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     Inazuma Eleven 
The second game will be localized as well
But America will never get it.
  • With Level 5 in America, this could be arguable. The same goes for the first game.
  • The EU version of Inazuma 1 uses the engine of Inazuma 2. Things get quite interesting when we find out that all the Inazuma 2 techniques are fully translated (accessed via Action Replay). I don't think they would go out of their way to translate this if they hadn't something planned for an overseas release of Inazuma 2. As for the third game... not so much. Hopefully they have already finished Inazuma 2 so that they would tackle Ninokuni DS.
  • Confirmed as of today. Inazuma Eleven 2 WILL hit Europe!
  • Not so much for America sadly.

Garshield Bayhan was Teikoku's commander when Kageyama joined Teikoku.
Explains the similarities between the two's actions (i.e raining down steel girders and bus "accidents"). Also explains why Kageyama became The Dragon to Garshield.
  • In the game it says that the previous commander of Teikoku died shortly after Kageyama became The Dragon.

Endou Kanon is a part of Fubuki's descendant.
Oddly enough, in Inazuma Eleven 2 and Inazuma Eleven 3, Kanon consistently learns Wolf Legend. At first one can just simply see it as a part of Fire's exclusivity, but it won't be too far to presume that Kanon might also share a family tree with Fubuki. Endou Mamoru being his great grandfather leaves just enough room for Fubuki's and Endou's childrens to possibly get married.
     Inazuma Eleven GO 
Ishido Shuuji is Gouenji Shuuya
This troper doesn't believe in it personally, but since a lot of others do might as well throw it in here. Main reasons are that they share a seiyuu and have similar eyes in the anime. (They don't on the game trailer, but that may or may not have to do with dramatic lighting.) And weaker elements are that Ishido's about as tan as Gouenji's dad, and that it's "suspicious" Gouenji's TYL design hasn't been released yet.
  • Oh boy, imagine the look on Tenma's face if this is revealed to be true.
    • It may not count, but Gouenji's TYL design was released in the manga. Still doesn't help that he looks like Ishido. On the other hand, this would be an interesting but somewhat expected turn to the series. Facing your childhood hero (bonus points for Endou and Kidou facing an old friend), you know...
  • If this is true, it may be one of the reasons why they never paired Natsumi with Gouenji, like the Fandom wanted, but with Endou instead.
  • Confirmed, as of GO Episode 24.

Japan's pro-league captain in GO is Kazemaru
Considering Endou and Kidou are already accounted for, he's the most likely choice, really.
  • Well, he plays for the Japan Pro team.
Kidou and Fudou live together in GO.
Just throwing it out there because honestly why else would Fudou be in GO for. Especially now that Kidou is the coach.
Tsunami is Senguuji.
I know its too early to call for neither of them have actually appeared in GO yet. Though this was a little bit much for me to ignore. Senguuji's hair looks like a flattened version of Tsunami's hair, and its the same color, though Senguuji is paler. Though there really isn't anything to support why Tsunami would be evil.

Like Pokemon, there will be a Updated Re-release of Inazuma Eleven GO games.
The MO on the release of the games is too similar to the one of Pokémon. Oposing "elements" different recruitable characters depending on the version, One Game for the Price of Two. If you want more specific clues, Endou's wives. He's married with Natsumi in Shine, and with Fuyuka in Dark, while Endou/Aki is the favorite outside Japan; now with Pokémon, the Updated Re-release always has the Bonus Boss or Infinity +1 Sword as the mascot. If we take that in consideration, then Natsumi is the Shine's mascot, and Fuyuka of Dark's. Now let that sink for a moment...
  • I doubt it, Level-5 seems to only like to make sequels, not Updated Re-release; and if they were to make ones they would probably make it a priority to rerelease The Professor Layton series first.
    • Then one or two more games with Tenma and the others, until they say something about the games with Kanon.
    • Wait, wasn't Ogre an Updated Re-release? I've always seen it as a bit like Pokémon Platinum since it's basically the FFI arc with added scenes.
    • This Troper saw it more as a publicity stunt promoting The Movie and as a way to justify it.
    • It didn't happen, GO only has Shine and Dark.

