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Louie is the illegitimate son of the king of Ohfun and the high priestess of Mylee.
The king, the one time we see him, is almost a dead ringer for Louie, with the same build and hair. Louie calls the priestess "aunt", but she displays a clearly maternal interest in his life and well-being, and takes an especial delight in pairing him up with Melissa. The king, the priestess, and the head of the mage guild (with whom Louie was fostered) were all adventuring partners long before the start of the series. The king became the king not by birthright, but by a combination of conquest and a political marriage made around the time Louie was born. It seems obvious that Louie was fostered to facilitate the king's marriage, and to prevent both possible succession issues and any embarrassment to either the king or the high priestess.

The king probably doesn't know Louie is his son, judging by his reaction in the ending. If he shares Louie's recklessness, the high priestess might've purposely hidden it from him; if he knew, he might "do the right thing," acknowledge Louie as his son, and send the kingdom into turmoil.

  • Possibly Jossed:
    • First and foremost, Jenny is the Head Priestess of the Mylee Shrine which means, in all likelihood, she's still a virgin. (Though she does imply that a Priestess of Mylee might be called upon to service her champion sexually, and no indication is given that she's joking, which implies that Mylee-granted magic doesn't run on Virgin Power.)
    • Second, in the manga version, while she mentions Rijarl was a womanizer who often cheated on his wife, Queen Meledi, Jenny never even vaguely implies that she ever slept with him, herself.
    • Also note that when she learns that Louie is Melissa's "champion", in her internal monologue, Jenny referred to him as "that Louie", rather than "her Louie", as a mother usually would when speaking of their son.
    • Odds are, Louie is Rijarl's illegitimate son by one of his many consorts, but it's unlikely that we'll ever know who Louie's mother is, because Rijarl couldn't keep it in his pants.
  • Or possibly not:
    • As mentioned below, we don't see any evidence that the Priestesses of Mylee are allowed to marry or have children, but neither are we given any indication that their magic runs on Virgin Power. (Jenny specifically mentions that Melissa's service to her champion might require her to have sex with him, and there's no real indication given that she's joking.)
    • Since the question of Louie's parentage is intended to be a mystery in the series (albeit not a major one), even if Jenny was Louie's mother, the author wouldn't want to make that obvious in the first volume. Since we're ultimately never given any firm indication of who the mother is, Jenny's phrasing in that scene can be taken as evidence against her being the mother, but it isn't ironclad.

Louie is the illegitimate son of Headmaster Carwes and High Priestess Jenny.
As noted above, High Priestess Jenny expresses an almost unmistakably maternal concern for Louie and seems very interested in his romantic life. She also has a cutesy pet name for him.

During the Mylee Festival, Louie notices a painting of her alongside Headmaster Carwes and remarks that she never told him that the two of them fought together in the war. She responds by smiling secretly and saying that she and headmaster Carwes are "quite close." It seems strange that both she and Headmaster Carwes would have neglected to tell Louie such an interesting piece of information, especially since Louie is both interested in and knowledgeable about the battle. They seem to be actively hiding the extent of their relationship; there must be a reason.

Headmaster Carwes's concern for Louie is understandable, as he is Louie's foster father; but watch his face at the end of the last episode when he begs the king not to "punish my son." We also know that Carwes was a beefy guy in his younger days - see the aforementioned painting.

One possible reason for Louie's fostering: we don't know if the priestesses of the Mylee shrine are allowed to marry or have families. It's an all-female religion, and there are no married priestesses or priestesses with children mentioned in the series. Odds are high that Priestess Jenny was unable to acknowledge her child because of the policies of her church and "fostered" Louie with his real father to avoid awkward questions.

Alternately, Louie is the illegitimate son of King Kashue of Flaim.
Kashue adventured extensively in Alecrast in his youth and may well have hooked up with Louie's mother (who also converted him to the worship of Myri, which is why it's apparently Flaim's state religion).

Alternately, Louie's parents are completely unknown people that never make an appearance.
In anime, it would be strange for an orphan not to be related to some other significant character; but it may be possible. For Louie to have lasted any amount of time in the Mage Guild, he would need to have some sort of connection. It would be only natural for the head of the Mage Guild to be at least casually associated with the High Priestess; given how she acts, it wouldn't be all that surprising for her to act that way towards him without an ulterior motive.

Louie is the son of Kenshiro.
Why do you think punching is his first answer to every conflict?
Louie is the ancestor of Kamina
Both are a blue haired Idiot Hero who have a tendency to name their attack. also, both are voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi.