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Funny: Medabots
  • In Episode 45, just as Ikki is about to watch The Robattle Tournament from 8 years ago, the tape that has it reccorded has something else recorded...
    Announcer from 8 years ago: Disaster has struck the World Robattle Cup, ladies and gentlemen! We now take you live to-
    (tape cuts to 'Mr Garden')
    Host: Today on 'Mr Garden', we'll learn how to teach our carrots to speak Spanish.
  • A conversation between Victor and Gillgirl during the Tournament Arc after Victor advances to the semi-finals.
    Gillgirl: So, you've made it to the semi-final round, without breaking a single sweat I might add. Very impressive.
    Victor: Listen, if I wanted praise, I'd read my fan mail.
  • Ikki and Metabee at the start of the second episode, setting the tone for their relationship.
    Ikki: Metabee, why are you reading the funny pages?
    Metabee: Cuz, your dad got the sports.
    Ikki: Okay wise guy, let's get this straight: you're my Medabot, I'm your Medafighter. You don't do anything unless I say so.
    Metabee: I don't know what's making the bigger stink here, you or your feet.
    Ikki: Why, why you...
  • The principal trying to star a medabattle with the screws
  • When Ikki and Metabee try to stop that giant robot from devastating the city (before the tournament)....
    Metabee: Umm.... Ikki, now that we got on this thing, how do we stop it??
    Ikki : Um, I have no idea. I didn't think of anything.
    Metabee: You WHAT!!?? oh, that's just great Ikki. Real smooth.
  • Karin blowing up the security door at the tournament while Koji is standing there within the explosion. What's funnier is that the explosion is pretty silent.
  • For North American viewers, the first time you heard the trailers on TV probably may have given you a chuckle, because of Ikki's Unfortunate Name, making some people think "And the winner is... Icky!"
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