Film: Hardware Wars

You'll laugh, you'll cry; You'll kiss three bucks goodbye.

In 1977 a little movie called Star Wars was released. Seven months later came an unlikely follow-up.

Hardware Wars is a 1978 Fan Film written and directed by Ernie Fosselius. It is a Short Film parody of A New Hope, expressed as a movie trailer. It's not just a low budget, straightforward spoof, though — the underlying gimmick is that all of the spaceships and even some of the characters have been replaced by household appliances and tools; the R2D2 Expy is a canister vaccuum, the Millenium Falcon is represented by a steam iron, Star Destroyers by flying toasters and egg whiskers, even Stormtroopers have turned into "Steam Troopers", and more. The silliness simply must be seen to be believed.

George Lucas is apparently on record saying that Hardware Wars is his favorite Star Wars parody.

"You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll kiss three tropes goodbye!":