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I'm not the only one who thinks Koshinae has as big a crush on Seto as Seto does for Iori, am I? There were at least three conversations between Koshinae and either Seto or Teratini where he made a comment to the effect that he should be lucky enough to have someone like Seto, leading to "huh?" responses from the other two. Considering the wonderful art I don't think it's my imagination that Koshinae often seems to be looking at Seto with a bashful or wistful look either. And with the amount of characterization effort the author put into everyone I wouldn't find it strange at all to see this aspect in play. It would add even more depth to him as well as special poingancy to how Koshinae tries to get Seto and Iori together... He just wants his beloved to be happy.

Video Girl Ai is a dream that Ichitaka has sometime after Izumi's appearance.
The characters' personalities and situations in I"s are quite similar to their counterparts in Video Girl Ai:

  • Ichitaka = Yota
  • Iori = Moemi
  • Itsuki = Ai
  • Izumi = Nobuko