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X-Y Saga

Serena will turn out to be related to Xerneas
As was noted in the Anime Forum a few weeks before XY's debut, "'Xerneas' is 'Serena + X', which DOES follow the Nobody naming convention of 'name anagram + X'". Coincidence? Perhaps. After all, you can't convert "Calem" into "Yveltal". But still, there is the plot twist of her having met Ash before. What if that's only true From a Certain Point of View. No, I'm not saying that she's Ash's real/second mother, rather, I'm saying that she's been observing him from afar and/or has implanted some memories in Ash (assuming he remembers her). The twist of her having previous met Ash defies show-convention; her being a hidden priestess/prophet of Xerneas, or perhaps even Xerneas herself, is actually more likely in this series than her actually being an old Childhood Friend of Ash's.
  • The "Xerneas herself" bit seems to be jossed with a Xerneas and her being onscreen in the same scene.

Serena will find a niche
Was on YMMV earlier and it seems so far that Serena is mostly a shipping character, but eventually I think she'll find some Niche in the Anime-Kalos region. I mean, May didn't even like Pokemon to start and found out about Contests later, and Iris didn't get fleshed out for a while, so she has hope.
  • Her "niche" to date (XY015) is that she's the companion who has no clue as to what Walking the Earth actually involves, though she is a fast learner in this regard.
  • As of about episode 50, she's now looking into Pokemon Performances. Only time will tell if it sticks.

Serena will become a Pokemon Coordinator.
In fact, that will happen around the time Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is release, way before halfway through this series.
  • She's going into Pokemon Performance which seems to be a Truer to the Text version of Contests.note  That being said, the actual Contests in Poke-Pan could make for an excellent coda to that if the series continues into Gen 7 and she's not with Ash.

The reason for Serena's Romance Arc
Serena's the most overt of any of Ash's companions to date. Plus she now has Romantic Rivals of the sort not seen since Misty's day. We've got the kiddie version of a Romance Arc in the works here and Serena seems destined to win...

But there are too many other crushes from the past to simply ignore. There is no way that they'll be reciprocated, and the idea that they'd be rejected by proxy would not sit well with the older fans.note 

Conversely, if Serena is Victorious but the series has to continue, it would be akward for Ash to go from Chaste Hero to Single-Target Sexuality, especially given the Relationship Ceiling of the Fleeting Demographic.note 

And the writers wouldn't go in without a backup plan, especially after their plans to end in Sinnoh were uprooted.note 

So what I'm thinking is that Serena's being built up so that she'll be rejected (on-camera). Likely in a way that'll make it clear that Ash is Married to the Quest, though Take Thats against her and the prior female companions are also possible.

Clemont will go into Papa Wolf mode when he senses danger or if any harm is being done to Bonnie
He already grabbed Bonnie in a scary situation. He might have times where he sees danger and grabs Bonnie and will hold her very close to his body or pick her up and carry her in his arms while he handles the situation. And becomes VERY protective of her knowing she will be hurt.

Somewhere down the line, Clemont will eventually snap at Bonnie for constantly trying to set him up with girls.
And when that happens, he'll get a What the Hell, Hero? from Ash and Serena, telling him that he was too harsh on Bonnie and that she was only trying to do something nice for him.

We only heard about his father, who is a biker and Blaziken Mask. But what about the mother? If they ever do, she would be only be mentioned, or in a flashback, or in a picture, or if they bother, they can give her a small appearance, where she only makes a cameo appearance, or on video call, or just on the phone. But anyway, we need to know if she is still alive or not? We don't want the chocolate baby purpose from Clemont and Bonnie.

Bonnie will go though a break the cutie phase as the anime progresses
As we know Clemont is literally spoiling Bonnie. So Bonnie might just get a little change of personality.

Bonnie will be nicknamed "Bon-Bon" some point in the anime
It's a clever nickname.

Running Gags that will appear in the X/Y Anime
  • Serena's Unlimited Wardrobe and forcing Ash into new clothes. It was mentioned she was going to be The Fashionista.
    • Unlike the two on the other page, this one is still up in the air. She's doing performances now, but that doesn't preclude dragging Ash into drag at some point.

There will be an episode focusing on Serena and Bonnie.
A lot of shows that feature a team with at least two female members in the group usually have at least one episode centering around the girls and seeing as how XY is the first Pokemon Series to have two female companions instead of one, it would seem inevitable that Serena and Bonnie will get A Day in the Limelight together.

Ash, Serena and Clemont/Bonnie will catch non Kalos Pokemon
With only 69 Pokemon to go around, it's not so far a stretch to see them catch older Pokemon.
  • Note that this guess has been corrected since its original posting.

Possible Rivals in the XY anime
They need rivals.
  • Clemont will have a female rival who is an inventor. Clemont brings his aipom arm to an invention contest and won first prize while she won third place for her invention.
  • Serena will have a rival who is another girl who won a beauty pageant and she lost it.
  • Shauna will be a rival to Ash but a friend to Clemont. And Clemont will try to stop their rivalry by saying that she is a "sweet girl".
    • This one's been jossed... but Shauna is shaping up to be one of Serena's rivals.
  • Ash will have a male rival who has Fennekin as his starter and likes to help Alexa with her journalism.
    Those will be wonderful rivals

Sanpei will be Ash's rival in Kalos, and the reason why Froakie won't evolve.
So far, Ash's hasn't had any rivals in this region (they're usually introduced in the first 3 episodes). And Ash's last main rival, Trip's starter Pokemon was one evolutionary stage over one of his starters.
  • Jossed with respect to Froakie, but the rivalry part is still in play as Sanpei was present at the evolution.

the season will invoke Hoenn by not having a rival
So far, no "Paul"s, "Gary"s or "Trip"s have made themselves known, suggesting a similar pattern

Meowth will fall in love with an Espurr/Meowstic
...just because it seems to happen with cat mons. There was Meowzy, then the Glameow in Sinnoh that evolved into Purugly and he thought she was ugly, and then the Purrloin in Unova that turned out to be male. Of course, he'll get rejected somehow.
  • He'll probably dump her after being nearly killed.
  • You skipped May's Skitty.

