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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Buddy Complex
Aoba's sister is Dio's grandmother
  • That could possibly explain why the coupling works so much because they share the same DNA.

Bizon and Hina in episode 1 is from different time.
  • That could possibly explain why they didn't understand each other and why they are in different side.
Either Aoba or Dio will be captured at one point.
  • Because Zogilia wants to capture their mechs.
    • Kinda jossed: the mechs got jacked while on the ground, minus the pilots.
The Hina from Episode 1 will reappear later
  • Possibly she ended arriving later than Aoba.
    • Jossed: that Hina ended up in 2078, de-aged and amnesiac. The "current" Hina is the same person both before and after she goes back into the past.
Hina from Episode 1 has setup a stable time loop.
  • It's kinda complicated, but basically it goes like this: 1) Hina meets Aoba in Episode 3 for the first time (her perspective); 2) Hina eventually defects to Cygnus and forms a bond with Aoba, 3) Aoba later tells Hina about the Valiancers in the past, 4) Hina is caught up in a singularity and lands in 2014, 5) Hina saves Aoba from Bizon, and sends him to the future, 6) Aoba meets Hina in episode 3 and the cycle begins anew.
    • This also means, unfortunately, that Hina is doomed to disappear in the time stream.
      • Unless Hina was sent further into the future than Aoba was, in which case it's possible she could reappear later, probably toward the end of the series.
    • Confirmed by episode 11: Hina herself is a walking, breathing Stable Time Loop. The Hina who Aoba meets in 2088 is 2014!Hina both before and after her time travel; the Hina who sent Aoba into the future didn't disappear but was de-aged, mind-wiped and dumped in a ruined Zagreb circa 2078 where she was found by Ryazan and raised into 2088!Hina.
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