Creator / OLM Incorporated
Not to be confused with ILM.

OLM Incorporated (also known as Oriental Light & Magic, named after Industrial Light & Magic) is a Japanese studio established in 1995; they're mainly known for the Anime Adaptation of Pokémon.

They seem to have a working relationship with the game company Level-5, as they've worked on many of the anime adaptations and cutscenes for their games (Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven, Danball Senki, Yo-Kai Watch).

See also GONZO, Rough Draft Studios, Satelight, DR Movie, Xebec, Toon City and Production I.G, other overseas animation studios that use CG constantly.

Anime done by OLM include:

Aditionally, OLM has been involved with:

Tropes associated with OLM: