to make things unnecessarily confusing, Ryoga is Kouga reincarnated, but is actually descended from Inuyasha.

Akane is Kagome's reincarnation.
Like the above two, they are very similar in looks and personality. The biggest difference seems to be how they were raised, Akane was the youngest and practiced martial arts in a Dojo while Kagome was the oldest in a temple being a shrine maiden. Besides, why should only the male sides of the love triangle be reincarnated? The two are way to similar to have it be just chance that they are both in love with half men that do the impossible and constantly pound said man into the ground even when it isn't necessary.
  • There's just one problem with that theory. Kagome would be in the modern times, as would Akane. She couldn't be a reincarnation of Kagome if they live in the same modern era.
    • except Kagome spent the rest of her life in the past so it is possible.
    • The problem there is that they were both born in the modern era, and probably right around the same time, depending on when you want to set Ranma as it's never entirely clear when the series is actually supposed to be set. This would cause massive temporal problems in the long run. But if Ranma's story takes place before Inuyasha's, then this becomes utterly confusing. After all, if Akane is Kagome's reincarnation but is born BEFORE Kagome, how does that even work? Given that Kagome is a teenager and that the story supposedly begins right around 1996, it's more likely that both characters were born at the same general time, or at the very least within a few months of each other, which would still make the matter confusing as all hell since the same soul being born twice into the same timeframe in different bodies would probably cause hell on their psyches simply because of the bizarre nature of their soul(s) being alive simultaneously at once.
    • No, this works if you assume time is on a Stable Time Loop, and Kagome dies in the past rather than the present. Kikyo dies in the past, her soul moves on to modern day and reincarnates as Kagome, then travels back in time back, then she dies in the past, time moves on, and it reincarnates as Akane. So between the two time periods of Inuyasha, there are two versions of Kagome's soul (Kikyo > Kagome and Kagome > Akane)

The Jusenkyo Preservation Society wasn't trying to stop the cursed heroes to stop transforming.
This is going to require some explanation. In the 48th episode of the anime, everyone in the series who has been cursed is captured by a mysterious group called the Jusenkyo Preservation Society. They are convinced that, with proper training, the cursed characters can learn to turn the cursed forms on and off. I think that maybe they weren't trying to turn off the transformation... they were trying to convince them they WERE their respective cursed forms. Once the "training" is complete, every time anyone is put into their cursed forms, they convince themselves they are those identities and immediately adopt the personality of their respective form. The warrior Kin'nii has undergone this training, which is why he acts like his views of a priest whenever he is put into his cursed form. Here's a link to the episode.
  • Or, as both the anime and manga seem to suggest. Some springs effect the personality while others don't. No idea why, I'm guessing rule of funny.

Ryouga is distantly descended from the Musk Dynasty
Those fangs are apparently genetic, and he demonstrates a level of raw strength and endurance that can, even in the Ranmaverse, easily be attributed to a trace of the Dynasty's animal blood.
  • As for what that animal is, irony would have it be a warthog.
    • Alternately, Ranma Saotome is distantly descended from the Musk Dynasty, though his mother's side, and his lineage is that of a monkey. That's why Ranma's girl form, which is stated by Nabiki to be all but identical to a younger version of Nodoka, so very closely resembles the human form taken by that monkey that Herb dunked in the Nyanniichuan.

Ranma is sterile.
Every time he changes genders, he floods his reproductive organs with the other gender's sex hormones. Even if the transformation wipes all, say, all the estrogen from his system when he turns back into a man, the constant crashing back and forth can't be good for his sperm count or her ovaries. Add to this that Girl Ranma never seems to menstruate and it would appear the Tendos would be best served finding another man to sire an heir.
  • The Musk Dynasty story arc explicitly says that Jusenkyo-borne females are fertile. At least, enough to bear children that inherit their own animal traits.
    • The Musk also use the locking ladle to keep them female, so there is no switching back and forth.
  • In addition, females are born with all the eggs they'll ever have; males, on the other hand, constantly produce spermatozoa. If the female hormones have yet to affect male-Ranma's secondary sexual traits, it's extremely unlikely they'd affect his spermatogenesis.
    • On the other hand, have you ever seen Ranma shave?
    • Women are born with all their eggs?! Then what do ovaries do?! Of course to actually have kids wouldn't he have to stay in female form till he gets at least 1 period?!
      • Ovaries release the eggs. And technically, no, he wouldn't have to wait until his first period. It's very rare, but some women can actually get pregnant before having her first period.
      • Studies done on mice have shown that ovaries (mouse ovaries if nothing else) do produce eggs after the fact. They're not just glorified egg banks.
      • Your period is what happens after ovulation. It's the uterus clearing out all the crap that didn't get used for embryo implantation this time.
      • Women have been known to ovulate after experiencing orgasm, so if the partner knows what to do. It would be possible to get Ranma to ovulate less than a minute after the transformation. This gives him less than 24 hours to change into a man and abort the pregnancy before it happens.
      • Or not.
    • I admit that I haven't gotten that far in the manga yet so forgive me if I'm wrong here, but is it possible the Musk are turning female animals into female humans for the purpose of reproduction? That might explain how they are still able to have kids without any problems due to them not having been born with eggs because they were originally male. If the Musk had been doing this for a while they should have had time to works kinks like that out of the system.
      • Pretty likely. It certainly makes the most sense. And even if Ranma-chan could get pregnant, why on earth would he want to? Ranma canonically has such a strong sexual identity as a heterosexual male that he's gotten aroused by being among naked women (Happo Fire Burst story), and he also despises guys who do attempt to get into "her" pants. He does come to see his curse as a useful tool and gets adept at hiding his disgust, but whenever "she" does get flirtatious she's always either running on wounded pride or we see her complaining about having to do so whenever she's not being observed. In either case, Ranma's flirtations are always innocent (more "cute" than "sexy") and he still wants to get rid of his curse more than anything-remember, this is the guy who dumped Akane at the altar to try and grab a cure. If she did somehow got knocked up and the curse didn't take care of it, this troper can't see why he wouldn't get an abortion as soon as he realized what was going on. Or be given one by either Akane, Kodachi, Shampoo or Ukyo, who definitely would not take kindly to someone taking advantage oftheir "husband".
      • There is zero indication one way or another about those animals being female. Considering that the Musk value strength and they took strong animals as brides, how likely are they to seek out specifically female animals to toss in the spring? Since the manga doesn't bother to tell us, common sense says that they sought out powerful creatures for their power, not their gender, and then tossed those into Nyannichuan. Look at Herb, for instance: hard enough to find, fight, conquer, capture, and submerge a dragon at all, and now it turns out they have to find, fight, (etc) a female one?
  • Both sexes have both sex hormones, just in differing proportions. In fact, the body converts testosterone into estrogen, so a man who takes testosterone can find himself developing breasts.
  • The curses transform things treated as part of your body into their analogues. This would include eggs, sperm and sex hormones. The food in your stomach, too, clearly, as Genma eats bamboo as a panda but doesn't get sick as a human. Ryoga's bandanna, which is always tied securely around P-Chan, but in reality would need adjusting - this also happens to "Charlotte's" collar, which would otherwise break or strangle him. Mousse's glasses shrink to fit his duck form perfectly, although I've heard it said that he has a separate pair.
    • As for Ranma never shaving or having a period... does Genma ever shave? Does Akane ever have a period? Law of Conservation of Detail.
      • There was that one time Genma grew out his stubble to make better use of the Hell's Cradle...
    • This DOESN'T answer Pregnant Ranma, however, as does a baby have a male analogue? Would the fetus not be treated as part of his body, and so be dumped into a random, fatal (for it) location in male Ranma's body during the transformation? Or just disappear until he is back to being a female? If this happens, would the born child still disappear whenever Ranma is a man, necessitating him staying girl?

