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Trivia: Ranma ˝
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Dr. Tofu is Cheetor and Goku in the English dub and Ranma is InuYasha in both the English and Japanese versions.
  • Trope Namer for:
  • The very first appearance of the word glomp is in Ranma ˝ Volume One Chapter 12, Ironically, it's used as a sound effect during a grapple between Ranma and Ryoga and not for the affectionate tackle/hug it represents today. The first time it was used as a verb, however, was in a fanfic-style "interview" conducted in a 1994 issue of Animerica, from which it spread like wildfire among fanfiction circles.
  • God Never Said That: Several of the most common fanons, most notably the purpose behind the trip to Shampoo's village and doubt that the Nanniichuan can cure the Nyanniichuan (or that anything can cure a Jusenkyo curse), are often falsely attributed to Rumiko Takahashi.
  • No Export for You: Viz has yet to bring the "Secret Spring" OVA to the US, and if and when they do Genma will unfortunately have to be recast.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Between seasons three and four (episodes 64 and 65), the North-American dub voice for Ranma abruptly changed from Sarah Strange, a woman playing a boy's voice, to Richard Ian Cox — a man playing a boy's voice after the former wanted to move on with her career. After the first six episodes Ranma's female voice actor also changed from Brigetta Dau (who also voiced the character in the first two OVA episodes) to Venus Terzo, but the change was arguably more subtle since it was fairly early on in the series, and the voices started out similar before the latter put more of her own style in the role.
    • When Angela Costain, the English voice of Nabiki Tendô, wanted to attend flight school, her sister Elaina Wotten-Costain took over the character for Season 6. (Unlike many vocal Darrins, the difference between the two performances was virtually nil — many viewers never noticed the change). Angela returned for Season 7 after getting her pilot's license.
    • Kodachi Kuno was voiced by Teryl Rotherly for the first four seasons before the character was recast with Erin Fitzgerald for Season 5. She was then recast AGAIN for Seasons 6-7 with Sylvia Zaradic taking over the role (who ironically sounded much closer to Teryl than Erin).
    • Both the Jusenkyo Guide and Dr. Tofu were recast beginning in Season 6 with new voice actors (Michael Donovan and Kirby Morrow respectively) when their original voice actor, Ian James Corlett, left the show.
    • Cologne also had multiple voice actors at different points in the series: Kathleen Barr, Elan Ross Gibson, and Lynda Boyd.

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