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Funny: Medabots
  • In Episode 45, just as Ikki is about to watch The Robattle Tournament from 8 years ago, the tape that has it reccorded has something else recorded...
    Announcer from 8 years ago: Disaster has struck the World Robattle Cup, ladies and gentlemen! We now take you live to-
    (tape cuts to 'Mr Garden')
    Host: Today on 'Mr Garden', we'll learn how to teach our carrots to speak Spanish.
  • A conversation between Victor and Gillgirl during the Tournament Arc after Victor advances to the semi-finals.
    Gillgirl: So, you've made it to the semi-final round, without breaking a single sweat I might add. Very impressive.
    Victor: Listen, if I wanted praise, I'd read my fan mail.
  • Ikki and Metabee at the start of the second episode, setting the tone for their relationship.
    Ikki: Metabee, why are you reading the funny pages?
    Metabee: Cuz, your dad got the sports.
    Ikki: Okay wise guy, let's get this straight: you're my Medabot, I'm your Medafighter. You don't do anything unless I say so.
    Metabee: I don't know what's making the bigger stink here, you or your feet.
    Ikki: Why, why you...
  • The principal trying to star a medabattle with the screws
  • Karin reads a note in one episode that's from Ikki's mother assuring him she's fine and everything but then as Karin reads on the note reveals the writer of this note is not Ikki's actual mother. For a moment, everyone is confused on just who Chidori really is if she's not Ikki's mother. But then Karin keeps reading and it's revealed it was Seaslug writing the letter the whole time, letting him know he's kidnapped her.
  • When Ikki and Metabee try to stop that giant robot from devastating the city (before the tournament)....
    Metabee: Umm.... Ikki, now that we got on this thing, how do we stop it??
    Ikki : Um, I have no idea. I didn't think of anything.
    Metabee: You WHAT!!?? oh, that's just great Ikki. Real smooth.
  • Karin blowing up the security door at the tournament while Koji is standing there within the explosion. What's funnier is that the explosion is pretty silent.
  • For North American viewers, the first time you heard the trailers on TV probably may have given you a chuckle, because of Ikki's Unfortunate Name, making some people think "And the winner is... Icky!"
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