A new main protagonist will be introduced mid-way through Kalos
And so that Ash can leave with honor, he will show his successor the ropes becoming a Pokemon Master by being a Master in the Teacher sense. The new main protagonist will have Mareep as his/her starter pokemon, as Mareep is the regional electric pokemon of Johto just as Pikachu is to Kanto. Then again they could have the Electric Rodent of Gen 7.

Malamar will be a recurring antagonist throughout Kalos
All the signs are there. Dark/Psychic Cthulhu-esque mon, who can brainwash people and Pokémon alike, has a really creepy voice, got away at the end of its introductory episode, and said something about starting a new, evil world order? Malamar will continue attacking over the course of the XY series, until its goal is revealed in one final confrontation. Likely, James' Inkay will be involved in Malamar's eventual defeat.
  • There will be a Sequel Episode where a group of Malamar are trying to absorb life power for some reason. Also, James' Inkay ends up opposing this group, leading to that group's defeat in this battle.

Malamar doesn't work for Team Flare...
It's actually a member of a new evil group that will feature in XY's third version/sequel/whatever. That's why the writers used such an oblique method of introducing the group (one Pokemon, no humans)- they have to be shrouded in absolute secrecy until near the time when the next Kalos games come out. The anime will be largely evil-teamless (with perhaps a couple other episodes like the Malamar one) until those games, with the Mega Evolution specials taking care of showcasing Team Flare.
  • Team Flare's absence in the upcoming Sequel Episode supports this, but that does not preclude an Arc Weld.

The writers will finally decide to break the status quo, reveal that Ash is actually 16 now instead of 10, and he will get together with Serena.
It's about time they cut the crap.

    Future Captures 
Ash will instead get one of the Ghost-Grass Pokemon
No one would expect it.

Ash will catch a member of the Honedge line...
for several reasons:
  • Reason 1: He's never actually caught a Ghost or Steel type Pokemon.
  • Reason 2: Aegislash is kind of like Excalibur...and I think the kid who sees every last single Legendary Pokemon is worthy enough.
  • Reason 3: Because Aegislash is awesome.
  • Ash also hasn't caught a Psychic or Fairy type, so with Reason 1 he may end up getting a Ralts.
    • Or Sylveon. He hasn't caught an Eevee either (even though one of his companions has)
      • One of his companions, plus one of his rivals, plus one of his League buddies. (May, Gary, and Virgil. Did I miss anyone important?)

  • Let's not forget that Aegislash has an advantage against Fairy Pokemon, and currently Ash doesn't have one(asides of course from Pokemon on standby).

Serena will get a member of the Honedge Line instead of Ash
Imagine, if you will, a member of that line not wanting to battle for gain. Not wanting to "faint" or injure other Pokemon. A Martial Pacifist, if you will. As such, it'd refuse all potential trainers who would use it to fight. This would include Ash and Clemont, to say nothing of evil teams. On the other hand, Serena doesn't want fame through battles, but rather through performances. As that doesn't involve actually injuring other Pokemon, it'd be all for it. Whether it'd know about performances or not would not be directly relevant, but would help define its persona. It'd be a case of Nature Adores a Virgin, except as pertains to Violence instead of Sex.

Or, it just wants to perform and not battle straight up. After all, using a Doublade in a performance would look great.
  • She does indeed gain a Pokémon of a species that would normally be a fighter, but it's Pancham (Fighting-type, evolves into a Fighting/Dark-type), not Honedge.

Fletching will evolve into Talonflame and become the next Swellow/Staraptor
It has to fill the role of both the fire type and the flyer, and its become the new Staraptor of 'surprisingly powerful regional birds'
  • On it's way. It's presently a Fletchinder.
    • Not just Swellow and Staraptor. In all five regions, he's had the final evolved stage of the regional bird (Pidgeot/Noctowl/Swellow/Staraptor/Unfezant, although Pidgeot left in the same episode it evolved in.)

Ash's Kalos team will have
Skiddo: with the capture of Chespin by Clemont, Ash needs a grass type, and Skiddo is one of the only other grass types in Kalos (With Pumpkinboo in Jessie's posession, the only other option is Phantump, which I don't believe the authors would use due to Ash's preference for speedy Pokemon) Now, normally Ash catches a Fire, Flying, Grass and Water Type, with the fifth spot being the wild card. But with Fletchling, there are two open spots for wildcard picks One will be another Kalosian Pokemon; such as Floeete, Honedge or Goomy. Another will be capable of Mega-Evolution; most likely being something from the Lucario, Gardevoir or Absol.
  • The last slot would likely be a Lucario. Ash has shown to have some aura power at times and Korrina does gives the player character of X/Y one at a certain point
    • Goomy has been confirmed. This troper, however, believes that for the "Mega Evolution" requirement, they'll bring back one of his older Pokémon. Charizard seemed like the favorite when it unexpectedly returned for the end of Best Wishes, but having been sent away again, there's no particular reason to assume it'll be returning again. And since they need a concrete way to tie in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, and Ash still without a Grass-type...Sceptile seems like a good choice to bring back.

For the XY series, Ash will catch as much, if not more, pokemon as he did during the Unova saga
In my personal opinion, that was one of the few good things about the Unova saga, an expanded team, so I hope they continue that.
  • 25 episodes in, and Ash only has 3. So far it looks like Ash is doing the opposite and narrowing his focus, but time will tell.
    • We're at 45 now, and he has only 4.
    • Episode 103, he has had 6 Pokémon but only five at a time, including Pikachu.

Ash will use more of his older Pokemon in Kalos during the league...
Where Torterra will be like Noctowl and redeem himself.

