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Extra Lancer is simply Vlad from an Alternate Universe
You can summon Heroic Spirits from any point in time—why not from a different timeline? Besides, EMIYA probably won't exist in the main timeline given the events of stay night. The two Vlads are simply from different timelines.
  • This is canon. It's also been stated that the two Vlads are different.

Shirou Kotomine wants to capture Jeanne D´arc
Think about it. He´s a Kotomine and what kind of Christian wouldn´t want to meet a real saint, much less capture her? There´s no doubt he has some kind of Evil Plan involving Jeanne.
  • Meet a real saint? He IS a real saint.
    • By all technicality, Amakusa Shiro Tokisada is not recognized as a Saint by the Vatican. He is only known as such by Japanese Catholics.

Shirou Kotomine is a version of Shirou as raised by Kirei
The clue to this is in Shirou's last name. Which means that Shirou was raised by a complete sociopath, and was in turn given a skewed moral compass.
  • I´d say this is plausible, but it isn´t. The Grail got stolen after the 3rd War, So Shirou would still be a child at this point in time.
  • At any rate, this theory has been Jossed. He is actually Amakusa Shiro Tokisada, the Ruler of the Third Holy Grail War.
  • It is offhandedly mentioned that RISEI Kotomine took Shirou in, making Kirei his half-brother.
    • So that just means Risei can't win huh? Everyone he takes in/raises turns out to be an asshole.

Mordred is actually Mordred Alter
She's the clone of Saber. Saber has an ahoge, except when she's Saber Alter. What's to keep the same for being true of Mordred? The question now is what exactly she's like when she DOES have her ahoge.

The Homunculus will sacrifice himself to resummon Siegfried to be Fiore's servant when it looks like the Red Team is about to win.

Cause Dammit, Karna vs Siegfried round two must happen!
  • This needs to happen, and I'm all for it, but the Flash Forward makes it look like Mordred will be the one to defeat Siegfried or Homunculus for good.
    • Jossed. Sieg survives after Jeanne drives off Mordred, and he only lost because he was still not used to the Dead Count Shapeshifters (which makes sense because he got them like 2 minutes before he fought Mordred)

There are Ruler-class Servants also in the canonical Grail War, they just got dispatched before we met them
Tokisada's presence as the Ruler of the Third War means they were present even before the Grail got stolen, at least in the Third War, and that they were most probably Catholic Saints, even if not necessarily canonical, and that they were kept secret for security reasons. But why didn't we meet them in Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night? Because they pissed off Gilgamesh: the Fourth's Ruler declared that Gilgamesh, having ruled Earth right before The Great Flood, was evil, and pestered him until Gil had enough and killed him, while the Fifth's Ruler discovered what was under Fuyuki's Church and was killed by Gil when he confronted Kirei about it.
  • I was under the impression that a Ruler was summoned during the Third Holy Grail War because of Avenger. (Who messed up the entire system through both his Class and ambiguous alignment) The Greater Grail only summons a Ruler if things start becoming seriously messed up, I believe
    • Rulers are given a clear explanation of when they are summoned in Volume 2: Either the war must have an element that places uncertainty in the war (say, Avenger, the summoning of two different versions of the same Saber and the Nazis and Imperial Japanese Army fighting over the Grail) or that the Grail war will have a significant impact on the outside world. They most likely weren't summoned in the 4th and 5th because Angra Mainyu has influence on the rules and can scratch out unleashing a genocidal curse as "changing the world significantly" from the list.

The final antagonist in Fate/Apocrypha will not be Shirou
While Word of God states that Amakusa Shirou is the main antagonist of Fate/Apocrypha it seem a little too obvious. I think that a different character (possibly Shakespeare or Karna) will end up being the true villain who is trying to destroy the world, and Ruler, Red team, and Black Team will be forced to work together to defeat them.