Akane is bisexual.
And she got lucky that Ranma changes from boy to girl and viceversa. She doesn't admit it not only because of her relationship with Ranma in general, but also because in the 80's/early 90's and in such a traditional community it wouldn't go well.

Ranma is asexual.
A possible extension of his sterility, Ranma shows no sexual interest whatsoever in anyone, anywhere, ever. He seems more worried and annoyed than aroused whenever the many females try and jump him, especially when they are nude at the time. He even purchased Woman Repellent from an Herbalist in China, which he eventually used on Happosai. Maybe he's just Crazy-Prepared, but it doesn't say good things for his sex life.
  • Ranma has shown sexual interest in girls in the manga, for example one time Shampoo jumped out of the tub naked he got a nose bleed and it is kind of implied that he became physically aroused the first time he saw Akane naked. Some of the hints are also there in the anime.
  • Given that he frequently gets verbally and physically attacked for being in situations that it is just barely possible for a suggestible observer to jump to conclusions about, this seems more a case of Ranma being realistic than an indication of his sexual preferences.
  • There is the possibility that while Ranma may be aroused, Genma simply never gave him the talk. He doesn't know what is and isn't appropriate/involved with the feelings. Example: Ranma doesn't really understand gender differences beyond the physical obvious—Kids can normally differentiate between gender by age six (the youngest Ranma could have been when he met Ukyo) but Ranma doesn't know what the difference is. This is a recurring problem with cross dressers. He might not even realize Akane means when she accuses him of being a pervert. (Note: the word Akane uses literally translates as "Unnatural" which he could interpret as her mocking his unnatural curse. Wouldn't that explain a lot about their interactions in the beginning?

Happosai is a pedophile.
Look: he is constantly stealing underwear from a high school, and out of the three Tendo sisters he attempts to molest Akane the most. Kasumi is eighteen, and he barely even notices her, while constantly bothering the sixteen year old Akane and Ranma.
  • Sixteen is still to old for it to classify as pedophilia, which mainly concerns prepubescent children. (Whom Happosai has shown no interest in whatsoever.) Rather, it would make him an ephebophile. Plus, the Japanese Age of Consent being 13, Ranma and Akane are both legal anyway. A more likely explanation is that Happosai simply enjoys the challenge.
  • Ephebophile, my friend. The word you are looking for is ephebophile.
  • Legalities aside, given that Happosai is older than everyone else in the series bar Cologne and Saffron (technically), isn't this kind of obvious?
  • Also, though not really a big difference, Kasumi is 19, not 18. The reason that Happosai doesn't harass her is because he respects her, and she's nice to him.

The Hibikis are the descendants of Inuyasha and Kikyo

Their part-demon ancestry is the source of their superhuman strength, and their sense of direction is the result of a curse Naraku laid on them as he finally died. Ryouga is attracted to Akane and girls who look like Akane because his family has a tendency to marry their cousins (who will understand about the curse) leading to a very strong resemblance among the Hibiki females to their maternal ancestor, Kikyo, who looks like Akane.
  • Try, the Hibiki's are descendants of KOUGA. Just look at the names! Ryouga, Kouga, Ryouga, Kouga... and they do look similar too. Not to mention, they both tend to fall for the same type of girls. Both Kagome and Akane do look similar (mainly when Akane still had her long hair) and they are nice to everyone except the guys they actually love, and neither have any qualms in physically hurting that guy for any reason to vent. Ryouga finding an attraction to Akane is practically the same as Kouga finding an attraction to Kagome. In both cases, their feelings are never reciprocated. Also look at their rivals! Ryouga's rival is Ranma, who is the reincarnation of Inuyasha and also Kouga's rival. Coincidence? I think not! I could really keep going on about their similarities.

The events of this series are in a multidimensional nexus.

This is why Ranma is crossed over with everything. The events happen in every universe. Yes, even this one.
  • Direct this Troper to Jusenkyō, then.
    • that way, past the water cooler, left at the rhino, straight on until you see the polar bear eating the penguin, turn right, through the red door, ignore giant flesh eating spider plant, third exit at the roundabout on the Milton Keynes bypass, go north until you reach the small coffee shop, bear straight on at the post office, past the Tesco with the red roof, take the next right, past the monkey puzzle tree beside the exploding volcano, take the under pass below the swimming pool, go south at the mermaid cobbler, across the small brook next to the Eiffel tower and you're there. I got the directions from a nice chap with an umbrella, bandanna and wearing a pair of leather pants.
    • One does not simply walk into Jusenkyō. The government of the People’s Republic of China is smart enough to not leave something like completely unsecured, one guide isn’t enough to protect something like that, Jusenkyō isn’t on any maps and is the most secure sites on the planet. Moreover Jusenkyō and associated magics are China’s trump card. . .
      • But Ranma, Genma, Shampoo, Mousse, Cologne, and Pantyhose's mother all walked into Jusenkyo... In fact everyone who has been there walked to it, except Ryouga who was pushed into a spring by Ranma-chan and giving him the only truly life destroying curse in the cast. I've always thought Jusenkyo was a geographical version of The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday, that only pops up for chosen victims. If Jusenkyo wants you, there is no escape.
    • Consider that everyone who walked into Jusenkyo did so during or prior to the late nineteen eighties. The People’s Republic of China has been much more careful with Jusenkyō since 1987, which is why you won’t find it on any map.
    • Given what measures the Jusenkyo Preservation Society use to prevent abuses of curses it is likely they also suppress the exact whereabouts of the cursed springs
      • The Jusenkyo Preservation Society works with the Chinese government to conceal Jusenkyo
      • The Jusenkyo Preservation Society is a secret agency of the Chinese government
      • The Jusenkyo Preservation Society secretly controls the Chinese government from the shadows

Ranma will have his own son, who will be sent back in time by a time-travel curse and adopted by Genma and Nodoka Saotome.
Because any series that can have this WMG should have this WMG. With the time frames in the "Ranma is Sterile" guess responses above, it wouldn't be impossible for Ranma to artificially inseminate hirself (even by accident), and Chinese curses have been thrown around left and right in the series, getting more and more ridiculous, so what's being flung irreversibly back in time? (If I could have made Ranma his own daughter, just for added irony points toward the "man amongst men" oath, I would have.)
  • Legions of fanfic writers have already gone here including every conceivable variation from "Ranma becomes his own mother" to "Ranma becomes Akane's mother." (That one is kinda squicky)

Ranmaverse will become the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo verse in the future
Because their martial arts and curses are too similar (in weirdness, that is) to let such WMG pass.

