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I.M. Meen gets his powers from Satan, or some other evil entity.
Besides the demonic beasts that lurk in his labyrinth, he mentions that his book is "A nasty kind of a magic from a special kind of guy". Who that "guy" is is unknown — he could just be talking about himself, given his massive ego, but it's not 100% clear.

I.M. Meen is The Joker's grandfather
Meen is where the Joker gets his love of purple tailcoats, maniacal laughter, and just plain insanity from, and they have a similar facial structure too.

I.M. Meen is related to Jareth.

Both make children go through a magical labyrinth, both love to dance, and both have wild hair, among other things.

I.M. Meen is the Phantom of Flying Rhino Junior High
Both like torturing schoolchildren by sending them through a dangerous environment, both like wearing purple, both have henchmen which are pretty much useless at evil schemes, they even sound similar. Either the Phantom posed as Flying Rhino's librarian after using his Environmaster to disguise himself to trap kids in a magic book he found, Meen is who the Phantom will become in his old age, or Meen created the Environmaster as a new way to further torment kids, and disguised himself as the Phantom because he doesn't like the new fame he's got.

I.M. Meen's library contains not only the book that Link threw at Ganon, but also the enclosed instruction book.
What other eldritch literature could be contained within his library?

I.M. Meen is a Ninja.
He is prone to disappearing and appearing in puffs of smoke, not unlike the Body Flicker Technique.

After the destruction of his labryinth, Meen had a delicious meal of roast warthog....
Why wouldn't he?

I.M. Meen hates the idea of a child surpassing him in magical power.
Hence the reason why is he so adamant about children learning and reading. He wants to keep them from learning magic and overthrowing his tyrannical rule.

I.M. Meen was a horrible student and is jealous of clever children.
His own magic powers don't seem all that hot, apparently. He probably was a lazy and terrible student at his magical school, dropped out having barely learned anything, and has been jealous of good students ever since.

The book that sucks children into the labyrinth is House of Leaves.
It's already been stated that the book (House of leaves) is the labyrinth.

The book is just some magic artifact he stole.

I.M Meen hates children because of bad memories as a regular librarian
Meen was probably a librarian at a school specifically designed for know-it-all wizard children who appeared to be nice (or, goodie-goodies in Meen's terms), but hid their true nature; know-it all wizard children who often acted like assholes because of their superior magic and treated Meen like crap because of his notably less than impressive magic level while taking books from the library and never bringing them back. This is why he's so adamant against kids actually learning things and good-natured kids in general; he doesn't believe that smart kids are capable of being genuinely nice.
  • In other words, he was eventually led to believe that Dumb Is Good.

I.M Meen is the Librarian of Unseen Academy before turning into monkey ape
He has magic power, has a Tome of Eldritch Lore, and lives in alibrary. What else do you need?
  • Jossed. The Librarian of Unseen University was a Dr Horace Worblehat, B.Thau, D.M. before the Octavo polymorphed him. I.M. Meen might have been one of his staff instead.

I. M. Meen's book is the same as CD-i Link used in The Faces Of Evil.
Both of the books suck others inside.
  • Not only which, but...
  • Does this make Ganon a goodie-goodie bookworm?
  • More importantly: Does this mean CD-i!Link grew up to become IM Meen? (This is just ASKING for a Crack Fic).

The aforementioned book is also the enclosed instruction book.

I.M. Meen is related to the reader, Ipo.
They both seem to know a lot about books that suck people inside them.

I.M. Meen is gay and in the Transparent Closet. His "wife" is The Beard.
Seriously, Meen couldn't get more flaming unless he was on fire. He has a high voice, he lisps, he wears a single earring, and he dances around for no real reason. That, or he's Camp Straight.

IM Meen is much smarter than he looks.
He really is the most powerful magician in the world... what's to say that he didn't have his own reasons for letting you leave?

I.M. Meen has depression
His ego is caused by him trying to feel good about his saddened self. He sucks kids into books because he hates others and is possibly plotting revenge for what depressed him. He was depressed by a character being Killed Off for Real.
  • Yea, that's possible. In fact, the troper (camwoodpony) who is writing this (and this too) actually did suffer the same thing, but with a hint of betrayal. I guess humans really ARE bastards...
  • It might be the case. Some of his scenes might indicate he's hiding the pain he truly feels. This one, for example, has Meen mocking the player without smiling for most of the time; and when he laughs in the end? He sounds more like he's Cry Laughing...

The book used by Meen is a portal to the Shadow World

I.M. Meen is one of the Blue Istari that has gone evil.
Not only does Meen perform magic, but he is very old (the game mentions him in the mid-1800s), has grey hair, and wears blue.

Alternatively, Meen is Uncle Andrew.
They also both consider themselves the most powerful magician in the world, and they trick kids into touching things that transport them to other worlds. And seriously, just look at them.

This game takes place in the same universe as Inkheart
Meen, Ophelia, and Gnorris really aren't humans. They're actually elves from the fantasy world of Inkheart. This is why I.M. Meen is able to transport those goody-goodies into books.

The player's true purpose.
All of the kidnapped kids obviously have parents, who are no doubt heartbroken about their children going missing. Eventually, Meen was discovered by the US government as the culprit, but Meen refused to release the children until all of the world's educational institutes, government literacy programs, and anything educational. And if the governments try to sic their militaries on him, he'll use his magic to launch every nuclear weapon in the world at population centers and government targets.

The player character volunteers to rescue the kids as part of UN coalition, and he/she is assisted by Gnorris, who is a government contact.

After the events of Chill Manor, both Meen and Chill teleport into the middle of the UN Security Council, either by accident, in haste to escape "Agent Egghead" (another UN volunteer who sought to stop Chill from creating a world where the Axis won World War II), or incompetence, and they find themselves surrounded by armed soldiers and shot to death.

So, really, this isn't an educational adventure. It's a simulation of a daring UN operation to bring a pair of terrorists to justice.

Oh, and the player doesn't absolutely have to fix the grammar erros to free the kids. This whole time, all they had to do was kick in the door, which, due to the incompetence of the gnomes, were poorly engineered. He/she is just a huge Grammar Nazi with OCD.

Meen is a member of the Seers Of The Throne
His job is to stop children(especially young bookworms) from awakening, as awakened children are very hard to control. Needless to say that the Seers do not have very much respect for him, probably only having him around until he stops amusing them. Once that day arrives, they'll give him a one-way ticket and a new summer home... in the Shadow World.

I.M. Meen is a Phantom
And all the children he's captured are Gates whom he's trying to drive to despair. He doesn't want them to learn because that would meen the children could hold on to hope, become mages, and foil his plans.

I.M. Meen is related to, or at least in cahoots with Ms. Grunkle.
Both of them are magic-weilders, and will go to disturbing lengths to mess with children and make them their prisoners. Only real difference is that Ms. Grunkle actually wants her "classmates" to learn...though not in an entirely child-friendly way.

Gnorris is part warthog.
When he said that I.M. Meen would turn him into a warthog, he wasn't joking. I.M. Meen tried to do this to him before, but something stopped him mid-transformation. Gnorris is afraid that Meen will complete the transformation.