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Estaban's father was Chinese.
  • Well, it's never made *that* specific, but he's definitely supposed to have come from the Eastern end of the Asian continent. The Portuguese had made it as far East (in European terms) as Japan by the time the story is set. The design of the ship is definitely of Asian origin.
    • Unlikely as that would make him half-Chinese, half-Inca, yet he clearly looks European enough that he's treated as Spanish. Incidentally the gang are actually going to China in the new series and the Esteban's character design has absolutely nothing in common with the local characters we see there.
    • Jossed. His dad is Atlantean.
Zia taught Estaban Inca while they were crossing the Atlantic.
  • This disposes of a lot of translation issues in the early part of the series.
Esteban, Mendoza, and the others will eventually take part in the assassination of Pizarro.
  • They certainly have every reason to want Pizarro dead, so why not make an alliance with El Mozo to make it happen?
Season 3 will be Darker and Edgier than season 2
  • There was a lot of war and civil upheaval in South America during the 1530's, causing a lot of danger for the kids to run into, and a noticeable body count. By comparison, China was relatively peaceful during this time. But season 3 is set in Japan, which during the 16th Century was in the middle of the Sengoku Era, better known as the Warring States...
Tao will find something to put in a bindle in season 3.
  • What? It happened in the first two seasons, and the image of Tao carrying a bindle is iconic.
Tao has water powers
  • Since Esteban has sky-related powers with his ability to bring out the sun and Zia's ability to move rocks and sense earthquakes, it would only make sense for Tao to have powers as well. Especially since it's been revealed that Tao is supposed to have a medallion as well...