Nobody drowned in the Nannichuan.
A translation error happened where "Spring of Drowned _____" was actually originally called "Spring of Immersed _____". They're all like Spring of Drowned Akane. (This explains Spring of Immersed Octopus). And no, not a manga translation error, but a translation from [ancient dialect] to whatever form of Chinese the locals and/or travel guide spoke.
  • This makes some sense when you ask how an eel can drown.

Getting exposed to water from the Nannichuan is the worst thing that can happen to Ranma, or any cursed individual.

Take exhibit A: Pantyhose Taro. When he got dunked in the Spring of the Drowned Eldritch Abomination, and then a second Spring of the Octopus, instead of having the Octopus curse override the Oh-God-Whatthehellisthat form, it added on, creating something worse. By this logic, if Ranma got what he wanted, he would end up being a futa or a dude with a vagina/gynecomastia/androgynous when splashed. Of course Takahashi's answer to this would be obvious.
  • Word of God is that the Nanniichuan is a cure for Ranma and the other cursed men (which presumably means Nyanniichuan is a cure for Shampoo). The Instant Nanniichuan (which is not stated to be any different to the real thing, bar only working for a single application) actually did cure Ranma and Genma, on screen, in both manga and anime. The Jusenkyo Guide sent Ranma a cask of the stuff as a thank you for saving/protecting his daughter in the final volume. Beyond that, there's actually multiple potential explanations for why the Octopus curse merged with Taro's. Firstly, Taro's curse is actually four separate animals/curses blending together to begin with, so another curse just got absorbed. Secondly, a dose of "original" spring (so Nanniichuan for guys, Nyanniichuan for girls) will cure, but another spring will blend (so if Ranma got hit with Drowned Octopus water, he'd turn into a girl with tentacles, while Drowned Twins water might cause A: two male Ranmas, B: two female Ranmas, or C: one male Ranma, one female Ranma). Thirdly, it takes exposure to a hefty dose of a Jusenkyo spring's water for the curse to overwrite instead of being assimilated-that whole barrel Ranma got sent by the Guide was just enough water for one person's cure.

Shampoo's hair color is neither blue nor purple.
Shampoo's hair has no specific color: the hue is always changing depending on the current temperature and humidity in the air.
  • Naturally; her name is Shampoo.
    • Female Ranma is never referred to as "red-headed" for the same reason Shampoo is neither blue-haired nor purple-haired. Anime hair coloring helps us distinguish between the characters and often does not reflect their actual hair color. When the characters are all Japanese (or in this case, Chinese), it is safe to assume their true hair color is black.

Ryoga's sense of direction isn't bad. He's cursed/blessed with a sense of direction to be exactly where and when he needs to be. Just not where he often wants to be.
Not my WMG, lost in the Great Crash? It's based off of a fan fiction or something. Basically Ryoga always ends up where he wants/needs to be at the cost of being able to find where he wants to be.
  • That Fan Fic is Relentless by By Grayson Towler. It's in the second epilogue if you need the exact chapter.
  • Daniel Ruth's Journey features a similar premise for Ryoga's sense of direction.

The first opening song is so awesome it can bring world peace
Seriously, listen. If you would play that over the entire planet at once everybody would put down their weapons and we could all sing kumbaya together in a giant peace sign. Unfortunately, it will be stuck in everybody's head for many years after words.
  • This troper's literally had it stuck in her head on and off since January.
    • By god, you may be onto something. Also the Shampoo version is cute too. just saying.

Ranma is not Genma's son
. Or even daughter half the time. He doesn't look anything like Genma does, even in flashbacks to Genma's younger days. And yeah I'll buy getting a certain amount of looks from Nodoka, but not that much, especially in male form. Given Ranma's resemblance to Ryoga I'm betting Hibiki senior got "lost" somewhere around Nodoka's bedroom one night while Genma and Soun were away on a training trip. Come to that Akane isn't much like Soun or her sisters but is awfully like Ranma and Ryouga in temperament, interest, and general looks, so a similar thing may have happened there too.

Ranma and Genma are two souls trapped in a loop
. Okay, so this may take a little bit of explaining (sorry!).

Once upon a time there were "Genma" and "Ranma" ("G" and "R"). G was a horrible parent to R (kind of like in the series). In the end, because R had had such a negative life, the Powers That Be reincarnated G and R, however in the new incarnation, "G" was the son, and "R" was the father, allowing R!Daddy to treat G!Son the way that R!Son had been treated. Unfortunately, since he had grown up as R!Son with only his fathers values, he unconsciously treats G!Son as bas as- if not worse than G!Daddy treated him. As such, the Powers That Be cycle them through again, leading it back to G!Daddy and R!Son. However, with the values that R!Daddy instilled in G!Son based on what G!Daddy 1 had taught R!Son 1... Well, you get the idea- they'll keep cycling. At least, until the end of the world or something. Or until the powers That Be get their heads out of their butts, and figure everything out. Until then, R and G will be trapped in a cycle of rebirth together.
  • I'm sorry, what evidence is there for this? It's a decent fanfic plot, but the WMG is supposed to be for things that the current canon makes you think might have any chance of being true, not as a sounding board for fanfic.
    • From the top of the page, "This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing."

Pantyhose Taro is the son of Ranma and Akane
Okay, stick with me here on this. Now in the anime the woman shown in flashbacks is virtually identical to Akane (even more than Only Six Faces accounts for), and we know from Herb et al in the Manga that the descendants of Jusenkyo cursed tend to inherit characteristics of their parents. So any kid of Ranma's would trend to the androgynous, just like Pantyhose does. So for some reason Akane and Ranma end up going back in time and Taro gets conceived, born, cursed twice over (Jusenkyo and his name) by Happosai and to let the Stable Time Loop play out Ranma and Akane have to let him go off to seek vengeance.

Mousse isn't short-sighted
He is long-sighted. It makes perfect sense that someone who is long-sighted would choose a ranged attack like Mousse's and he has no apparent problems with accuracy at range especially since a set of spectacles would be a prime target in a fight, so if you remove his glasses he can still use his fighting style. He also can't identify people close up without his glasses, which is the opposite of short-sighted people.

It's Ryoga's fault that Ranma and Genma didn't get cured.
The reason that Ranma and Genma, canonically, were still in cursed form and hadn't gotten cured when they wandered into Shampoo's village was because they left Jusenkyo without getting some Nanniichuan. According to Ryoga's flashback to when he got his curse, he only got out of the Spring of Drowned Pig because Genma, in panda form, fished him out and carried him to the Guide's house to have him for lunch. Luckily for Ryoga, the Guide was suspicious enough to toss him into a wok full of boiling water first. Between Ryoga's temperament, and his totally justifiable fury that this weird old man and this bizarre panda would try and eat him, Genma and the Guide had no choice but to run for it, grabbing Ranma as they went and escaping Ryoga (who can almost never follow something once he takes his eyes off of it). They headed to Shampoo's village for some reason, supplies perhaps, and... well, things got complicated there and they had to leave China in a hurry, lest Shampoo take Ranma-chan's head and put it on a pike.

