Awesome / Samurai Flamenco

  • Kaname Joji is an aging tokusatsu actor who is still in great shape and does his own stunts. You know he's still got it because he manages to jump off of a moving motorcycle and land safely on his feet.
  • Many of Masayoshi's early encounters feel like Moments of Awesome. Not because he's actually successful, mind you, but because he tries to help in spite of his own weakness.
    • In episode 4, he successfully foils a purse snatching and subdues the would-be thief.
  • The introduction of Flamenco Girl. That is all.
  • The entirety of episode 6. As in, Samurai Flamenco spends the whole episode being physically attacked and harassed by the very civilians he's trying to defend (that is to say, the entire town) for reward money. Not only does he maintain his cool, not only does he easily stop all their attempts to hurt him, but he does it without laying a single bruise on any of those people.
  • The last five minutes of episode 7 where Masayoshi and Goto team up to push Guillotine Gorilla out of the building. It's still a shocker but having Samurai Flamenco and the police working together makes it awesome.
  • In episode 10, where Mari sings at her concert, despite being horribly injured and psychologically broken from her time in King Torture's clutches. Hell, she's still wearing her Flamenco Diamond costume!
  • Episode 14 has two major ones
    • The first one is Masayoshi managing to single-handedly calm the panicing masses and assure their safety from the oncoming disasters, effectively get them to safely evacuate.
    • The second comes when just when Flamengers seem to be on the verge of defeat, Joji comes back as Red Axe... along with every superhero of Japan.
"Children of Japan, and those were once children
In reality, your superheroes were always fighting
To teach viewers of courage
and the meaning of justice!
No matter how many enemies there are…
No matter how strong evil is…
Just remember…
Does any other country have so many heroes?
Has any other country been protected by multiple superheroes?

  • From Episode 17: DOUBLE SAMURAI KICK!
  • In episode 22 Mari punches Haiji so hard that he stumbles backwards several feet and into the balcony wall. She then proceeds to administer her signature Flamenco Girl crotch-murder.