Trivia: Samurai Flamenco

  • Actor Allusion: Goto is a walking bag of VA references:
    • He's the Only Sane Man, the Reality Warper's first friend, and he's very Tsundere about it. Hello, Kyon.
      • Even better, his girlfriend turns out to have disappeared. Sounds familiar?
    • In Episode 17, the password he uses when he calls Harazuka is Elbow Rocket. Sugita is part of the Japanese dub cast of Pacific Rim where his character called one of his attacks, "Elbow Rocket".
    • An ordinary yet nice guy, who moved to Tokyo from the countryside and has a habit of talking to himself, has his life turned upside down when he finds his future Love Interest naked among trash on his way back from a convinience store. Are we describing Goto, or Hideki?
    • He shares his name with Hidenori from Daily Lives of High School Boys. Amusingly enough, both have issues with faceless girls and there's more to them than meets the eye.
    • In the Character Talk CD, he asks Masayoshi and the Flamenco Girls if they are S or M.
    • Speaking of the Character Talk CD, Mizuki says that lately Yellow Rangers in Sentai shows are played by cute girls, and adds "Haven't you watched the 35th series?". Said series is Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and Mao Ichimichi, Mizuki's VA, plays the Yellow Ranger in it.
    • Akira Ishida voices a nihilist all powerful being with a death wish and a strange connection to the main character. I wonder where they got the idea to cast him in that role?
    • It isn't the first time that Hiroki Yasumoto plays someone called Justice.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Goto and Keisuke are both voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. A terrifying idea if you know that both characters are designed by Kurahana Chinatsu (Under different pseudonyms).
  • Reality Subtext: When Ishihara tells Masayoshi he landed a role in the Ensemble Super Sentai show, she tells him that she initially thought of turning it down, but most male actors in that timeslot end up becoming extremely popular due to the female fanbase. note 
  • Relationship Voice Actor: A good number of the cast have previously worked on either Naruto, Bleach or both.
  • Schedule Slip: Though, there are bunch of magazine scans and news updates to promote the show after it was announced; the animated trailer only appeared in 3 days before it aired on October 10. A week before that, there was a pre-screening event of episode 1 except that it got incomplete parts which explains the lack of the animated trailer.
    • You could really tell that the production schedule is problematic particularly for the second OP where it's just a slideshow. The staff apologized for that on twitter and explains that there will be a new OP soon.
      • Which debuted in episode 16, and was still just a slideshow of sorts, in the style of the home release covers.