Akane knows Ryoga and P-chan are the same, she's faking ignorance to make Ranma jealous.
Ryoga's status as P-chan seems to be Akane's one true blind spot, yet she normally doesn't display such Selective Obliviousness. Furthermore, Ryoga transformed from P-chan to himself twice by jumping into Soun's bath and walking away; surely Soun must have told his own daughter that her pet was actually a human. Akane does, however, have something of a ruthless streak and has been known to take advantage of Ryoga's crush on her at several points in the series for the explicit purpose of making Ranma feel jealous. So, Akane is pretending to never realize that Ryoga is P-chan because it means she can use "P-chan" as a way to make Ranma feel jealous, perhaps in the hope that this will finally make him come out and admit that he loves her.
  • If this is the case, then this would arguably make all the times she beats up Ranma for "picking on" P-Chan even worse, since it would mean she knows that Ranma is trying to protect her from a real pervert and beats him up anyway instead of thanking him for trying to defend her.
  • Considering what happened when we first met Shampoo, has anyone considered that her or Cologne may be repeatedly brain-washing Akane to have this and other mental problems in hopes of sabotaging any chance of Rx A. They could do the same for Kuno (both, even). Cologne is as skilled as Happosai, and conceivably as ruthless, as she comes from the "Obstacle is for killing" society and has survived and thrived there for decades. Even if Shampoo couldn't or wouldn't pull this off—in spite of the fact that she swore to kill Ranma <5min after first meeting him/her, does anyone doubt that Cologne might? As for why she doesn't just brainwash Ranma, perhaps there are limits to the technique (wears off eventually, etc.) and she worries that Ranma would come to his senses and wreak vengeance.

Shampoo is feigning her Hulk Speak "speech impediment" to be underestimated.
As ditzy as she can be, Shampoo really is quite cunning and ruthless, and pretending to be dumber than you are is a traditional way of getting opponents to let their guard down around you. She also has a fluent, eloquent conversation with Mousse in one late manga story, though it is somewhat ambiguous as to whether she's talking in Japanese or her native language.
  • Cunning doesn't mean intelligent. Why would she use this around people who already know that she is EXTREMELY dangerous (repeatedly attempted to murder Ranma)?

Pantyhose Taro's cursed spring didn't come from four drowned animals.
The Jusenkyo Guide describes the back story behind every cursed spring as a "legend" from X-thousand years ago, but who says that every one of them has to be true? Perhaps, once upon a time, there did live an actual race of giant, winged minotaurs in that region of China, and the Guide's "explanation" is just him/his ancestors making stuff up because said race was not well-known.

The real reason why Ranma is so reluctant to go further in his relationships...
As usual, it's all Genma's fault. The training journey made Ranma one hell of a martial artist, sure, but the caution-to-the-winds nature wreaked havoc on his philosophy, instilling a sort of "never do anything unless there's something in it for you" motto on him. After all, when you don't even know where your next meal is going to come from, your top priority has to be yourself. In this sense, his subconscious is telling him that NONE of his suitors have that much to offer him if he did marry them - he far outclasses all of them in fighting skill, after all. Kodachi is rich, but money never seemed to hold all that much meaning to Ranma except in a vague sort of "this is the stuff that keeps a roof over your head" kind of way. Conclusion? Genma has made sure, consciously or otherwise, that Ranma and romance are largely doomed to fail.

Of all known Jusenkyo curses, the Spring of the Drowned Man would be the best one to have in Real Life
A simple WMG, but still a fundamental one if you were to accidentally find yourself at Jusenkyo. Naturally this excludes any same species or same-sex curses (man into Drowned man spring for example) as that would obviously be the best fate to befall you. Ryoga's piglet form needs no explanation; a quick tour of the Fridge Horror or Blessed with Suck pages will reveal all the unpleasantness of that particular curse. Shampoo's Cat form, Mousse's duck form and Pantyhose Taro's Octopus form (on its own) for the exact, yet slightly less pronounced, reasons as Ryoga. Taro's main form, the Yeti-riding-Bull-carrying-Crane-and-Eel, would only be good if you were a martial artist who didn't mind being a hulking, two meter tall monster. For any normal person who only cares about shopping, going to work and drinking on a Friday night, this monster transformation would probably get you gunned down by the army, or at the very least completely shunned out of society. Genma's Panda form again for similar reasons; although you would probably end up in a zoo instead; hoping that, one day, someone might just spill a piping hot cup of tea through your bars. The Curse of the Drowned girl is often portrayed as neutral in the manga, but in real life, if you were a strong man suddenly finding his size, strength and reach halved, it would certainly lead to many complications - especially if you were a soldier or a builder for example. The spring of the Drowned Man however... how many women could honestly see the flaw in temporarily (or permanently) becoming stronger and more powerful every time in rained? The only disadvantage mentioned in the manga is that the male form is slightly slower than the female form... but unless you're a track runner, it should in no way prove to be anything more than a slight inconvenience. I can guarantee any Jusenkyo curse omitted from this list incorporates the Ryoga or Genma flaws in some fashion - either being small and weak or large and liable to get you killed.
  • Counterpoint: Spring of Drowned Virtuous Man. Spring of Drowned Twins might be if you can get a legal identity set up for the new person. The Shiva spring would be kick-ass if you lived in India or a place with a large Hindu population. Probably several others in those vein.
    • Only fundamentalist Hindus would openly accept the personification of Shiva. Everyone else would either run scared or turn violent (especially if they decide the curse is a fake. No one would willingly let such an open mockery of their beliefs go without confrontation). I'm assuming the Spring of the Drowned Virtuous Man is the same thing as the curse of the Good Samaritan Pantyhose Taro tried to infect Happosai with. Given how the idea was to produce a kind, gentle Happosai, arguably this curse destroys your free will by effectively making you a doormat; that may sound harsh, but given Happosai's dominant personality it's hard to think of this curse as doing anything else. Once again, imagine the problems in real life if you were in a position where you have to be violent such as as a soldier in a war zone - if you became nice and gentle in the face of the enemy you would almost certainly be killed. Finally the Curse of the Drowned Twins... it would be horrific. Can you honestly say that if you were split in two you would be happy about it? an identical duplicate to yourself, with all of your memories and feelings, suddenly wanting to be recognized as a real person? because he has every memory and thought you do, he would want to move in with your family, go out with your friends, have sex with your girlfriend, go to your job, use your stuff. He's also unlikely to accept a new identity because he will probably think of himself as the original - watch the Farscape where John is duplicated for all the problems that would raise. To put it simply, in real life most people who fall into this Spring would end up attacking each other - whether sooner or later.
      • Personally, I would consider being split into twins less unpleasant than becoming a man, but I'd hold out hope for a Spring of Drowned Shapeshifter or Spring of Drowned Insanely Wise, Knowledgeable and Content Person.
      • The Springs might be energy-efficient, rather than uniform in their effect. The Spring of Drowned Virtuous Man would entirely change Happousai, but only have minor effects on someone who was fairly virtuous already. In the unlikely event, the person cursed was a soldier in a war zone, it would only have an effect if the person was fighting for reasons a virtuous person would not consider valid.
    • We don't know enough about how the Spring of Drowned Twin works. Presumably when you (or your twin) get dowsed with hot water, you and your twin become a single person again. Which means there's no risk of self-warfare since any gain is temporary anyway. If your memories merge as well, that means that it effectively lets you be in two places at once, which would have massive beneficial opportunities.
  • Doesn't the gender part of this depend on who's getting cursed? Putting aside the potential difficulties of mistaken identity and pursuing a romantic relationship, a lot of women would find becoming a man very difficult just in terms of the gender identity issues, wardrobe restrictions and changing social expectations. On the other hand, being a teenage girl is hardly a tragedy in physical terms. Most people aren't strong men and most strong men don't actually need that physical prowess outside of controlled environments.
  • What curse is the best one to have depends from person to person. The only ones we know would be good for someone are Taro's two curses (we saw him loving them) and whatever makes you good for Happosai (because it would rid us of the ultimate evil).

