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     Season 1 / Football Frontier arc 
  • The first episode has many funny moments, due to Endou's attempts at finding new memebers for the soccer club and most of the original memebers being either crazy or lazy.
  • When Kabeyama got stuck into a locker trying to hide from the first match against Teikoku,as well as Kurimatsu thinking there was a ghost inside the locker.
    • Also, when Endou was trying to find him at the bathroom, he accidentally peeked in where there was someone else, annoying that person.
  • Kazemaru describing the writing from the secret manual as "appallingly messy handwriting" as the atmosphere became dark.
    • Also, he asked Endou if his grandfather had good grades at language.
  • Everyone fainting after Endou read the secret behind the Inazuma Otoshi because it didn't make any sense. It surely screwed their minds.
  • Kabeyama's fear of heights in episode 6. He's scared even of a kids slide!
  • The entire match against Nose Junior High. A team of kids who believe they're wild animals is one of the most ridiculous teams ever.
  • 5:56 Their faces. Enough said.
  • When Megane told a scary story about "The Unopened door", as well as his and Kabeyama's screams after the door opened, even though it was just Natsumi. There's also Domon's Psychotic Smirk.
  • Natsumi's reaction when the managers had to dress up as maid cafes. She surely didn't like dressing up as one and it gets funnier when some FanBoys start to take pictures of them.
  • When Hibiki threw off everyone from his restaurantnote  because Endou forgot his wallet.
  • When Kabeyama felt nervous before the match against Teikoku Academy, Shishido tried to "help" him by tickling him really hard. And then he almost gets hit by screws that fell from the ceiling, and although it's supposed to be a dramatic moment, it ends up being funny.
    • In the same episode, Kageyama plotting to crush the opposing team to death with iron bars sounds serious, right? Except it ends up being a really ridiculous scene that they soon forget about and move on.
  • Endou and Natsumi's quarrel at the end of episode 16:
    Natsumi: "It is a noteworthy horse that can return its rider to safety."
    Endou: Noteworthy horse? Are you calling me a horse?!
    Natsumi: That's not what I meant.
    Endou: But you said horse! You said it!
    Natsumi: I was just using horses as an example!
    Endou: You do think I'm a horse!
    Natsumi: You don't get it, do you?
    Endou: I do! Horses are those animals that run and stuff, right?
    Natsumi: Well, you must be a horse with the word for deer after it. note 
    Endou: Huh? Word for deer after it... Deer... What's that supposed to mean?!
    Natsumi :If you don't get it, then fine! Idiot.
  • When Shishido thought Endou and the Mukata triplets were going to have a brawl and made the others panick for nothing.
  • Handa's scream when he got repeatedly hit by soccer balls due to Endou forgeting to shutdown the ball machine.
  • Natsumi's attempt at making onigiri, which turned out too salty and made Endou's face turn blue.
  • Before going to the training camp, Endou's mom wrote his name on his underpants with really big kajis in order to not mix them up with someone else's and she gives Kabeyama as an example. Cue to Endou having an Imagine Spot about him and Kabeyama in their underwear.
  • When Kabeyama, Kurimatsu, Shourin and Haruna had a pillow fight, one of them accidentally hit Someoka with a pillow, annoying him.
  • When Kabeyama didn't want to go to the bathroom on his own at night because he thought there might be ghosts, (something Handa mocks him for) as well as him jumping in Handa's arms when Kageno scared them. (Because he looks like a ghost.)
    • Actually, everytime Kageno scares somebody. This scene sums it up.
    Kageno: How eerie... note 
    Handa: You're one to talk.