Ash will catch a dragon type
The main reason he only ever caught one dragon pokemon was most likely because of how rare and overpowered they were. But now the are more abundant and there is the fairy type to counter them.
  • Maybe he'll catch a noibat which will become his flying type because after fletchling evolves it will most likely act as his fire type.
  • Confirmed. Ash befriended and captured a Goomy.
  • And after releasing Goodra, he captures Noibat.

Serena will catch Cosplay Pikachu.
Performances are essentially a Truer to the Text version of Contests. Plus, Pikachu are native to Kalos (in addition to Kanto) whereas they're only a Safari-zone capture in Hoenn. Finally, Cosplay Pikachu is female, whereas Ash's Pikachu is commonly considered male. A potential Beta Couple vs their respective trainers?

Clemont's Bunnelby will evolve into Diggersby, much to Bonnie's dismay
This one is predictable. Because of Bonnie affinity for cute Pokemon and Diggersby's Gonk features, this will not go well. Bonnie will act in a way that hurts Diggersby feelings and Clemont will snap at her. Bonnie will feel bad and Ash will once again have to be the nice big brother and comfort her. If you writers in Japan are reading this, DO NOT USE THIS PLOT.
  • Er, Garchomp wasn't cute and she was all over it
    • Garchomp was never meant to cute, but epic! Diggersby is just plain goofy-looking.
    • That Garchomp was adorable! And anyway, between Garchomp, Rhyhorn and the Tyrantrum pjs, Bonnie seems to have a thing for finding uncute Pokemon cute as it is.

Bonnie will one day capture the Jigglypuff that used to follow Ash and his friends
Just a random guess.

Serena will one day capture the Jigglypuff that used to follow Ash and his friends
Given that she's currently doing contests, a Jigglypuff that wants to perform in front of everybody would be a good encounter for her.
Granted, it'd probably take place in Hoenn after she and Ash split off for him to go to Gen 7 and her to do Contests, but stil...

Ash will get no more than two new types.
So they can save the hype of him getting a new type for future generations. Now, as for what Pokemon these two might be to fit this?

Ash and Serena will get Espurr or Litleo respectively.
Their evolved forms are the only Kalos Pokemon with gender differences. Shipping them together would give fodder for the Amourshipping they're going at. Well that, or Serena gets a female Pikachu

Ash will get a Mawile.
For the following reasons:

    Mega Evolutions in the Anime 
Ash will Mega his Charizard.
Having him evolve his Pokémon at all is on the unusual side, but considering one of the big announced features of the sixth generation, many of the Pokémon highlighted in the advertising, and Ash's return to one of his most classic, popular and fully-evolved Pokémon, it may be the true intent of the much-appreciated but underutilized return.
  • (separate guess) Who better to show off Mega Charizard Y (a Mega form more faithful to Charizard's original design/the only Mega Evolution of Charizard that has yet to appear in the anime). It may also return and gain the ability to Mega evolve, just in time to help Ash win the Kalos League Conference.
    • Do note that both Red from Pokémon Origins and Alan from the Mega Evolution Special had their starters evolve into Mega Charizard X. This still leaves Mega Charizard Y open for Ash.

Ash's Heracross will make an appearance in XY and unlock it's Mega Evolution.
If Ash's Charizard doesn't return and show off one of it's Mega Evolutions, then maybe another Pokemon he owns that can Mega Evolve will.

Ash will get a Lucario in XY
This will happen the same way it did in the games. The first time Ash meets Korrina, one of her Lucario will become attached to Ash. This eventually culminates in Lucario teaming up with Ash to fight Korrina's other Lucario, resulting in a Mega Lucario duel like the games. Afterwards, Lucario will join Ash just like the one from the games.
  • Jossed. Ash left Korrina without any Lucario being attached to him. The second Lucario is owned by Korrina's father.

Ash will be adamant against using Mega Evolutions and it will bite him in the ass
He isn't fond of his Pikachu evolving, so I doubt he will even consider Mega Evolving because he considers will consider it a simple power up and not proof of hard work. Then comes Korrina who shows otherwise and hands him his ass in their first battle.

If Ash ever uses Mega Evolution, it will only be a one time thing, like in a movie.
Ash is meant to be your average trainer who tries hard and tastes defeat a lot. Mega Evolution carries a connotation of being unstoppable and ultimate. It doesn't fit to make that kind of power a regular thing for Ash. If Ash does Mega Evolve, it will be his Charizard in his Y form. X form is already connected with Red and Alan. Y would be Ash's thing.

Gary will return in XY
Who better to show off Mega Blastoise?
  • Siebold, apparantly.

the Mega-Blaziken guy has a team of Mega-Evolutions
Every time an event occurs that shows a new Mega-Evolution, he'll use one. He'll either be a Rival, or a Trickster Mentor, or perhaps even connected to another aspect of the Pokemon WMG
  • Well, the last bit is jossed due to him being Clemont and Bonnie's father instead.
  • He does have an Ampharos

In the Anime, Charizard and Mewtwo's alternate Mega Evolutions depend on their genders.
Its been mentioned before that Mewtwo's X Mega Evolution looks masculine, while it's Y Mega Evolution looks feminine. The same can sort of be said for Charizard and it's Mega Evolutions. So the way I see it, to distinguish the gender differences for both Pokemon in the Anime, their X Mega Evolutions are exclusive to the males, while their Y Mega Evolutions are exclusive to the females.

Ash will Mega Evolve his Sceptile.
  • Every time one of the remake games has come out, something has occurred in the anime to tie into that generation (May started getting a load of Kanto Pokémon and then they set an entire season in Kanto to waste time until Gen IV was ready, while Lyra actually cameoed for an arc near the end of DP, Dawn's last two Pokémon were both from families debuting in Johto, and Ash actually had one of his Johto Pokémon evolve). Furthermore, even when he doesn't get all three starters, Ash usually has at least one Pokémon of each starter type (the only exception being the lack of a Fire-type during Advanced Generation); his current team has a Fire-type and a Water-type but no Grass-type.
  • Apparantly jossed now that Sawyer is confirmed to Mega Evolve his Sceptile.