Ranma characters can be interpreted as having Street Fighter videogame identities.
The only Street Fighter character that very likely actually is an expy is Makoto to Akane, but when playing the game it is very easy to pretend that one of the characters is the Ranma counterpart. There's Kumon Ryu<->Guile, Ranma<->Ken, Ryoga<->Ryu, Ukyo<->Ibuki, Kasumi<->Rose, Nabiki<->Juri (or Nabiki<->Crimson Viper, with Kodachi<->Juri, depending on which version you subscribe to), and possibly even Mousse<->Vega. Can anybody think of other fits?
  • Shinnosuke<->Abel, Genma<->Gouken (or Genma<->Retsu), Happosai<->Akuma (or Happosai<->Gen), Pink&Link<->Juli&Juni, Lime&Mint<->Yun&Yang, Pantyhose Taro<->Adon, Herb<->Gill, Hinako Ninomiya<->Ingrid, and... I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned so far... Shampoo<->Chun-Li.

The spring's curse
If say a human girl fell into the spring of the drowned girl she would look like the original girl, but if a man or animal fell in they'd be human female versions of them selves, though they may have some slight traits of the original (all those who fell in that spring seam to be busty). Now if they fell into the Akane spring the men and animals would still turn into human female versions of them selves (though potentially with smaller breasts) the reason the bird woman turned into an exact copy of Akane was she already had a drowned girl curse so the two mixed. This would apply to all cursed springs.

Each spring has a set gender
So for example if both a boy and a girl fell into the spring of the baby black pig they would both turn into baby black pigs of the same gender
  • it seems to be implied the curse forms are versions of the person who falls in, this is why they often have similar eyes and obviously in human gender springs it's just a switch.
  • It is implied that Jusenko was created by ancients some 4,000 years ago. Perhaps they simply set it for human uses, and thus gender and personality springs for human curses, and just generic animal curses for the rest?

Ranma-chan won't age much more
Think about it "girl" is an age specific term, so Ranma's female form will probably only age with him until age 18, into the very early 20's at most. Ranma's girl form was regressed when he was under the influence of those. AR mushrooms because he would still be a "girl" albeit more literally. Likewise since the cure is the spring of drowned "man", if a young boy fell in, he would probably turn to about 18 years old as well.
  • And yes, if there is no "spring of drowned woman" Shampoo's cure will be a fountain of youth, form
  • Possible complication: the "girl" part seems to be partially a Translation Convention into English. The character used for the Spring's original Chinese name, niáng, can mean anything from "young woman" to "mother".

Ranma is a Mt F Transsexual
Okay this one may be a stretch but hear me out. S/he is the soul heir to a to the Anything-goes style and has to procreate with a Tendo, for it to live on. There's also that pesky promise hir dad made to hir mother. In short, s/he is OBLIGATED by familial ties to be a man. She is indeed a bit of a tomboy and likes martial arts. In the infamous "pretty womanhood" episode s/he describes her past and her memories of being male quite accurate to what transsexuals feel. She pretends to hate her cursed form because she fears allowing herself to enjoy it will result in her being unable to go back to her male lifestyle and fulfill her duties. Though a particular image song as well as several outings imply, the LADY doth protest too much. In the pretty womanhood episode, she takes a spill and acts exaggeratedly feminine due to a potent mix of head trauma and working out her anxieties and gender dysphoria by embracing her proper gender identity. Getting hit on the head, doesn't cause a new gender identity, regardless of the fact Ranma happened to have boobs at the time, she was a girl BEFORE.
  • I for one love the idea of this and could think of a very good set of arguments for it or against it. I hate to be very critical, but the one you put forth was fairly appalling, to START with, you might consider dropping the gender ambiguous pronoun slander, for two reasons really, the first, if you really believe Ranma is Mt F, you might dignify her by using the correct pronouns she would want. second though, they are sort of an eye sore, they or them, despite being plural usually works just fine if you need gender neutral, lots of Languages screw around with plurality. moving right along. the 'infamous pretty womanhood was very played for laughs. It doesn't shed a lot of light on Ranma's character or feelings at all, the only slightly plausible explanation is that Ranma has a very narrow dirt poor view of women. The anime isn't really a good source for any theories in my mind, It takes many liberties with the characters. I think the best scenario in mind for this idea is that Ranma has gender identity disorder and rejects it, not that Ranma's secretly knows she likes being a woman but is hiding it. I can really see the beginning chapters of Genma's daughter being plausible for canon Ranma, In that confronting this problem would be extremely and unbearably difficult for her, it's just plausible that Ranma might consider being male 'hard' because of his fathers words or even his own sheer bravado and cultural upbringing, but even baring that, the magical nature of the curse leaves open the question of weather it could maliciously make someone desire to be who they're not, rather than just be inconvenient. Theres plenty of wiggle room to push it in either direction. Certainly, I wonder how skeptics of this theory might explain why Ranma so frequently forgets what sex he is in at any given moment, at the very least it implies that Ranma's female form doesn't irritate her and draw her attention to the fact that she's in the wrong body again.

Ryoga's Sense of Direction is a Family Curse
It seems that everyone in the family has this problem. Even those added to the family by marriage.I assume the name is attached to the Hibiki family, I'm not sure if women marrying (and thus changing their surname) would then be "cured"

Ryoga's Sense of direction gets worse as he ages
And likewise for his parents. He was able to at least attend school several times a week when he was in middle school, hence the "bread feud" By the time he is high school aged he clearly no longer was able to attend school regularly without a lot of help to get to and from school, not to say nothing of how academically behind he is behind other people his age. His parents are never seen are gone from home for months at a time.
  • Ranma usually helped him getting school, at least in the manga.

Ukyo Kuonji was raised the same exact way Ryuunosuke Fujinami was from Urusei Yatsura.

Other than the fact both were confused as boys despite being female there are other things this bother this troper. When Ukyo was first introduced she was dressed as a boy and was given the boy's name Ukyo. Then it turns out there is another character who was also given a boy's name and dresses like a boy, Ryuunosuke! So I guess Mr. Kuonji wanted a son so he forced his daughter to dress like a boy, raise him as a boy and gave him a boy name. Now not much about Ukyo's past is revealed and keep in mind that she was like this BEFORE Ranma and Genma stole her cart. Also the freaky part of this thought is both characters are missing mothers, Now it was confirmed Ryuunosuke's mother died during childbirth but as for Ukyo her mother was never seen nor mentioned. Coincidence?

