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Mari has been turned into a cyborg by King Torture, but she is not aware of this yet
On episode 16 Mari visits King Torture's former hideout, and pukes out of shock. However, her puke is blue and shines on the darkness of the place when it hits the ground. Another possibility is that the artists decided not to draw real puke on the show, though.
  • Jossed.

There will be a huge plot twist at some point.
This being fall noitaminA, a time where more serious shows usually air, it's bound to happen. Plus, this one giant homage to sentai shows, which are not shy with pulling whammies.
  • Confirmed. More than one happen.

Goto's girlfriend.
I know this is two cour and we still haven't seen Goto's long distance girlfriend and yet, a lot of people speculate if she really exist or alive. The OP sort of hints something sad in Goto's life and yet, all we still in Goto and his girlfriend's dynamics are through text messages. Does he even bother to call or use Skype so he can see her face and hear her voice?

The twist in episode 7 isn't that there's actual evil monsters in the world...
...it's that the universe accommodated Hazama, for whatever reason, by creating monsters in his average world, as well as changing the rules of the world to allow this kind of situation to happen.
  • Confirmed: Masayoshi wished for monsters to be real for him to fight, and that wish was granted by the power of Flamwenco.

Goto will have a forced Face–Heel Turn.
The Big Bad King Torture will infect the poor guy with The Corruption and slowly drive him insane. It could force Hazama to either fight or even Mercy Kill him. This show being as mundane as it is, though, He will probably just see a doctor/psychologist about it and take steps to keep it from going critical.
  • Well, a psychiatrist might be more helpful if The Corruption is involved.
  • Jossed.

Goto's girlfriend is terminally ill.
Their relationship is long-distance because she's normally hospitalized in another city, and doesn't have many opportunities to visit. With medication and proper treatment, she's mostly functional, but restricted in what she's allowed to do. Puts a much darker spin on all the times Goto's had to cancel on her.
  • Jossed. She went missing years ago.

Everything after the drug dealer takes the pill is in Samumenco’s head.
Right before everything went crazy, we see the drug dealer open a drawer with a pill and a gun. In the show, he takes the pill and becomes a monster. In reality, he took out the gun and shot Samumenco, who is now in a coma. The following episodes are actually his dreams, spurred on by Goto and Mari speaking to him by his bedside.
  • Jossed.

Joji is King Torture.
[Isn't it suspicious as to how he always seems to have to go to all these different events and not be around to help Masayoshi?
  • Jossed.

Goto's girlfriend is King Torture.
She's sick of Hazama taking up all of her boyfriend's time.
  • Jossed.

Masayoshi's grandpa's friend is King Torture.
Grandpa's last will to his friend was that he presents a real challenge to Masayoshi, once he had embraced the Flamenco's mantle. This sort of test-of-character comes in the form of King Torture.
  • Jossed.

Following episode 10, Goto will be propelled into the spotlight.
Eventually, people will start cottoning on to his presence whenever Samurai Flamenco appears, and now that Masayoshi's Secret Identity is blown, with Goto standing right next to him, privacy is going to become much harder to obtain. Sooner or later, Goto's going to get noticed. Bonus points if, like Mari, people assume that Samurai Flamenco's attractive, dedicated police friend is more than just a friend.
  • Bonus bonus points if there ends up being an in-universe Ho Yay fandom. There's already a budding Samurai Flamenco fandom, after all...

Moe's crush on Mari will eventually turn into a crush on Mizuki.
Episode 10 heartbreakingly showed that, while Moe genuinely loves Mari, Mari simply doesn't feel the same, and actually wanted Moe to take the metaphorical bullet for her from King Torture. While the aftermath of that showed Moe still felt the same, her expressions later on show her to be rather heartbroken. Enter Mizuki, coming up and comforting her as she cried at Mari's performance, and Moe genuinely smiling again for the first time since the reveal. Moe, realizing Mari to be a lost cause, will eventually turn her affections towards Mizuki, after realizing she's the one who cared for her the most.
  • Jossed.

