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  • Minene came to the third world and stayed there.
  • She received power to manipulate reality from Deus.
  • She got pregnant and had children.
  • The children are implied to have inherited Deus's power.

Iyo already knew Eiji was going to grab her ears.
  • It wouldn't be surprising, considering her Order.

Rin, or someone will end up being yandere
This is Sakae Esuno we are talking about, after all.

Sena is evil or somehow controlling Eiji, she's been controlling him since they met, that's why he's so devoted to her.
  • I would go farther and say she is the final big bad, what else should she reading a book titled Nietzsche be telling us? She probably is the one who wished for the destruction of the world because of something about ‹bermensch.