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Rare Medals are powered by Spiral Energy.

  • In the show, Medabots with Rare Medals are able to summon a powerful energy source called the Meda-Force. The Meda-Force is usually summoned when the Medabot's will is pushed to the limit and then suddenly forms a powerful atack of pure energy. While in Gurren Lagann, the protagonists' will and courage creates an energy source called Spiral Energy which activates the robot.

Sumilidon was the first Medabot to create artificial Meda-Force.

  • As the show states, only Medabots with Rare Medals can summon the Meda-Force. As the show progressed, Sumilidon's will somehow created a form of energy that came from his medal. He uses this energy to create an attack that defeated his oppponent. And thus, Artificial Meda-Force was born.