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Sumire and Lucia survive at the end of anime
The consensus seems to be that they both died, given the tear-jerkey mood of the ending, complete with a shot of a photo of them together. But the last shot contains signs that they live, namely:

  1. The roses in the vase are neatly arranged, which is one of Sumire's skills. Plus, the roses have two colors, one for each girl.
  2. The hourglass is still running, indicating that Lucia's time is not yet up.
  3. The photo shows Sumire in a new school uniform, totally unlike the one she wore when she met Lucia. This indicates that she attends a different high school, which is hard to do when you're dead. This one pretty much settles it.

All in all, it looks like the ending was meant to be a sequel hook. Unfortunately, no second season has ever been produced.

  • If you look carefully, it looks like Sumire's eyes turned back to green in the last bit before the above scene. It's conceivable that she threw on the brakes in time.