Heartwarming / Inazuma Eleven

An anime starring a Hot-Blooded protagonist playing soccer with The Power of Friendship is bound to have a few moments that fills you with hope.

  • This anime uses this a lot, switching off from "We have to keep on fighting!" to moments that involve a character needing some moral support due to some issues... Many of these scenes tend to provoke some Ho Yay though.
  • One memorable scene that's of this nature was when Fubuki and Someoka were talking at a rooftop. It doesn't help that Someoka says the words "Let's be like the wind together someday." while a breeze was blowing and it was sunset. SUNSEEETTT.
  • In the games, Team Hissatsu are always hearwarming, especially if one of the members involved used to be part of an opposing team. You can engage in some Video Game Caring Potential by recruiting Mahoro and having him play on the same team as Amagi, or recruiting Atsushi back to Raimon.
    • Fire Tornado Double Drive in particular stands out, as it really sums up how far Tenma and Tsurugi have come over the course of the game. They started out as mortal enemies, now they're Bash Brothers.
  • Some of the character songs can easily fall under this, to name a few:
    • Tenma's character song, Soyokaze Dream is about Tenma's perseverance and his efforts to improve himself. If that doesn't get you, the extremely upbeat tone is bound to make you feel tingly.
    • Fubuki's song, Ice Road follows Shirou's thoughts after merging with Atsuya and learning to accept Raimon's support.
    • Hikaru and Kariya's duet, Houkago Chemistry takes the determination from Soyokaze Dream and takes it Up to Eleven with the song going on about pushing your limits.