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White Face is somehow related to BEN.
They are both entities/spirits/glitches who like to torment the humans using their technology. They also can corrupt the technology they occupy as well as spread across technology virally.

White Face is somehow related to Uboa.
Let's look at their similarities. They're both white faces with a creepy smile and a distorted/drippy eye. They make horrible sounds upon their presence. They're found in computer games, and they trap their games' protagonists in a dark and nightmarish area. Also they are extremely good at providing nightmare fuel.

The Origin of White Face
During the height of the era of the home computer, there was once a man who worked as a computer programmer. This man had a child with a woman other than his wife, and he was stuck caring for his illegitimate daughter. He hated the girl and constantly abused and neglected her. This caused his wife to leave him, which only made the abuse worse. The only happiness she found was playing games on her dad's computer when he wasn't home. One day, he caught her playing on his computer, and he was so angry at her he had her committed to a mental ward on the grounds that she was "out of control". He paid the orderlies looking after her a little extra to keep her "in her place", which was in a single room with no light and no windows, and only a single chair to sit on. Over the long months of torture that she went through, the girl's skin turned pale white, earning her the nickname "White Face" around the hospital. The only thing the girl ever did was sit and stare at the doctors during her therapy sessions; just sit and look silently. Almost a year later, during a power outage caused by a thunderstorm, the girl managed to escape from her cell when orderlies came to check on her. She ran to the janitor's closet and grabbed a utility rope, then ran back to her cell before the lights came back on. She was able to tie the rope into a noose, get up on the chair, and hang herself before anyone could do anything. When he heard about his daughter's death, the father was overcome with guilt and constantly haunted by nightmares of his daughter's pale white face for over two decades. Then, in 2012, the father decided to create a game in memory of his daughter. Since she loved old pixelated games from when she was young, he felt that would be able to hold her spirit and keep it at rest. He killed himself shortly after the game's completion, and someone looted his house and found the disk where he kept the game. The looter took what he found on the disk and put it out on the web, and that's how the game known as Imscared came to be.

Another White Face and Imscared origin story (this one borders on fanfiction, at least in length)
So this game developer named Ivan Zanotti was aimlessly creating this homebrewed horror game with rudimentary graphics for his own pleasure. He was quite the fan of the horror genre, so he focused on creating pixelated graphics for generic horror items such as blood, rusted metal cages, pitch black areas, bloody hallways, and nooses. Ivan didn't really have a plot in mind for this little project; it was just a way to pass the time. And as it turned out, he wasn't very good at programming the game itself. More often than not, the game he programmed crashed in a glitch whenever he tested the bits of his game through.

And this is where his problems started. One misprogrammed item, a smiling skull, glitched so badly that it became a sentient yet malevolent being. This glitch, which seemed to perpetually laugh in an eerie and echoing manner, began to do things to Ivan's game. The pale faced glitch tormented Ivan via the game in countless ways, including suddenly changing the game's level layout to its whims, trapping the player character within nightmarish enclosed areas, and chasing the player character before suddenly crashing the game. Ivan thought he could escape the glitch’s torment by abandoning work on his game altogether. Being a game file itself, it would just be trapped within the game it was programmed for, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, the grinning skull wasn’t trapped by the partially developed computer game in the least. It would still "visit" Ivan through internet pop-ups, and other times it would also simply vocalize its eerie laugh to unnerve Ivan when he had felt the calmest while using his computer.

By now Ivan had had enough this of glitch tormenting him whenever he used his computer. The game developer had figured that this grinning skull was simply a virus, and viruses could be deleted into nonexistence just like any other bit of computer data. Ivan went into his game’s programming files and with some time identified the file that was the malevolent glitch. As Ivan began to press the delete button, an unsolicited Notepad file suddenly popped up onto his screen. It read, “I didn’t mean to do that.” Ivan, correctly assuming that this was the smiling glitch based on all the startling pop-ups he’d previously received from it, rolled his eyes and closed the Notepad file. He resumed on pressing the delete button. However, then another Notepad filed appeared. This time it read, “Help me. I don’t want to die. I’m scared.”

At this point the game developer realized that these two Notepad files were the first times that the glitch had ever directly communicated with him outside the game, and it communicated regret for its cruel antics at that. Instead of deleting this Notepad file, Ivan had begun typing in it in attempt to communicate back with the glitch. But before Ivan could press any key on his keyboard, yet another Notepad file appeared before him, alongside a pop-up featuring a picture of the smiling skull. This one read “Do you know my name?” Staring at the pop-up containing the smiling skull’s image, Ivan typed back into the Notepad file the first description that came to his mind: White Face. Yet another Notepad file appeared in response. This time it read, “I made something for you.” After that Ivan heard an internal click and his computer screen went black. His computer had crashed.

After that “first contact” with White Face on the Notepad files, Ivan had returned to working on his homebrewed computer game; he still didn’t know the glitch’s real motivation, and it still communicated in brief, cryptic sentences. However, through trial and error, testing his game file and simply using his computer, Ivan eventually had enough encounters with White Face to interpret what it really wanted between all those terrifying computer encounters. It wanted to be included in Ivan’s homebrewed horror game, and as a main element of horror itself. It also wanted to watch the panicked reactions of new computer users besides Ivan. To Ivan, this made perfect sense; White Face had already provided him with ample amounts of unease at his computer.

While Ivan wasn’t the best video game graphic designer or programmer, he was quite good in the field of writing and organizing. Inspired by all his moments with White Face, Ivan finally began to give his game some sort of structure and purpose. Brief Notepad events would in a sense give exposition of the game’s events, as well as unnerve players. The exposition and dialogue would be based on all his encounters with White Face. This homebrewed game, now called “Imscared”, was still brief. But it would be the perfect game for unsuspecting players to download as freeware and play for a quick hour. And as long as new computer users kept on downloading Ivan’s freeware game, White Face was happy enough to simply watch and instigate players' terror through their computers during each game of “tag”. ~Brussell

There is no author.
There's only White Face, making stuff up to bait us along. It hints at this when quoting stuff from the author's text files. Also, at one point a blood message warns that "one of them is lying".
  • Confirmed!

White Face is not evil.
Think about it: White Face never does anything hostile towards player. Sure, it tries to scare the hell out of you, but it never actually attacks, not even in the last room of the game. It also pursues you in a parking lot, but the White Face doesn't try to harm you or anything - it just "plays tag" with you. Also, despite the claims that the game will "try to deceive you as many times as it can", White Face never actually seems to cheat or make trouble in your progress aside of a couple of scares. There is a good possibility that the White Face is not evil or malevolent, but just mischievous, bored, and, judging by it's wails and words in the end, very lonely.
If anything, White Face and HER are the real victims of the game in the end. HER dies canonically in-game through begging the player to kill her. If you get the Door ending, White Face perishes too. He DOES go through a complete breakdown and becomes very hostile to the player, but it's only in pure desperation as a last resort to get the player to give him mercy. With HER shot to death and White Face deleted entirely, the player is left completely unharmed, albeit possibly a bit scarred; but it's White Face and HER that are the ones whom suffer(ed) the most and end up dead. What makes this even more depressing is that they both die by the player's hand. Who is the really evil person here?
  • It's not even a mercy kill, if you choose to kill White Face. HER is at least mercy-killed and is a canon event that leads to the final chapter of the game, whereas the player is given the option to allow White Face to continue living or not. Of course, losing all that progress absolutely SUCKS, but the alternate ending is much more brutal on White Face in the long run.