Tenma will be captain
Staying so even after Shindou recovers. Who knows?
  • Confirmed as of Chrono Stone.

Shine/Dark are branches from the original events and those of The Ogre
Shine is the "true" canon, seeing as the website first showed Natsumi and the show also went with her as Endou's wife. Dark is the alternative canon which takes into account Ogre intervening in the FF/I (depending on if you're thinking of the movie or the game) and later Endou marries Fuyuka.
  • That would explain a lot. Seeing as all of the Plot Holes the movies cause is all being an alternative continuity would be the best explanation. Seeing as events happen differently in the movies. Though some elements in Dark still do appear in GO, like Fudou and Kazemaru appearing in the anime (although to be fair, Hiroto and Midorikawa also appear in Dark so it could just be switched role wise).

Tenma and Raimon will be taken to the future and participate in the conflict between Second Stage Children and El Dorado
Otherwise, there is no way to prevent Protocol Omega to attempt changing timeline and they'll be playing whack-a-mole forever.
  • Confirmed, they settled it with a soccer tournament, obviously.

Fey Rune will betray Tenma at some point
Fey Rune had come across as a very suspicious character despite his nice exterior. Although he explains things, he evades questions Tenma asks him about himself. The seiyuu Akiko Kimura had also remarked that Fey Rune was unlike any character she had done before (appearance-wise Fey is just like any other shota, so this could only mean personality-wise...). Tenma's seiyuu also said something along the lines of Tenma suffering more in the latter parts of Chrono Stone...
  • Confirmed, sort of. It happens in Chapter 10 of the game, although he pulls a My God, What Have I Done? later in the same chapter and makes amends.

Alpha will make a Heel–Face Turn
This is Inazuma. It's unspoken rule that someone from the enemy will join Raimon. Alpha looks like a candidate with how he was treated
  • Partially jossed since the anime director says there is no such episode where Alpha would make a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Both confirmed and jossed as of Episode 39; turns out that El Dorado, including Alpha, were trying to protect the world from the Second Stage Children all along, and thus were technically the "good guys" all along.

Endou (from ten years earlier) will join forces with the future Raimon later in Chrono Stone.
This is Level-5 after all. They never have a One-Scene Wonder, and things like Endou being able to use an avatar always come back to become much more important to the plot later on. And I suspect Endou saying "I'm sure I'll meet Tenma again. I just get that feeling." refers to more than just his future as Raimon's coach.
  • Jossed, we do have Mecha Endou if that counts.

Chrono Stone's Final Boss will be a Dupli user
It would be incredibly badass admit it. Fey says having Dupli out takes a lot of concentration, so it's hard for him to play with full power/focus if they're out. Now imagine he's manning a whole team and still leagues better than our heroes. This would also be a tragic villain because it is hinted that the ability to create Dupli is born out of loneliness.
  • Anime-wise jossed as SARU does not have any Duplis.
  • Game-wise however confirmed, the captain of enemy team in the Crossover movie (who is also the final postgame boss) is a Dupli user, though his duplis are called High Duplis.

Fey Lune will stay as part of the main team in Galaxy.
In the game, The Stinger after the credits shows Fey alongside the rest of the team, having traveled 10 years back in time again to congratulate Endou on winning the Football Frontier and play a friendly match with them, which would suggest that Fey didn't stay in the future and instead returned to hang out at Raimon. Also, there's no way they would make that much merchandise featuring a one-shot character.
  • Jossed, only Shinsuke came back for Galaxy. Though in the game, Kidou got Fei as one of eleven members you can pick to play for Earth Eleven.