     Season 2 / Aliea Academy arc 
  • While Raimon were celebrating their victory, Kageno stole the trophy without being noticed and looked rather adorable with it. The others weren't happy and started to fight over it.
  • Megane trying to get credit for being the very first person who helped them win the Football Frontier Tournament all because of his "strategic retreat" during the practice match with Teikoku (which was anything but heroic) that brought Gouenji back into soccer, but instead is insulted for being a deserter, which makes him feel stung by arrows. Too bad the arrows couldn't be real.
  • While Kabeyama and Megane were walking through a forest and as the former was giving the latter a cracker, someone (or something) swipes it away from his hand. They look through the bush to find — the rear end of a deer, which they presume to be an alien and while they were dashing out of the forest out of extreme fear, they accidentally fall into the river, as a deer begins to eat one of the cookies.
  • When Touko entered into the boys' locker room while they were changing. And Endou still has his name written on his underpants...
    • Later, when Touko wanted to sleep in the caravan with the boys, Natsumi immediately pulls her to sleep in the tent with the girls instead, out of fear that she might like Endou.
  • Fubuki attempting to say "thanks" while he's shivering.
  • While Endou visiting the injured Raimon players in the hospital is mostly an emotional moment, there's also a scene where he gets scared at Shourin exercising his kicks on him and looking freakin' adorable while doing it. Even Shishido and Handa were laughing at that.
  • The match against CCC Osaka Gals, with Reika using Primadona on Kazemaru and the team's silly techniques in general.
  • Megane, of all people, being the first to try CCC's training center, which he finds difficult even at the first level. Once again, he claims to be an expert but doesn't have the talent to make up for it.
  • The boys fighting over the food that the Osaka Gals prepared and most of them having a hard time getting it.
  • Tachimukai being shy around Endou the first time he met him in person and walking like a robot towards him.
    • Also, after shaking hands with him, he tells for himself that he'll never wash his hands again, to which Endou replies that he'll have to wash them before he eats.
  • Kabeyama and Megane pretending to be detectives.
  • While searching for the Flame Striker on the beach, Rika was just goofing off with poor Ichinose being dragged like a doll, Kabeyama and Megane were flirting with some girls and Touko used "The Tower" at some boys who instead of giving information about him, were laughing at her and Aki (who tried to stop her from using her hissatsu on them).
  • When Tsunami had no idea what soccer is. And a few days later, he becomes Oumihara's captain. Go figure.
    • And how did he make his entrance when he wanted to challenge Raimon to a match? He came flying on a wave and when he landed on the ground, his surfboard almost hit Megane, who calls him out for doing something dangerous.
    • Also when playing with Raimon the first time they met. Blocking a shoot in Slow Motion... with his face.
    • This only happens in the show, yet it oddly makes sense considering how silly Oumihara's team is half of the time. note  Maybe they decided the new guy would like to try being captain in his first match?
    • While on the page of Oumihara nonsense—their coach's flirting with Hitomiko.
    • When normally cheerful and laid-back Tsunami was serious, his teammates got scared and actually thought he was sick.
    • There's also a Running Gag throughout the episode with Natsumi trying to disappear from the match and get away from their craziness, only for Aki and Haruna to always catch her and force her to stay.
  • Touko gives us a few good laughs during the second season, thanks to her tomboyishness.
    • There's also a Running Gag throughout the season in which Aki and Natsumi always feel awkward and worried when she becomes too close with Endou. Special mention for that moment when she kissed him on the cheek in the season finale, which made them both jealous.
  • A lot of Kogure's pranks are kinda funny, as well as his signature laugh, but special mention goes for these moments:
    • The dinner they had after Gouenji returns to the team after his training in Okinawa. Megane switched his plate with Kabeyama's in order to avoid being pranked, but Kogure put chilli sauce in both plates, so he still ends up eating spicy food. He also tried to put chilli sauce in Gouenji's food, but he switched his plate with Kogure's before he could eat, so Kogure eats the spicy food instead.
    • After an emotional moment where he confesses how he learnt to trust people and how much he loves the team now, Haruna shakes hands with him...only for her to pull the same prank on him he pulled on her earlier and gives a big grin.