Both Mega Charizard X and Y will show up in the same episode.
And they will battle each other.
  • If Alain is a badge trainer in addition to being a Mega-Hunter, that match should be in the Kalos League, preferably the Finals.

Mega Greninja will have an Early-Bird Cameo in a Mega Evolution Special
It'd synergize well with Greninja's appearance in Super Smash Bros. since they both have similar target audiences and depict Pokémon in the same way, and Greninja's new Mega Evolution could tease Pokémon Z.
  • Partly Jossed. Ash-Greninja is a thing now, but it's no Mega Evolution.

If Ash gets another shiny, it'll be a Mega Gengar.
You got a shiny Gengar as a gift, and with a Goodra in sights getting the silver Beldum would be OP. Alternatively Alain's next appearance will reveal he has one.

Ash's first Mega Evolution will be a new Pokemon.
Adding it to previous Pokemon would limit it to the finals, which would rush this arc.

Ash will get a Mega Beedrill.
Skrelp would just bog things down since Ash already has a Water and Dragon type on his team. Beedrill is a good example of a Pokemon that needed a Mega Evolution. And Ash usually gets a Bug Pokemon at some point.

Mega Pidgeot was created specifically to bait the anime
Charizard's fine and all, but... Picture Ash going back for Pidgeot after all this time. Picture him sweeping his hat around in a nostalgic manner during a Kalos League match, his Keystone glistening as he does... And Mega Pidgeot gives a mighty screech. It works and you all know it.

    Other Plots and Settings 
Pokemon is going to do a Bleach
With the ratings as they were for the XY opening in Japan, and how they've been for the following episodes, I have a bad feeling in my gut that Pokemon may have finally lost its steam after the Delacoura Arc, just like Bleach's filler. On the bright side, if it is the last season, perhaps Ash can win the League. Though, I suppose it is possible that it can overcome the initial filler based hurdles like Naruto during its year of filler, Delacour wasn't that long, was it?

Kalos will not be like Unova
Having learnt about how the fans take Ash being dumbed down, they will avoid that at all costs, and will have his competence be more along the Hoenn, non Paul Sinnoh competence levels. They may also add some stuff to please the Periphery Demographic; be it Ash's father, professionalism, wider Pokemon parties and training, ect ect
  • Well, the first two episodes showed Ash is not an idiot and he managed to save the day, so at that point, it can be said that so far, so good. Let's hope it can continue and if they absolutely have to have Ash lose at the league again, that it will not be to an idiot.
  • So far, people are saying Ash has better characterization, and there are the Mega Evolution specials. So I say confirmed.
    • I say we've only seen 50 episodes thus far. Let's keep our hope but not render judgement until the saga plays itself out.
    • 100 episodes in, and Ash still seems plenty competent. He even unlocked some ancient transforation that hadn't been accessed in a hunderd years.

The Pokemon XY anime will be very short, due to the lack of new legendaries
From what can be guessed, the anime will most likely either go through another Arc Fatigue consisting of Pokemon from the past generations, or it will be very short, due to there only being 69 new pokemon. This will also include ONE new movie featuring the axis Pokemon (Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde).
  • It could also just have plot beyond the usual scope of things.

There will be a massive number of fillers, consisting of the many leisures of Lumiose City
Again, there's only 69 new Pokemon (not counting the new mythical ones) and so many old Pokemon from the previous generations return, so they'll try to shoehorn as many episodes as possible (just like Sinnoh and the Decolore Islands).

The Episode airing in Japan in February 2015 whose title implies Tonight Someone Kisses is invoking that Trope.
The reason why one half of the party would be in the situation of even having a "date" is because the other half will part from them either at the start of that episode or the end of the one immediately prior (Ash's Gym Battle vs Ramos) so that Clemont can prepare for his Gym Defense against Ash.

Ash's Gym Battle against Clemont will be interrupted...
...by an attack on the Kalos Power Plant. Whether that would be the formal introduction of Team Flare, the third plot hatched by the rogue Malamar, or yet another attempt by Team Rocket to Take Over the City remains to be seen.
  • And this one's Jossed. The group will come to the Power Plant before the Gym Battle. And it's yet another TOTC attempt by TR.

Her Chronicle episode (aired in Japan only) set her in Johto and ended with her chasing after a sighting of Rayquaza. Rayquaza's base-region is Hoenn, where Alain is in Mega Evolution 2. And Rayquaza actually shows up and Mega Evolves in that episode. Besides that, the MES are said to target the Periphery Demographic anyway; with that in mind, why bog down the main plot with a Mandatory "return arc" when you have the spin-off that's (currently) set closer to where the character from the previous saga actually is?

Team Flare, the past of Kalos and AZ
will be more developed than their game counterparts. The fandom was pissed when they botched the Team Plasma arc, which was very likely a consequence of the 2011 earthquake. Assuming something bad doesn't happen, the Team Flare arc won't suffer from delays. Deciding to lure back older viewers and people who were disappointed with X and Y's storyline, they will make the storyline more developed.
  • This actually could happen, but if it did, they'd be confined to the Mega Evolution episodes, as below.

Ash will not encounter Team Flare, they will go after Alain of the Mega Evolution specials.
I really don't see the writers juggling Lysandre for both Ash's story and Alain's story, and Alain's connection with Mega Evolving puts him closer on track with the game's story, so there will be less hassle. I also feel genocide is a bit harder to include in the anime than past enemy team objectives.
  • Maybe the main plot would go to Alain, but that doesn't mean that Ash and a few Flare Admins wouldn't cross paths. Heck, Alain could even beat Team Rocket in an episode.
  • Apparently... Alain is working for Flare, albeit as an Unwitting Pawn.
  • Jossed. There will only four Mega Evolution specials, after which Alain becomes a supporting character in the main anime and Team Flare makes their debuts after Ash's 7th Gym Battle. The plot will revolve around the 3rd Kalos legendary Zygarde.