Happosai is an Underpants Gnome
This is self-explanatory.

The Chinese Amazons are members of the Qiang Minority.
Based primarily on their societal structure and social beliefs.

Nabiki is secretly one of the most powerful characters in the show.

If she actually joined a fight, she'd either have broken the series or become the prototype for Aizen. Or both.

Think about it. She's the only one in the series with fully effective Plot Armor and has demonstrated the ability to one-shot both Happosai and Copycat Ken (disguised as Happosai) at the same time. While also eating some kind of bread and reading a manga or magazine. In fact, she's the only character able to consistently ward off Happosai's attempts at perversion. She's also conspicuously absent when her presence would require a demonstration of martial ability to avoid injury, and shows knowledge that her absence was to her benefit when she returns at the end of an episode when all the trouble's died down. It is possible that Nabiki wasn't the one Ranma was saving from a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown when she tried auctioning him to his fiancées.

Also, Rumiko Takahashi is stated to have an affection for her. Which for a character means God loves her and she knows it, and that in turn would explain why she's grown progressively less subtle about being a bitch over the course of the series. This is taken Up to Eleven when both the 'dead mother' and 'middle child' cards are pulled to sucker Ranma (and probably the audience) into believing she's got a Freudian Excuse or two, but even those aren't things she genuinely cares about, just more pity party meal tickets. In effect, her Plot Armor is so thick you can't even hurt her feelings.
  • Well, only the Plot Armor and Manipulative Bastard part is true, but if you want to see Nabiki being played as the actual most powerful character in the series, there is always Ajimu Najimi of Medaka Box.

There will always be a cure for Jusenkyo victims.
In other words: creatures that fall into the springs will not be cursed if there's no spring around that would serve as a cure. If you grab a penguin or some other animal that has not yet drowned in a Jusenkyo spring, it will not be cursed no matter which spring you throw it in. If you drown it, it'll create a Spring of Drowned Penguin, and from that point on, penguins will be considered "fair game" for all the Jusenkyo springs.

Jusenkyo curses "evolve" the longer they're kept around.
Most of the Jusenkyo-cursed characters we see in the series have had their curses for a year, tops. Ergo, they keep all aspects of their personality when they transform. Anime-only character Kin'Nee, however, instantly does a 180 in personality when his curse is triggered, because he was cursed at a young age and kept the curse (for whatever reason) well into adulthood. Also note that Kin'Nee's curse ought to qualify for another mere "Spring of Drowned Man", and thus have no effect on him, but instead turns him into an entirely different man. What if the man he turns into is the priest who originally drowned in the spring?

Note that girl-type Ranma, at a glance, is essentially a shorter Ranma with boobs and red hair. What if the girl who originally drowned in the Spring of Drowned Girl looked nothing like girl-type Ranma does, except for the red hair? The longer that Ranma goes without getting his curse cured, the closer his cursed form will grow to resemble the original drowned girl, in both appearance and personality.

(I realize that Taro is the largest piece of counter evidence to this theory, as he's had his curse for pretty much most of his life. However, Kin'Nee is still older than he is, and could theoretically have had his curse longer.)

  • Alternatively the curses devolve in the Jusenkyo becoming more and more generic. Spring of drowned Akane is but a recently created spring, but give it a couple of hundred years and it will basically be another spring of drowned girl.

Jusenkyo curses don't merely shapeshift their victims...

Physical discomfort is rarely, if ever, displayed by curse victims when they transform (several times, they don't even notice until it's pointed out). What if the curses aren't a matter of merely twisting and warping their flesh and bones? Sure, one could say that A Wizard Did It, but where's the fun in that?

As soon as someone hits the water in a spring, the powers behind Jusenkyo craft an entirely new body (a la the haunted mirror) that serves as their "cursed form". From then on, whenever a curse victim is splashed with cold water, their non-cursed body is simply swapped with their cursed body; their mind/soul/whatever stays where it is. In either form, their "alternate form" is stored in a cave or something beneath Jusenkyo, ready to be summoned whenever cold/hot water rears its unwanted head. Wounds/mind control/whatever that one form suffers are generally transferred to the corresponding areas on the alternate form, wherever it is.

This also serves as a handy little solution to the "pregnant Ranma" debacle; the fetus would be transported with its "mother" to the aforementioned cavern. The male form remains unaffected, as it does not possess corresponding organs. Of course, that opens up a good old can of Fridge Horror...

  • Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken. The Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire attack/training method. Ranma learns it as a girl during the Phoenix Pill story arc. Thereafter he uses it at least as often as a man. If Ranma's cursed form was separate and existed in a different physical location, then how did his male body get the speed of the Chestnut Fist?
  • Two people with the same curse are hit with cold water simultaneously, or one is while the other is still in cursed form. What happens? The body is taken.
  • Easy. Every time someone falls into a spring - even if it is the same spring - a new cursed body is created. Each cursed individual has his or her own "spare" cursed form.

Ranma, his allies, and rivals are becoming bad publicity.
Somehow, there is an unseen reporter who manages to find out what they did and manages to pin all that blame on them. They don't know it's reported because they don't read or watch the news.

Nabiki was working for the social service!!
The abusive nature of Genma to Ranma attracted the attention of the social service in the very first episode. They needed someone who is a bad seed but can be easily persuaded with favors and is willing to do it for money. That's when Nabiki gets the call and has a wire planted on her. She manages to report of what Genma did throughout the show. Because of the wire, the service finds out about the robbing of the Saotome family treasure and the attack on Nodoka, Ranma's mother, by throwing a table on her, and makes Nabiki report this to a pawnshop store owner. This would explain of when Genma attempts to pawn the heirloom for money, he shows him a ticket to show the ancestors owned him. At the end chapter, when Ranma and Akane are about to get married, the social service ordered Nabiki to ruin the wedding by sending Ukyo, the Kudos, and the others in order to get the bad people in one go.

Mousse really wants to hit Shampoo for being with Ranma.
If only we know if there's a rule to make him hold back...
  • Quite the opposite; Mousse has tried to do the "best her to win her hand routine" in the past, before Shampoo met Ranma. He goes after Ranma now because, by logical deduction, if he wants Shampoo's hand, he's got to prove himself worthier (stronger) than her present choice of husband.

The waters of the cursed spring come from the Fountain of Salmacis.
The curse was a result of the Greek demigod Hermaphroditus, after merging with the nymph Salmacis, desiring those who make contact with the fountain to suffer a similar fate as him. Somehow, someone got the water from the fountain and brought it to China where it was poured into the springs.

Jusenkyo was created by the crash of a Prawn vessel.

Clarke's Third Law is applied here. The unusually high concentrations of fluid made that the springs can easily absorb new DNA and provoke fast transformations, also known as curses, to those who are exposed to it, then to matching stimuli.