Mizukawa Minori is Potomuri (the clown henchmen who is often seen with Kuroiwa Ryuusei)
Yeah, this troper knows that this one might have been obvious but nothing has been confirmed yet.
  • Not exactly, Potomuri is an alien that has possessed Mizukawa as a way of him to surivive.

Endou doesn't marry Natsumi/Fuyuka in GO to anger fans, but to negate Kanon.
Somewhat, but not really, related to one of WMGs above. GO takes place in a different timeline than Endou's future shown in The Ogre movie. We know that at some point Asurei went back in time to create Fifth Sector, which presumably negated the organisation Ogre belonged to (or, simply, made it form much, much later by the name of El Dorado and instead of The Ogre we have Protocol Omega). Now, Kanon was confirmed (in an interview, if I recall) to have been designed with the idea of Aki and Endou's offspring. He didn't have much of a story outside of messing up Ogre's plans (as his own game, where he might've had another plot, was cancelled), so they decided to get rid of him from this timeline by simply having Endou not get together with Aki.

  • Endou + Aki timeline = The Ogre + Kanon
  • Endou + Natsumi/Fuyuka timeline = El Dorado + Feida.

SARU isn't from Tenma's descendants, but instead from Matatagi's.
Chrono Stone has constantly implied that SARU might be a part of Tenma's descendant, as SARU very obviously looks like Tenma, and Tenma has Second Stage Children genes in him. Although it is never confirmed, there also lies the possibility of SARU is instead from Matatagi's family tree. SARU and Matatagi share similar eyes (though not to Tenma's extent), they share similar hairstyles, facial features, and they both also act with great malice toward the world.
     Inazuma Eleven Ares 
We get to see Wolf Legend's original form in Inazuma Eleven Ares.
Considering Atsuya is alive, it is very likely we see them performing how Wolf Legend was originally supposed to look like as Fubuki described it in Inazuma Eleven 2.

Keshins won't appear in Inazuma Eleven Ares
This one goes without saying really.
Kidou's googles
Kidou accidentally super-glued his googles to himself and that's the reason he doesn't take them off even when sleeping, he can't.
  • Actually, he can. That would be interesting, though.

Inazuma Eleven is set in an alternate universe of our own where witchcraft hadn't become forbidden.
This eventually leads to magic becoming more powerful in some individuals. Although technology became an easier way of dealing with other activities. When someone puts enough feeling into playing soccer, they can cause supernatural phenomena such as stopping time or summoning giant walls to block the goal.

Tenma's a super powerful demonlord from hell.
  • His eyes. They're just too freaking soulless. He acts like an adorable preteen boy because he knows that humans love cute things. Also, Demon God Pegasus (Ark) is his familiar, not just Avatar.

Max got hit by a truck right after the events of the third game/season, and Kisaragi Mako is his reincarnation.
I honestly have no explanation for this. But it seems pretty solid to me...
  • Well Mako was introduced shortly after Max was though she only appears in the video games. Soo...
    • Actually, she was the little girl Gouenji saved from being hit by a soccer ball in the start of the series; Endou and Gouenji's first meeting in the show. It would be nice if she and Handa appeared in GO, but it's unlikely.
    • Yeah, Handa and Mako don't do much in the video games though. They just act like Mr. Exposition then congratulate the team along with a bunch of other characters after they win the Holy Road. They could still appear in that scene though but its unlikely...

Filuru creates every goal nets in the entirety of Inazuma Eleven.
Filuru has the ability to sew magical threads to anything, in this case the goal nets. These magical threads are able to withstand even the strongest of forces, so one can presume that Land of Magic created these nets so super-powered shonen soccer players can shoot moves as strong as they want and the net will always be fine.

Except one of Reize's Astro Break, that was a faulty.

Shindou's Keshin is actually a reincarnation of Sayaka's witch form, Oktavia von Seckendorff.
After succumbing to despair and becoming a witch, Sayaka's witch form is reincarnated by Madokami to become the Keshin of Shindou Takuto due to his many similarities to Kyousuke.