The purpose of Lysandre's Research on Mega Evolution
... is so that he could achieve Immortality through Mega Evolution's power, either directly or as a means of controlling Xerneas. This has the effect of Downplaying Cutting Off the Branches as, while the Rogue Malamar seem to be following the plot of Pokemon Y, Team Flare (when they're actually revealed) would still have their motivations from X; they'd just be going about it differently.

Ash will win against Wylie, the old-timer with the Delphox in XY015, in the Kalos League...
...but he'll have at least one match after that. After all, that's how it isnote  whenever you fight Wily.

Yes, I know, call backs with random one-shots are nearly non-existent, but A: The writers have been willing to push the envelope early in the series and B: That old-timer won a local tournament offscreen during the episode he appeared in.

Ash will lose at the Kalos League as expected, and it will be to a Mega Evolution user, perhaps Alain.
That would be the best way to end the XY season with a bang. The most important addition in XY is what defeats Ash.

Ash will lose the Kalos League to Alain
That way, the writers don't have to break their status quo of making Ash lose every league, while at the same time giving the older fans someone to root for. If Alain becomes popular enough, there would be a Broken Base if Ash won the league, with some praising his newfound competence and others pissed off because Alain lost to Ash of all people.
  • With how this fandom is structured and fragmented, there would likely be complaints regardless of the outcome. One possible way to get around the brunt of the problem with Ash always being prematurely knocked out of a conference (and not winning any since the Orange Islands) is to have the Team Flare subplot unresolved until the tournament. There, during Ash's battle with Alain, Lysandre reveals his true colors and intentions to the world much like in the games, leading to the entire tournament being put on hold, similar to how your battle with Alder in Black/White is postponed because of N and Team Plasma. Either Alain wins by some technicality or the bout is ruled a no contest. Once Lysandre's machinations are dealt with, Alain, feeling guilt for being an Unwitting Pawn, will eschew his use of Mega Evolution, perhaps permanently, and offer Ash a(nother) rematch, in which Ash proves victorious. So, in a roundabout way, status quo will be maintained while still making it feel like Ash won the Kalos League, and all without a single Diabolus ex Machina involved. (Here's looking at you, Tobias and Cameron.) As for Alain having the badges necessary for admittance into the Kalos League Conference in the first place, we already know that Korrina's Lucario can Mega Evolve, so Lysandre could have given Alain deliberately misleading information about the other Gym Leaders. And as a corollary, if Mairin is seen traveling with Alain again by this point (depending on if her comatose Chespie manages to recover), Bonnie would ask her if she'd be interested in marrying Clemont.

Ash will win the Kalos League, in so defeating a Grass Pokemon Trainer who uses a Celebi as his last Pokemon
This trainer uses the Celebi Doctor Who Like to train his Pokemon so much they can use more than 4 moves, though not using the time travel to cheat and know ahead the outcomes of Pokemon matches. After Ash beast him with Pikachu, he uses Celebi to pop up in Oak's lab with Ash and says something about Ash's father in a major cliffhanger. Then the anime does a few months of Pokemon Chronicles like episodes just to make it more painful

XY will be the final season with Ash
I'm not sure how far they can go on after Ash gains Mega-Evolution (Which is, like, 98% guaranteed) and the ratings issue. If Serena is meant to become his love interest, perhaps it is simply the birth of a new main character.
  • A: The ratings issue is not an issue. At all. Pokemon is still one of the top-rated anime shows airing now. Plus, the massive fandom schism that'd inevitably follow replacing Ash would likely do more to kill ratings than just sticking with Ash would. B: What does Mega Evolution have to do with anything?
    • There's a Fandom Schism right now; we've had one for a long while; it's called the Fleeting Demographic Rule. The chief reason for keeping Ash is his Pikachu, making Ash himself The Artifact; he not allowed to leave but he's also Not Allowed to Grow Up. So most of the Periphery Demographic would see getting rid of Ash as a Mercy Termination. The Target Demographic would be impacted for a while but they'd adjust; or make way for the next batch. (Agree that Mega Evolution and the ratings issue by itself have no bearing on the show's course.)
  • Do you really want to see Ash master Mega Evolution, then have trouble with a Snivy again? If they end it right (Ash winning Kalos for instance), they could possibly manage to change characters like Yu-Gi-Oh! does.
  • Is meant or isn't meant? If it's "is", then who's this new character you're talking about to replace him?

If Ash loses in the Kalos League...
The person he loses to will be Alain.

    Movie Predictions 
Mewtwo original and BW will appear in the next movie
The 17th Movie, the first Kalos one, will feature twelve Mega Evolutions, and the poster has both Mewtwo's on it. They already have Mewtwo Y in the Best Wishes Mewtwo, and I highly doubt the Pokemon writers will make a third Mewtwo after what happened last time.

those legendary Pokemon seen in the 17th move's short?
They fake, or rather Illusions conjured up by the Kilefki from that same short.

There will be a movie focusing on Mewtwo's X Mega Evolution
And it will reintroduce the original Mewtwo and have him meet Newtwo. Consider that the X Mega Evolution looks much more masculine, it fits the original masculine Mewtwo better than the new feminine Mewtwo. The movie will expand on Newtwo's origin, and have Mewtwo dealing with the fact that he is no longer the only one of his kind, and the other one is stronger, with the Mega Evolution. The villain will have some way to negate psychic attacks. Newtwo will be defeated in it's mega form, but original Mewtwo will find new strength and Mega Evolve into the X form, then defeat the villain with a fighting type attack, and find peace with Newtwo.

a future movie will involve time travel
This will be connected to one of the event legends of Gen 6 (Diance, Hoopa or Volcanion) and the movie will feature a Future Badass version of Ash, who will be everything the fans expect him to be.