This actually matches a fringe theory about how aliens supposedly crashed (and, according to some, still live) in the real-life Bayan Har Shan region, where Jusenkyo is in the manga.

Nabiki unwittingly saved Ranma and Akane.
Despite being the bitch that she is, she unknowingly let them advanced through the plot. Therefore, if there's a punishment for her in the end, despite getting away in the end, it's them going on all thanks to Nabiki herself.

Cursed forms provide the instincts of the body, but overlay the human mind over it, much like Animorphs.
Ranma, as a girl, notably goes into Pervert Revenge Mode several times, or at least reacts with aggression and anger to perversion most of the time, particularly from Happosai. This could be his personal distastes. Ranma can flirt effectively when "she" wants to, and has a cute feminine smile and body postures at times. Shampoo, on the introduction of her cursed form, acts much like a real cat, especially in showing her dislike for Akane. She couldn't have expected her attack/aggression to have any effect due to the size difference, and there was no logical reason to hiss at Akane. Genma may be calmer as a panda, and this may explain his not transforming back when he easily could have - if he is more relaxed, he may see little reason to transform back. Most of the time when he does change back, he needs to - to talk or eat human food. P-Chan has mannerisms of a scared, small animal at times. Kin'nee is the ultimate example, although he is only semi-canonical, Played for Laughs, and it can be debated to what extent being a pacifist is instinct.

The ending of Inuyasha created the Ranma 1/2 universe.
After the ending of Inuyasha, when Kagome stayed in the past it ended up creating a new future since there is no more time travel possible with the closing of the well for good. Due to this, a new time would appear and five hundred or so years after the Feudal Era, the world of Ranma is created. Demons are not around, but the Tokyo area is just weird. This is due to the world changing in the past with Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Kagome bringing on a different sequence of events than what happened the first time through. More specifically, ways for humans to fight demons stuck around and evolved, perhaps creating the society that allowed martial artists to defend the area like they are asked to do. This also creates a lack of police for they aren't useful against threats like that.

Nabiki Tendo is Laura Calvin from the Santa Clause.
IF Mrs. Tendo didn't die. Why? Because they have the same hair.

It is Shampoo's fault that Akane is as angry as she is.
Before Shampoo blocked Ranma from Akane's memories, Akane, while angry, wasn't scary super angry that started to show up more and more. The reason? By forcing Akane's ANGER through the block, Akane will always think of Ranma with anger since that is what made her remember him. Therefore, Shampoo made Akane be as angry as she is.
  • Except Akane doesn't actually act any particularly angrier at Ranma after Shampoo's introductory arc and as the series goes on, gets less angry.

Nabiki is the way she is because of her mother's death.
Maybe I'm being a bit generous, but out of the three Tendo sisters, Nabiki seems to acknowledge the death of her mother the least of them. While Kasumi remembers her mother fondly and has worked to take her place, because somebody had to try and raise her sisters (since Soun is an idiot, but there are some things a girl needs a mom to explain) while Akane doesn't seem to remember much of her mom and instead latches onto Kasumi. We don't know how old Nabiki was when Mrs. Tendo passed away, but we can assume she was old enough to remember her. However, unlike her sisters, she just couldn't deal with it at all. Her obsession with money could have arisen from wishing they could have afforded treatment for her, or possibly her Money Fetish stems from wanting to never be in a vulnerable position like her mother was as she was dying.

Ranma is a mutant.
Ranma is the best because he believes he is. He can learn new techniques so fast because he believes he can. Since he doesn't know that he is reality warping so things go his way when he has confidence that they will. And things go really badly when he thinks they will in the back of his mind.

  • Would explain why he is not surprised when crazy things happen. Why crazy things only seem to happen when he is around, or at least most often when he is around. And why he 'always wins in the end'.

  • The only down side is that if he is made aware of his powers then it's way too overpowered. What’s the point of a story where in the main character can just say, "Oh, you want to destroy the planet, well, how can you do that when you were never born?" He stops being a super hero and is jsut a god. No point in a story where the hero can literally do anything without lifting a finger. (that's also why characters even as low on the spectrum as the Scarlet Witch get written out of the story or killed off a lot, because hacks can't figure out how to write for it believably). There have to be limits on a power like that, and not knowing you have the power is one of the better ones. Much more fun can be had when he doesn't know he is doing it. The unintentional changes that could be used for humor.

    • Think about it from this side, Ranma making anything he can imagine a reality. Then combine that with the way he imagines things, like his revenge scheme to get back at Nabiki, or his fight with the Gambling King. Ranma doesn't exactly have an imagination when it comes to things out side of the art (his best attempt was with Mousse, and the magic show, the rest were just sad). I blame Genma, after all he was never given the opportunity to get into fiction as a kid, so was never allowed to think about things other than the art for long or very seriously so between that and the weirdness of his life make it so he wouldn't know what most people call normal to save his ass. His reality has been warped since day one. I think Genma has the power too, he just doesn't know it either, ...And thank the Kami for that.

  • I think it's much more fun for him not to be aware of it at all, and not to become aware of it. Just something that happens subconsciously. This way he can still do almost anything but he has to believe he can (mostly) and the little doubts in the back of his mind can cause 'fun' little 'accidents' and other situations that keep him from winning every fight easily.

  • Doing this this way would also allow him to develop any type of super power he sees, like a technique, if he believes he can do it, believes in his ability to learn to do anything. Beyond what would be possible to do normally, even for him. He could mimic any ability by unintentionally altering himself to allow him to have the capacity to do these things. Like flying, or using "x-ray" vision, or other powers that he normally couldn't copy exactly.

    • Like Clark's Heat Vision, Ranma, I figure, COULD figure out a way to make a ki burst using his eyes as the focus, if he worked at it long enough, so it would 'look' like he was shooting beams out of his eyes in a more normal story (many high level anime martial artists can make their eyes glow, this is just a variation of that application), but that isn't exactly the same thing as mimicking the power, just similar. Where as with Reality Warping powers he could alter his eyes so they could in fact shoot beams, ...if he was shown that it can be done so that he believes he can learn it like a technique. He would change the way his eyes work while trying to 'learn' the 'technique'. Or just about anything else the author wanted to use.
    • Except that plenty of other people show the same level of superhuamn skill as Ranma. We also explicitly see two people who aren't fully human (Herb and Saffron) and they're both far beyond Ranma in strength.

Ryoga and his family have a teleportation ability which they cannot control... the three of them have mistaken it for them simply having a bad sense of direction.
I feel like that's the most logical explanation. They could eventually use this as an advantage if they trained themselves correctly.

Had Ranma and Genma waited the end of the tournament before gorging themselves when they arrived at Joketsuzoku, Shampoo would have offered them the food anyway
The idea is that hospitality is usually a big thing in isolated communities and the food of the prize for the tournament winner was ready to eat. It's likely the food would be 'awarded' to Shampoo, that would then offer it to the presents... Including the wandering martial artist and her panda, who were obviously hungry. Hence how pissed she was and how shocked the witnesses were: they thought the Jusenkyo Guide had warned them beforehand. Then she calmed because she thought Ranma had realized what she had just done and was offering to let herself get beaten up to pay for her crime.

