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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Arpeggio of Blue Steel
The Fleet of Fog's Origins
  • Ancient weapons from an ancient human star spanning empire
    • Which was actually the human empire from Halo also making this a crossover. The Fog are AIs that have become rampant with age and lost track of their original mission of hiding until the Forerunner were gone and then helping humanity rebuild. The "Admiralty Code" is an undegraded copy of their original programming as laid down by the Lord of Admirals that could be used to repair them. They don't really known this, but they somehow know it's important.
  • The Enemy Without.
  • A type of False Flag Operation. The Fleet menaces the world for a while, then their creator "develops" a system to counter/destroy them, gaining power and influence in the process.

  • Iona will be Gunzo's little sister who goes to the middle school part of the facility.
  • Kongo will be the Alpha Bitch.
  • Takao will be Exactly the same.
  • Hyuuga will be a chemistry Sensei-chan. That way we can have Lab Explosion shenanigans. Education Through Pyrotechnics for the win!
  • Maya will be Takao's little sister, and will be in the same class as Iona.
  • Yamato will be the Spoiled Sweet Most Popular Girl In School. May or may not be a Mafia Princess for comedy.
  • Musashi will be Yamato's sister, with the same traits.
  • Nagato will be Twins of the same name.
  • Hiei will be the Class Rep or student council president.
  • U-2501 will be a student from the other class. Possibly a foreign transfer student from Germany.
  • Zordan is a strict but honorable teacher. German, of course.
  • Haruna is a painfully shy girl in Iona's class. She is into cosplay and is member of Sewing Club (or its middle school wing).
  • Kirishima is either Haruna's older sister, or her senpai in the Sewing Club (the high school wing).

You are all free to add to this...

Fantasy Cast for the English Dub

While any dub is a long shot, considering the niche appeal of Arpeggio, we can still dream right?

Everyone is free to express their thoughts.

Gunzo's mom is behind the Fog
Why? To set up her little boy as a Harem Protagonist of course! Why? Because She Wants Grandkids.
  • She is indeed training Takao to be a bride.

Takao will return in the anime.
Since Maya in the anime is just a basic AI, that leaves us with a fully-functional Takao-class Fog heavy cruiser just waiting to be moved into.
  • Yes and no. Maya is absorbed by Kongou.

Kongou will pull a Heel-Face Turn
...or at least a Heel-Neutral Turn, due to her considering the current situation as an Enemy Mine.
  • No. Blue Steel handled 400 and 402 on its own.
    • Yes, she did after all.

    Jossed Theories 
The Fog use the sunken wrecks of WWII Era ships.
This is a bit of Fanon that has stuck around, especially for American Fans, since the beginning, and it's beginning to become a problem regarding the accuracy of the application of Tropes.

While true most of the historical Japanese navy was sunk by war's end, and are now at the bottom of the sea, many ships that are featured in the series, such as Haruna and Hyuuga, were raised and/or scrapped after the war. This suggests that whatever the Fog are, they don't require a physical wreck to repair and improve on in order to form their ships. This means that things such as the great multitudes of Nagara-Class cruisers in the anime (historically only numbering in 6 ships), is a hint at the Fog's true nature.

Yamato will appear in the anime.
At the end of Episode 7 of the Anime, Kongo has had enough of Gunzo's shenanigans with the Fog and has ordered a full assault on Iwo Jima. As this is a 12 episode anime, that means the endgame has begun, and more likely that not will end on a cliff hanger with I-401 and Blue Steel sailing into the sunset for the US.

Granted, the anime was well off the rails by episode 6, but if the studio wants to prevent any second season from becoming In Name Only, they will need to follow what comes next in Broad Strokes if nothing else, and chances are that means Kongo will most likely become demoted from the Big Bad to The Dragon to none other than Yamato.

The ideal way, as can be assumed at this time, to do so would be to model to reveal on Azula's from the end of Book One: Kongo, damaged and defeated, limps to the massive Yamato (or meets her in her little tea garden chat room), kneels and requests backup. Without a word, Yamato steps out of the shadows with a grim smile.

A long shot, but it would be awesome.
  • Nope. The anime ends with the I-401 finally reaching he US and delivering the Vibration Torpedo.

The maid we see serving Saori Chihaya in chapter 48 is Nagara's Mental Model.
I-400 and 402 has been searching for the core of Nagara for months with no avail. The maid also used some rather peculiar way to address herself. It is, therefore, not a great stretch that she is either a gynoid akin to Osakabe's maids or the mental model of Nagara.
  • Jossed by Book 8. She is a human, and Nagara's core is retrieved by unknown parties before it developed one.
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