     Season 3 / Football Frontier International arc 
  • In episode 71, Coach Kudou not letting Inazuma Japan practise outside leads to some funny moments. Endou is not happy about this and starts jumping on the bed while screaming "I want to practise!" several times in the episode. In the end, they start practising inside (which is what the coach actually wanted them to do), which also leads to some funny moments, like Kabeyama breaking the wall and Endou getting hit by the ball while being blindhold.
  • When Megane says that he has top secret information about Big Waves on a tape, everybody watches it... but it gets cut off by videos of Big Waves playing at the beach, which makes everybody faint. When Fuyuka calls him useless, he doesn't react well.
  • In order to investigate where Toramaru always goes, Megane dresses up as a detective, only for him to be pushed aside by Haruna, who also wears a detective costume, complete with a fake mustache.
  • Everybody's shocked faces when they discover that the reason why somebody as good as Toramaru didn't play in the Football Frontier was because he's still in elementary school. Then, Megane starts to explain that only junior-high students are allowed to play in the Football Frontier and when he wants to finish his explanation, Fuyuka steals his line, which makes him upset. It's not the only time something like this happens.
  • Rika's reason to stay at Touko instead of going home, which is because Inazuma Town is far away from her home and it's troublesome for her to go back and forth between matches. This isn't convinient for Touko, who mentions that she couldn't sleep last night because Rika kept throwing jokes at her and wouldn't let her alone until she laughed at them.
  • Kabeyama running away from Tsunami because he was too nervous to create a hissatsu with him. Earlier in the same episode, after eating ten plates of noodles and before he was going to order yet another, he loses his appetite when Tsunami encourages him eat to have energy for the hissatsu.
  • The first half of episode 78. After witnessing Fuyuka's concern for Endou thinking about a new hissatsu technique, Rika enthusiastically comes to the conclusion that she likes him and plans a date for them. She told Fuyuka how to "help" him, telling her to go on a thrilling roller coaster with him, take him to the shopping district and eat ice cream with him, all under the pretense of helping Enodu. Meanwhile, their date was closely watched by several boys, who wanted to see the romance between them just as much as Rika wanted, but in the end the date failed due to Endou being Endou.
  • During episode 81 of the four-part match between Inazuma Japan and Fire Dragon,Hijikata and Kim attempt to head the ball but accidentally smash their heads as the ball passes right through their heads.
  • Tsunami's fear of planes in episode 84: He trembles, sweats and screams "Send me back to the ocean!", which makes the people around him laugh.
  • Tsunami imagining himself formally dressed with a big, red, dotted bowtie.
  • When Tsunami sees the girls formally dressed, he comments that they look better than he thought, which makes them glare at him.
  • When Endou and the team read Osamu or Desarm's long ass formal letter during season three. After some voice overhear, the rest of the dialogue is fast-forwarded (complete with Chimpmunky voice) to the end.
  • The entire episode 100. Key word: Kappas and exploding bombs.
  • When Fuyuka gives everybody a special bottle of water after one of their usual trainings, she chooses for Kogure one... with a plastic frog on it, believing he might like frogs due to liking to make pranks with them. His first reaction of course, is to scream.
    • Speaking of Kogure, in addition to his usual pranks, this season he also has many Hypocritical Humour moments, mostly due to getting upset everytime somebody looks down on him (at least he thinks so), despite doing that all the time.
      • When he and Toramaru were excited by the plane flight, he makes fun of Toramaru for being so excited, to which the latter points out that he's just as excited as him. And then they continue to be excited.
      • When he takes offense at Hijikata treating him like a kid, he plans to prank him with a marker. Thankfully for Hijikata, he forgets about it when he sees the managers in their dresses.
      • When Someoka snarks at his dismotivation during one of their trainings, pointing out that he should have more will-power, he takes revenge by tricking him to train with him, only for Someoka to fall into a hole, which makes him chase him. Thankfully for him, Kogure manages to escape due to Someoka not being particularly fast, but when he returns with Hiroto after spending some time in the forest, he isn't so lucky anymore.
  • This gem during the match against Dark Angel:
    Rika: Shut up already about souls! You want okonomiyaki sauce with it then, huh?!
    Desuta: After we're done with these guys, we'll come after you!
    Rika: My whole self is rotten to the core, so I bet my soul tastes really nasty. How about these two instead? (points at Touko and Haruna, who glare at her) I'm just kidding! Come on, let's cheer them on!
    Touko: If it comes down to it, I hope she goes first.
    Haruna: Yes.
  • When Kurimatsu becomes Raimon's new captain after Endou and the other third-years graduate, his seniors try to encourage him to lead his team to victory, but they just put weighs on him instead (demonstrated through a Visual Pun).
  • This Hypocritical Humour moment from the second to last episode:
    Handa: You can tell we've all grown out of the days we were do unmotivated.
    Shourin: You make it sound like a happy ending, but you were the least motivated back then.
    Handa: Don't mention that!
  • If Megane wasn't a Butt-Monkey enough, this season he often has his Combat Commentator job stolen and always makes a big deal out of it.

Inazuma Eleven GO

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     Season 1 / Holy Road arc 
  • Tenma is completely shocked upon finding out that Aki and Endou were classmates.
  • Episode 24: Kariya’s name for Tenma and Shinsuke’s new hissatsu: Kaboom Jump!
    • Natsumi cooks for Endou after The Reveal. While her speech cheers him up, the food she cooks for him is….less than appetizing despite her efforts.
    Endou: As long as I think it tastes good, it’ll work out somehow.
  • Go Episode 25: Kariya advises Hikaru to focus on the ball instead of looking ahead. Hikaru ends up smack straight into the goal post.
    • Tenma, Hamano, and Shinsuke all end up out of bounds during training despite being on different teams.
    • Kairya comes up with a name Hissatsu Tactics after being pressed by Tenma and Hikaru and calls it….Run-run-runn-Running! The whole bus took a Beat before laughing at his expense before Hikaru comes up with a better name.
    • Midori nearly beating up Hamano after it’s implied that she has a crush on him.
  • When Raimon wins the Holy Road tournament in GO
    Tenma (to Kurama who is making fun of his Companion Cube tendency): Soccer will definitely be happy. *turns to Tsurugi* Isn't it right, Tsurugi?
    Tsurugi: D-don't ask me!