The 18th film will feature Zygarde, Hoopa, and Volcanion

The Latias and Latios from the 5th movie will return in the 18th movie.
It's been confirmed that the Eon Duo will make an appearance in the 18th movie, so why not bring those two back? As for getting around the fact that Latios died, Hoopa's time-space manipulation powers can either revive Latios, or get a hold of him before he died.

The 19th season will lead directly into the 19th movie.
As both promo material for the anime AND the teaser for the 19th movie place special emphasis on Zygarde's new forms.

    Guesses already Confirmed or Jossed 
Shauna will be Ash's female companion in Kalos
She's important enough to be mentioned in the game plot, yet (thus far) not so critical to be a spotlight stealer in that right. Also, she seems to have an indicated personality but no indicated goals.

Setting her as Ash's partner allows the writers to not recruit a female Gym Leader or Serena in the role, preserving the latter for a Movie cameo with Calem. It also preserves the already-announced goals of Tierno and Trevor, relegating them to Recurring Character status; possibly Friendly Rivals.
  • And it's Jossed. Though given what we have to date (24 episodes in), one has to wonder why the writers didn't use Shauna instead.
    • On the other hand, after the Summer Camp, I don't see what difference there would've been between them. I'm guessing that the only reason why Serena's the "main" and Shauna wasn't is because Serena's a Player Character-Counterpart.

In addition to the above, Serena will be Ash's main rival. Trevor and Tierno will be recurring travelers who act as a Guest Star Party Member.
Ash pretty much takes the place of the male protagonist from the games, and since Serena acts as The Lancer and main rival if you are the male protagonist in X/Y, she will be the same for Ash (plus to spice things up). As for Trevor/Tierno, they could be the male part of the Power Trio, but are more to switching in and out, leaving just Ash and Shauna.
  • And we're jossed thus far. Serena's the party member.
    • And, as with the one above, six of one seems to be half-dozen the other.
    • And, if anyone, Tierno's The Rival for Ash with Shauna being one for Serena.

Alexa is going to be Ash's new traveling partner
She's going back to Kanto with him.
  • Uh, already jossed. The new group is Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie.

Pikachu's nerf in X/Y
It will contract a weird sickness that is mostly native to Kalos will weaken it to normal strength for awhile.

Ash will get a Chespin when he ventures into the next region
He always gets the grass starter in each region. Chespin will also show to be as badass as his Snivy was, but with a Plucky Girl attitude instead.
  • Jossed, Chespin went to Clemont.

If Ash gets a chance to obtain the Starter Pokemon of Gen. VI, he would obtain Fennekin the same way he did his Fire-type Pokemon, except Fennekin's ex-trainer will be a total bad guy, unlike Damian, Paul, or Shamus.
If so, he'd most likely the Dangerously Genre Savvy kind of person.
  • Jossed, thank Reshiram. Potentially Foxy Lady gets the Foxy Pokemon.

Ash did live in Kalos for a short time.

Ash will catch a Fletchling, a Chespin and a Froakie.
Ash always catches the common birds (Pidgeotto, Noctowl, Taillow, Starly, and Pidove), and they all fully evolve (Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, and Unfezant), so it can be safely said that Ash's Pokemon team in the XY anime will contain Pikachu, Chespin, and Fletchling, which will fully evolve. Ash has also added the Grass starter from every region to his team. Froakie will let him break the streak of having never had an evolved Water starter. If he also gets Fennekin, it will evolve like all his other Fire starters.
  • Actually, Ash might not get a Fletchling. Pictures from Japanese eps show Serena (the new companion) with one, and they tend not to simultaneously duplicate across teams (May and Jessie's Wurmples being an exception). Maybe he'll instead go straight to a Talonflame (precedented by Noctowl).
    • Froakie and Fletchling have been confirmed. For Fletchling, was there any doubt? Really?
    • Chespin is Jossed. Clemont and Bonnie own it.

Ash will start using his old Pokemon
After the earning the Bug Badge.
  • With only one badge? Even Sinnoh!Ash waited until the League for his callbacks.

By the time he's at the second gym (in Kalos).
  • Wait for the League for that if you ask me, or at least the Mega-Evolution plot to be in fuller swing.

Serena was a baby in her flashback.
OK, Serena is starting her Pokémon journey so apparently she's 10, and Ash is now 16, being evident that Ash was no older than 7 in the flashback means Serena could have been 0 or 1 and she just saw him.
  • Aaaaaand Ash is not 16. He's still 10. Forever. Serena's a couple months younger than him at most.

Serena's Ash in her vision is not the Ash we know
She mistook him for another kid. Case in point, the kid she saw in the flashback had darker skin.
  • It appears to have been jossed, they do know one another. And people's skin color can change; perhaps Ash was tanner at child. I certainly was.

Clemont will be actually taking care of Bonnie
Bonnie looks like she's about Max's age. She barely looks ten (the journey age). So I'm guessing he'd be put in the same situation as Brock.
  • His mother got a job as a scientist and moved to Sinnoh to study.
  • His father wants to help Professor Juniper as an inventor so he moved to Unova.
So now Clemont is all alone with Bonnie and no parents in there. So he has to take care of her. But still calls his mother and father on a device similar to an iPad. So he might end up being fatherly to the group.
  • Jossed with regards to his father, but the theory at large holds.

Clemont is a new inexperienced gym leader like Flannery
Clemont is too embarrassed to confess he's the gym leader? huh? Well let's put it as this:
Clemont's father is an inventor just like his son and was the former gym leader of the Luminose City gym. But he had a big job in Unova. He couldn't abandon his gym so he put his gym in the hands of Clemont. Clemont is now the gym leader and parental guardian of Bonnie. His father had lots of Electric type pokemon but he wouldn't let his son keep them because of Bonnie. So he took them with him. Now Clemont had no Pokemon and was left with his little sister and gym to look after. Lots of hard work, so he fiddled around and changed his father's security system completely so it won't let any battle unless they have four gym badges due to stress. Then Clemont started acting like Trip and was taking photos and videos of stuff just to come up with an excuse.
  • While the details are a bit different, the theory itself was confirmed in XY 009.