The Chinese Amazons are the descendants of the actual Amazons on the run from the Romans, and living in the mountains out of fear they'll be found
Back when they still lived on the Black Sea they betrayed an alliance with Rome, and given the Romans' genocidal mindset when dealing with betrayal the Amazons (or at least those who survived) ran all the way to China. Later they started raiding the various areas until they ran into the inhabitants of Liqian, saw they looked like the Romans, and ran as hell, stopping near the Qiang people because their matriarcal tradition offered them Plausible Deniability. With time they started intermarrying with them, and only the strange hair colour remains of the genetics of the ancient Amazons... But the modern Amazons (those who didn't join the Qiangs, at least) still live in fear the Romans will chase them down.

Ranma cannot marry anyone but Shampoo
By defeating her in the village, Ranma actually married Shampoo, and given it happened there the Chinese government would be inclined to accept it as the Amazons applying their cultural rights, if anyone bothered registering it with them. That's why Shampoo isn't trying to assassinate her rivals anymore: she or Cologne registered the marriage, and, given both Chinese and Japanese laws, cannot marry anyone else unless he gets a divorce in China (something the Chinese bureaucrats would be inclined to sabotage to stick it to the Japanese guy who seduced one of their compatriots. We know it's not true, but it's more likely they'll misunderstand this way), and the only reason they aren't dragging Ranma off to China as the runaway husband is that they aren't that callous and would like for Ranma to actually fall for Shampoo before springing the news on him.
  • Except that Ranma didn't marry Shampoo. The Law stats that the Joketsuzoku fighter "Shall marry" not, "is married." Cologne and Shampoo are trying to get Ranma to agree to marry Shampoo

Akane and Ranma will go to Juskenyo on their honeymoon.
But Ranma won't jump into the spring of the drowned man. Akane will.

Ranma's an alien.

The title of this post is a bit misleading. Ranma is human (born of a human mother and father) but he is still alien. How so? He is so different from regular humans (even in his own universe not just real life) that he may as well be an alien. Heck aliens on other shows like Star Trek and Sailor moon are closer to being human than he is.

One thing that sets Ranma apart from normal baseline humans is his super human abilities. Some examples of his super human abilities are: super strength (lifts multiple tons, bend steel pipe), toughness (hits wall hard enough to leave massive creator gets up like nothing happened), speed (moves faster than the human eye can track when he wants to), abilities (can scratch his own mid back with his foot, cling to ceilings, can cut things with his bare hands - cut perfect hole in Ryoga's house bare handed), stamina (swam the sea of Japan), energy manipulation (ki blasts), danger sense (senses danger before it occurs), incredibly fast healing rate, etc. We are shown that these abilities are very uncommon in the Ranmaverse several times. Some examples of people being surprised by the martial artists displays of super human abilities are: School kids surprised girl form Ranma can lift and jump with Ryoga's extremely heavy umbrella , school kids thinking that a mere three story fall would kill Ranma, the martial arts ice skaters surprised that Ranma survived the attack much less was able to continue fighting, people running in fear when Happosai fights Ranma or when Happosai and Genma made themselves huge, Kodachi, Akane, and Asuka surprised at the speed Ranma heals, etc., I can list more.

Another thing that sets Ranma apart from the baseline humans of his universe is that Ranma has developed, because of his upbringing, quite a few abilities/habits that could be considered primitive or sub-human. When his fear of cats becomes too strong he acts like a cat (a super cat that can cut through basically anything with its claws and used a multi-ton shark as a chew toy). He has been shown to howl at the moon (did this in battle dogi story - arc surprisingly he wasn't in neko-ken - Kasumi said that at least it was scaring the cats away), yells into the night, sleeps in trees, eating while crouching on the table, using his feet to grip/hold things (we've seen him hanging upside down from his toes, write with his feet, scratch the back of his head/mid-back with his feet while reading, and feed himself with his feet in manga), jumping up and clinging to the ceiling when surprised, lack of modesty (such as him not caring where and who sees him nude), etc.

There are other things as well that set Ranma apart from normal humans. Ranma often sits in weird positions (meditating upside down, sitting on someone's head, hanging from the ceiling). Strange, at least to most people, thought patterns or seeing things that aren't normal as being normal. Ranma is likely to consider a lot of things as being normal that aren't, such as people trying to kill him, people kidnapping people to get stuff, and having a large number of nightmares. Inability to understand regular peoples view points because it is so different from his own (for instance he has a very different view on females than guys his age), etc.

If the Ranma series had continued, Ranma would have become further and further away from normal humans. My reasoning is fairly simple. As Ranma's knowledge of martial arts, ki, and magic grows he would grow further and further from baseline humans. Before the manga started he didn't even know about magic by the end of the manga Ranma has used magical items more than a dozen times and has had magic used on him even more times than that. It's only a matter of time until he actively starts learning how to use and control magic if for no other reason than self defense. He also has been seeking magical items to cure his curse and for power (Dogi). Ranma's knowledge and ki abilities have grown massively as well, at the start of the manga Ranma did not know how to project his ki at all. As the series progressed he learned new techniques and then improved every single one. We never see him do techniques the same way as he did them before every time we saw a technique it was a new variation (Shi Shi Hadoken became Moko Takabisha became Moko Takabisha double). In all probability Ranma would continue to do so.
  • Except that pretty much every cast member shows super human abilities, and several characters are stronger than him. The baseline for human ability in the Ranma 1/2 universe is simply higher than Real Life.

Nabiki is sexually attracted by Ranma's female form
Evidence: when Ranma first arrived to the Tendos, Nabiki thought Ranma was "cute"; then, after finding out "she" was apparently a girl, Nabiki shamelessly fondled her, and when Kuno first declared he had fallen for the "Pigtailed Girl" she was already carrying pictures of female Ranma in various states of undressing even without knowing she could sell them to Kuno. She also once asked if Akane really wanted Ranma to be cured, claiming it could make the honeymoon "more interesting".
  • Counter-argument; Nabiki was already selling photos of Akane to Kuno well before Ranma arrived, and Kuno is established as being "Furinkan's Greatest Pervert". Even if she's not in the slightest bi-curious herself, she would still be able to recognize that A: Ranma-chan is a busty hottie, and B: skimpy photos of a busty hottie will always be something she can sell to horny teenage guys - Kuno was just her first choice because he's loaded and thus she could milk him for more money if he was willing to buy.

Nabiki ruined Ranma and Akane's wedding to keep herself (and possibly everyone but Ranma) out of jail
In Japan a male cannot marry under the age of 18, even with parental consent. Had they gone through and tried to register it, the bureaucracy was bound to send there the police to investigate the circumstances... And Genma is guilty of multiple counts of child endangerment, the seppuku pledge means that he and Nodoka are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder (no judge would believe that Ranma had consented), and everyone they knew but Ranma was an accessory to one or the other for not reporting it.
  • The flaw with this logic is that you're assuming the law would even get involved with this sort of situation in the Ranma½ universe. There's no indication that the police or anybody cares about the crazy fights or other weirdness of the martial artists. Odds are if a police officer did get involved they'd just look at the contract, shrug, and let things go on.