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Once there was this game developing company called Riverhillsoft, who began with the Adventure Game J.B. Harold Murder Club and went on to produce such timeless classics like... uh... Over Blood...? Anyway, in 1998, two years before Riverhillsoft disbanded, one of its members, Akihiro Hino, left to produce his own game developing company, being particularly supported by Sony Computer Entertainment, and went to produce some respectably good sellers for the then-newborn PlayStation 2, especially the Dark Cloud series. That company's name is Level-5 Inc. 『株式会社レベルファイブ』 , and they only got bigger.

A few years later the company would get its two next big-titles, the first being unexpectedly ordered by Square Enix: Dragon Quest VIII, which also sold like crazy, and solidified their relationship (Level 5 would be later hired to produce Dragon Quest IX). The other title was an action-RPG ordered by Sony again, Rogue Galaxy. In just four short years, Level-5 went from small startup studio to one of the premier RPG developers in Japan, and have enjoyed immense critical and commercial success. Soon it started publishing its own titles in Japan (like Inazuma Eleven series), while still being chums with Sony (Jeanne d'Arc, White Knight Chronicles), and working with Nintendo too (Professor Layton). In Mid-2017 Level-5 acquired Comcept, the developer formed by Keiji Inafune for the purpose of creating Mighty No. 9. Inafune had previously worked with Level-5 on the Guild 02 installment Bugs vs. Tanks.

The company seems to have a working relationship with OLM Incorporated, as they're responsible for the cutscenes and anime adaptations of their recent works (Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, Danball Senki, Yo-kai Watch).

Level-5: making something for everybody.

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