     Season 2 / Chrono Stone arc 
  • After Protocol Omega 2.0 wrecked Raimon, soccer was banned because of how brutal Beta made it seemed during the match. It tries so hard to seem dark that it just comes across as funny. Try not to laugh.
  • Episode 14 of Chrono Stone bring plenty with the team trying to learn how to dance. The episode is even called Infiltration! The Great Dancer Mission!!
  • Recruiting Fubuki in the Chrono Stone game is easily one of the most silliest parts of the game, first you find Fubuki in medieval France, then you find him in ancient China, then you find him in King Arthur's castle (which isn't even an alternate timeline, as it is a parallel world created by Raimon), then finally you find him in the prehistoric eras which after that you can finally recruit him. Why does he join your team? Because he doesn't know how to go back to his own timeline.

     Season 3 / Galaxy 
  • The first episode of GO Galaxy has many, mostly because aside from Shindou, Tsurugi and Tenma no one in Shinsei Inazuma Japan has ever played soccer before.
  • Morimura Konoha's shoot in episode 5 of Galaxy. She tries to miss the goal, but kicks the ball in such a way that it goes in anyway. It needs to be seen to be believed.
    • On the subject of GO Galaxy, Minaho's new hissatsu.
      • What makes it even funnier in the game is that it's actually pretty goodnote , and it just makes the user look like a massive troll.

Inazuma Eleven Ares

     Outer Code 
  • This golden moment from the second episode.
    Saginuma: I don't know how many times we'd pretended we were playing in the Football Frontier finals!
    Reina: You mean you!
    Saginuma: Um... well...

    Ares no Tenbin 
  • Episode 1: Goujin misnaming Fire Tornado as "Fire Lemonade". Twice.
  • Episode 2: Iwato describes Chou Kinun as a big guy as his teammates point out the same thing about him!
    • Everyone's getting mad at Goujin for not even knowing who the Raimon Eleven are!
    • Chou Kinun's training schedule in a nutshell is downright crazy and the team knows it.
  • Episode 3: Hiura shows his teammates his method of watering the school and ground faster, but accidentally splashes them with the hosewater when he's not careful.
    • Hattori's reaction when he sees the bald kid who's working for the coach drawing graffiti on the wall that Iwato is trying to clean. Iwato himself reaches enlightenment after spending hours cleaning up the grafiti!
    • Goujin gets so fired up over the fact that he thinks his license picture doesn't look good and wants Anna to take another picture of him, but she doesn't, saying that it matches his personality perfectly Later, Ootani takes a picture of Anna, who also doesn't like it and wants it to be taken again.
  • Episode 8: Goujin getting upset that his best friend developed a hissatsu when he still hasn't is almost as funny as Kozoumaru giving giving him the stink eye because of it.
  • Episode 10: Chou Kinun drawing facial markings on everybody who crosses the line during one of his trainings.
  • Episode 11: Chou Kinun's face when Tsukushi tells him that he didn't have any strategies is priceless. He also claims that he has a notebook full of strategies, but the pages fall of and they're all empty.
    • Norika expecting Yona to confess to Asuto and give him a love letter, despite her being an old woman!


  • Everytime penguins are introduced as hissatsu. And everyone keeps it so seriously. And this applies to the later seasons, too.
  • Many of the goalkeeper Hissatsu look hilarious if they fail. Bat Attack in particular: the goalkeeper going into Bullet Time and jumps for the ball... only to miss and fall flat on their face.
  • In the GO games there's an in-universe version of Twitter, and some messages can be pretty funny. One in particular is Shinsuke commenting on their new coach, Kidou:
    Coach Kidou's glasses look like watermelons.
    • Someone's message gets messed up by Autocorrect at one point. Someone else responds with "It's things like this that make me want to leave the internet."
  • One of the postgame recruitable characters in GO is... Tenma's dog. Or rather, the dog's head model-swapped onto a normal player. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.