At the start of XY, Clemont isn't the Gym Leader, but one of his parents is
Here's why I think, I think that Clemont and Bonnie's father/mother is the gym leader, and is emotionally distant. It would explain why Clemont used a Bunnelby, he wants to be his own person and what better way than to catch a Pokemon with ground type moves and an eventual evolution into a ground type when your bad parent is a electric type user.
  • Supporting this is a character by the name of Limone who is said to appear in the episode 'Capture Luminose Gym, Clemont's Secret'. It is my understanding that Clemont and Bonnie's Japanese names are puns on lemons, so whoever Limone is is probably part of the family
    • Limone is already confirmed to be Clemont and Bonnie's father.
  • Theory iself is jussed, though... Clemont was officially the Gym Leader by the time Ash touched down in Lumiose.

Clemont will capture Chespin instead of Ash.
Just for a nice change of pace where someone else in the group captures the Grass type Starter.
  • (Mixed feelings on that. Grass type starters must always be on the main character because they are superior) personal feelings aside it is possible to do it differently, but Pokemon's strength (And weakness) is it's similar tones, in both the anime and games. Ash generally captures a Grass starter and a flying type, as well as a Water and Fire Type. Froakie has the water aspect covered, and Fletchling covers Flying, and quite possibly fire as well.
    • Besides, isn't Clemont Kalos's Electric Gym Leader?
  • Confirmed

Bonnie will look up to Serena like a Cool Big Sis.
And who knows? Maybe that will make Clemont feel a little jealous?
  • Pretty much confirmed on the whole "Serena being a Cool Big Sis to Bonnie" thing, but also jossed on Clemont being jealous about it.

In one of the movies, Bonnie will get emotionally attached to the Mythical Pokemon (cute legendary), Diancie or Hoopa
If her role is anything like Max's, the last thing Bonnie would want is to part ways with a legendary Pokemon she just met, especially since she has no Pokemon of her own.
  • Confirmed.

Limone is Blaziken Mask
  • Confirmed

The man with the Mega Blaziken is AZ
  • Jossed

The Nurse Joys of the Kalos region will use Spritzee as an analog to Chansey and Audino
  • Jossed. They use Wigglytuff.

Because of how long it takes in-game to get from Santalune to Cyllage, Ash won't get to battle Grant until late in the season
  • Is there any need to explain this one. Just look at the length between Snowpoint and Sunnyshore (The Twinleaf Festival and Johto tie-in didn't help either).
    • With regard to Western-Seasons, Jossed. XY024.

Once the cast reach the Tower of Mastery, a bulk of an episode will consist of them going gaga over the long explanation about Mega Evolution
The video game promotes this to a heavy degree. The anime will just crank this Up to Eleven.
  • Not really. A great deal is made over a scroll located in the tower, but it ends up being a list of stock do-good-stuff.

The Anime after Kalos:

    Future Captures and Evolutions 
When the series finally ends, Pikachu will evolve to Raichu.
He'll probably do it to help win the final battle standing between Ash and becoming champion. Nothing could signal the end of the series like that.
  • This troper and his friend actually had some fun with this idea. We imagined it being identical to the original Japanese version of the scene in Dragon Ball Z where Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2.
    • Wait, would this mean some poor Steel Pokemon gets their decapitated head stomped on by Deoxys or Mewtwo or somebody? That falls both into Squick and Rule of Cool at the same time...
      • Actually, we were thinking Giovanni crushes Dexter (Ash's original Pokedex). Who somehow got there.
      • Hmm, interesting... I like it. Sounds like the beginnings to a cool fanfiction.
    • So that would mean Pikachu would evolve entirely on his own, without a Thunder Stone. His rage causes his power to spike, and his body evolves out of necessity in order to accommodate it. Granted, that's happened before, but Pikachu was likely holding back the evolution. Or the evolution happens because his body has adapted to the situation after the first time. That. Would. Be. FRIGGIN. AWESOME.
    • Pikachu will defy the laws of Pokenature and evolve with out the use of a Thunder Stone. Wouldn't be the first time the anime series violated the game mechanics.
      • Considering contact with the Thunder Stone would be enough to evolve Pikachu, and that he's touched it before, perhaps the electricity that made Pikachu so powerful made him immune to the effects of the Thunder Stone, and when his power goes into overdrive it would release similar effects that would cause him to evolve.
  • What if Pikachu is given his own unique evolution? Ash's Pikachu is not a normal Pikachu it seems to me, he is very powerful and spunky. New evolutions are discovered all the time, and some species evolve when they meet mental-type requirements. I think Ash's Pikachu will be the first of his kind to take a wholly new form, probably similar enough to the pikachu model to not alienate fans impression of him, but still different.
  • A Whole Plot Reference
    1. The Final Boss will be using a Porygon 2 with an evolite. One of Ash's rivals will try to defeat it by using an evolutionary stone on their Pokemon but lose, followed by the boss explaining how he could force Porygon 2 to evolve to Porygon Z but it would be an inferior Pokemon.
    2. Ash Tobias will discover soul dew and a light ball and use those against the boss, who has hijacked the Pokemon league. Latios will run out of Luster Purge PP trying to beat Porygon 2 but the boss will be impressed and suggest Tobias use a full restore. Tobias will step down and give Ash and Pikachu a shot instead.
    3. Pikachu will lose and the boss will call Ash a joke, demanding Latios fight again, to which Tobias will lament Pikachu isn't showing the strength it did earlier. Intrigued, the boss will reveal he's broken Porygon's copy protection and summon a Porygon army to kill Ash and all the other trainers to see if that motivates Pikachu to fight better.
    4. It does, Pikachu evolves into a never before seen form, "faints" the Porygons and then makes sport of Porygon 2. Knowing he can't win the boss will have Porygon 2 unleash a barrage of missiles intended to give all viewers seizures but Latios will stop them by trapping itself and Poryon 2 within a "protect" move, causing them both to take heavy damage but saving the audience.
    5. Porygon 2's data will then be corrupted, causing it to take on an unexpected evolution itself and go on a rampage not even newchu will be able to stop. With the last of his strength Latios will use helping hand, giving newchu what's needed to win. After saving the league Ash with newchu will beat the Elite Four and become champion, the end.

