Funny: Inazuma Eleven

  • When Tsunami had no idea what soccer is. And a few days later, he becomes Oumihara's captain. Go figure.
    • Also when playing with Raimon the first time they met. Blocking a shoot in Slow Motion... with his face.
    • This only happens in the show, yet it oddly makes sense considering how silly Oumihara's team is half of the time. note  Maybe they decided the new guy would like to try being captain in his first match?
    • While on the page of Oumihara nonsense—their coach's flirting with Hitomiko.
  • When Endou and the team read Osamu or Desarm's long ass formal letter during season three. After some voice overhear, the rest of the dialogue is fast-forwarded (complete with Chimpmunky voice) to the end.
  • Everytime penguins are introduced as hissatsu. And everyone keeps it so seriously.
    Demonio: I lost... to evolved penguins...
  • The entire episode 100. Key word: Kappas and exploding bombs.
  • When Raimon wins the Holy Road tournament in GO
    Tenma (to Kurama who is making fun of his Companion Cube tendency): Soccer will definitely be happy. *turns to Tsurugi* Isn't it right, Tsurugi?
    Tsurugi: D-don't ask me!
  • In the Go games there's an in-universe version of Twitter, and some messages can be pretty funny. One in particular is Shinsuke commenting on their new coach, Kidou:
    Coach Kidou's glasses look like watermelons.
  • The match against CCC Osaka Gals, with Reika using Primadona on Kazemaru and the team's silly techniques in general.
  • Episode 14 of Chrono Stone bring plenty with the team trying to learn how to dance. The episode is even called Infiltration! The Great Dancer Mission!!
  • The first episode of GO Galaxy has many, mostly because aside from Shindou, Tsurugi and Tenma no one in Shinsei Inazuma Japan has ever played soccer before.
  • Morimura Konoha's shoot in episode 5 of Galaxy. She tries to miss the goal, but kicks the ball in such a way that it goes in anyway. It needs to be seen to be believed.