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Leaf Boat

In a show that has Talking Animals or Funny Animals, with the animal characters mainly being mice, birds, lizards, moles, etc., sometimes you can expect there to be a body of water like rivers, lakes or ponds as the setting. The best way for these animals to have transportation is to use a leaf as a boat in order to travel from place to place.

Put bluntly, this is a trope in which an animal character will use a leaf as a boat. It can also be used in fairy tales as well as being a common motif in any tale or art to do with little people like the fey/fairies.

Closely related to Lily Pad Platform. Often seen in Mouse World settings.


Animated Films

Comic Books
  • In Mouse Guard, Sadie uses one to travel to Calogero.

Fairy Tales

  • The elven boats in The Lord of the Rings, while not literally made of leaves, use this as a visual motif.
  • In Tad Williams' Otherland series, the heroes' boat turns into a leaf when they travel into a simulation in which they're smaller than the local insects.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Clumsy uses a leaf boat in The Smurfs cartoon special "Smurfily Ever After" to deliver invitations for Woody and Laconia's wedding, with his first stop being the Pussywillow Pixies.

Real Life
  • Some types of Ants use leaves to cross streams.
  • Water striders are predatory insects that "walk" on the surface-tension of still ponds. When they find a dead or drowning bug, they'll drag it to a floating leaf, so they can eat in peace without the risk of being swallowed by a fish from below. Occasionally the leaf then gets washed into a stream and carried off, which is one way water striders colonize new ponds.

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