Joji (Red Axe) is working with From Beyond.
Because really, this whole thing with the Flamengers is way too suspicious. And Joji is very, very dedicated to the sentai schtick. It wouldn't be a shocker for him to end up being a deluded, washed up actor whose love of sentai inspired him to work with aliens to make it a reality. How else would he get all this equipment?
  • Jossed.

One of the kids from the first episode will become important.
At the end of the first episode, one of the kids, Sawada, seemed to be affected by Masayoshi's speech to them. Not to mention that he's the only one who got to be named, despite not talking at all in the episode itself. At one point in the show he'll reappear and prove to be an important player in the story.
  • Confirmed - Sawada becomes the Big Bad.

There are four Executive Meddling we can find in show until Episode 11: The show starts with a Toku fanboy dressing up as hero and fighting puny crimes. Then a bunch of gangsters show up, and Hazama is given a new set of weapons... made out of stationary appliances. (Sponser #1) Episode 7 have some backstory reveal, heroic angst, and overall, the street is peaceful and all is well... then a frickin' gorrila shows up, forcing the show to go on some more. (Broadcasting #1) Now that a brand new bunch of (literally, in-universe) Monster of the Week shows up, Hazama is given some more weapons and a new suit. (Sponsor #2) And now that the Big Bad King Torture is defeated, we are introduced with Bigger Bad From Beyond and an entire stock of Super Sentai, complete with Humongous Mecha and all. (Sponsor #3 + Broadcasting #2) All of this is done in over-the-top, Camp Showa-era Toku style. This might imply a big Take That! to Merchandise-Driven Executive Meddling business in anime and tokusatsu.

Everything past Episode 7 on is a Show Within a Show
Specifically, everything past Guillotine Gorilla's appearance. In reality, the man grabbed the gun and shot those officers, something that shakes up Masayoshi's worldview quite a bit. He doesn't stop wanting to be a hero, but instead of trying to fight crime himself he uses his grandpa's notes and the fame behind Samurai Flamenco's name to spearhead the creation of a Samurai Flamenco show, one that could inspire others towards minor acts of heroism.
  • Jossed.

Goto's girlfriend is involved with From Beyond.
All of From Beyond's members have an octopus tentacle for a tail, and their collar resembles an octopus. Now, what was the charm on Goto's girlfriend's umbrella again? 
  • Jossed.

Goto's girlfriend is an expy of Black Widow.
We have Mr. Justice (Captain America expy), the Prime Minister (Iron Man expy), and now we're dealing with alien invasion headed(?) by a shapeshifter (Loki expy?).
  • Jossed.

Goto had a girlfriend, but she's dead already.
He's seriously messed up in the head, so he keeps texting her to keep himself from going insane. Or to remind himself to avenge her or something.
  • Confirmed. She went missing years ago and was never found. Goto has been texting himself for nearly 10 years.

Goto's girlfriend...
She's normal. Surprise!
  • Jossed.

Goto's girlfriend isn't actually dead, and she'll show up in the next couple of episodes.
Both her and the bus driver went missing, and the bodies were never found. Seems a mite suspicious...
  • Jossed.

Sawada is not a figment of Hazama's imagination.
Keep in mind the fact that Flamenco is a magic word in this universe, and that Sawada kept repeating it over and over...
  • Confirmed.

The universe will reset to before episode 1 even started.
At the end, Masayoshi will realise that having evil in this world is necessary to maintain balance. So after defeating Haiji, or whoever he is, he'll go back to that place in episode 18, his "goal", and meet God. Then, again as in episode 18, God will ask him what he wants to do next. But this time instead of saying he wants to continue fighting evil, he'll opt for the ending where Samumenco becomes a hit series in-unverse, hence coming back to the start of the anime where Masayoshi's just a regular model.
  • Jossed.

Everything in the series is the result of Masayoshi's grandfather wishing for his grandson to be a hero, not Masayoshi's own wishes.
This will be revealed in the inevitable Gainax Ending.
  • Jossed.