Heartwarming / Samurai Flamenco

  • The letter from Masayoshi's grandfather.
  • In episode 10, Moe adamantly refuses to abandon Mari even after King Torture mercilessly clamps her finger, and further cements her love for her.
    • Another episode 10 one involving Moe. While watching Mari sing, after being completely broken by King Torture, she starts to break down crying. Mizuki comes up from behind, and gently starts to hug her and stroke her hair.
  • From episode 14, all superheroes are real, always fighting to defend the weak and teach everyone of courage and justice.
  • From Episode 16:
    • The homeless man from Episode 7 making a comeback and saving Masayoshi. What really pulls the strings is him admitting that Samurai Flamenco saved him from hopelessness, and was inspired to start helping people too. After going through a lot of crap, Masayoshi's good deeds finally paid off.
    • "Took you long enough, stupid."
  • Episode 18 - Masayoshi righting back the flag on the Moon after Alien Flamenco stepped on it.
    • Also, Masayoshi asking the alien God to help Alien Flamenco go back to his planet, instead of travelling through space forever.
    • Goto waiting anxiously for Masayoshi to come back from space, and the moment he finally does. The looks on their faces speak volumes.
      Masayoshi (pointing at the moon): "Goto... I went all the way up there."
      Goto: "Don't lie, idiot."
  • Episode 20 has Ishihara cheering Masayoshi up after his apartment gets blown up.
  • Episode 22: Masayoshi realizing that Goto feels utterly alone after Haiji deletes the last real text from his girlfriend, and asking Goto to marry him so that he would never have to be alone again.
    • "Oh, I get it, this is love."