Pikachu will evolve, but not into Raichu
Pokemon have been established to have previously unseen evolutions. And When Pikachu does evolve, with how long it's been around, just becoming a Raichu would be sorta anticlimatic. No, When Pikachu finally evolves, it's going to be into some new form that has never been seen before. With stats on par with a legendary. And it will know judgement.

Potential evolutions for Ash's Pokémon:
Quilava into Typhlosion: It took FIVE HUNDRED AND FOUR EPISODES (a series record) for the damn thing to evolve, so it should be ready to evolve again soon, once it shows up in Isshu.

Ash will use Primeape again
Look at this: http://www.filb.de/forum/showthread.php?p=461050#post461050. When it shows Ash's old Pokémon at Oaks, Primeape, Charizard and Squirtle are there.

At some point, Ash is going to get a Riolu or a Lucario
It hasn't happened yet, but given that he's befriended Riley, I wager Ash will either lose to Cynthia, and get either one of the above two or a Riolu egg from Riley, or beat Cynthia and get the egg from her. Then he'll take the egg with him when he goes to the next area and viola, he has a Riolu.
  • Conditions in the theory itself are jossed; theory itself is still active.

If Ash were to be able to catch legendary Pokemon
The first will be Raikou. Which will bond with his Pikachu.

Iris will get a Mudkip
The female companion in Ash's team seems to have several running themes: the previous will cameo in the new series, the bike thing (minus Iris), and every girl from May onward got a starter from the previous two generations. May (III) got Bulbasaur (I) and Dawn (IV) got Cyndaquill (II). Iris (V) naturally should get Mudkip (III) because it would fit the grass/fire/water theme.
  • May also got Squirtle. In fact, Squirtle should be the one to count, as May got it at Oak's Lab. Which leads to Iris with Treecko who is a Psuedo-Dragonnote .
    • Oh my, that makes a lot more sense for her to end with Treecko instead. It's actually brilliant.
      • And it makes even more sense after Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire gave Sceptile Dragon as a secondary type when it Mega Evolves. May's Bulbasaur became a Venusaur by the time she returned for her cameo in DP, so why not Mega Sceptile?

Sooner or later, every move from the games will appear in the anime.
Self-explanatory. At the moment (between BW 92 and 93), 437 of the 559 moves have appeared in the anime. The remaining 122 (4 from G1, 16 from G2, 25 from G3 - not counting Shadow moves, 33 from G4 and 44 from G5) WILL appear at some point, the writers just haven't found a way to introduce them yet.

Some of those moves will include...
Older moves:
  • Snore - seriously, why have we NOT seen a Snorlax using this one yet?
    • Confirmed, a Snorlax is seen using it in the season 17 episode Awakening The Sleeping Giant.
  • Curse - James's Yamask will learn it.
  • Return - ANY of Ash's Pokémon will learn it. Seriously, why hasn't one of them done it sooner? They all like him enough, that's for sure.
    • Maybe the reason that this move hasn't been used yet is that, in the English series, when a trainer calls back their Pokémon, they say "(Pokémon name), return!" It would be too confusing for trainers to call that out and have the Pokémon attack rather than go back in its ball. Though I guess they could just say "Use Return attack!" every time...
  • Nature Power - a Deerling or Sawsbuck will be shown using this.
  • Blast Burn - one of Ash's Fire starters will learn it.
    • Jossed, Ash's Charizard or Infernape hasn't learned it yet. However, Alain from the Mega Evolution specials, has taught his Charizard to use it.
  • Dragon Dance - Iris's Dragonite and/or Axew will learn it.
  • Roost - Ash's Unfezant will learn it.
  • Wring Out - Trip's Serperior or Frillish will know it.
  • Avalanche - Georgia's Vanilluxe will be revealed to know it.

G5 moves:
  • Sludge Wave - Ash's Muk will be revealed to have learned this move offscreen when it reappears (probably during the Unova League arc).
    • Jossed, Palpitoad used it in his battle with Stephan's Zebstrika instead.
  • Foul Play - Ash's Krookodile will learn this one soon.
    • Jossed, the Inkay that's allied with TR knows it instead.
  • Echoed Voice - Meloetta will be revealed to know this move.
  • Water Pledge and Grass Pledge - Ash's Oshawott and Snivy will learn these, respectively.
  • Bulldoze - Ash's Donphan will be revealed to have learned this move offscreen when it reappears.
    • Jossed, Clemont's Heliolisk knows this move, and used it against it's master's Bunnelby.
  • Dual Chop - Ash's Gible will evolve after it reappears, and learn this move in the process. Axew will in turn be inspired to learn it as well.
    • Jossed, Gible doesn't know it, and it hasn't evolved yet. While Iris's Axew didn't learn it, a Fraxure she used in a practice battle in her Backstory knew it instead.
  • Heart Stamp - Jessie's Woobat will learn this one at some point.
    • Jossed, Woobat never learned it, but a recurring trainer named Nini, owns a Smoochum that knows it.
  • Psystrike - Mewtwo will know it when he inevitably returns.
  • Tail Slap - Bianca's Minccino will know it when it reappears.
    • Jossed, a Cinccino that belonged to a character of the day knew it instead.

Ash will obtain a Popplio in the anime series associated with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

    The fate of Team Rocket 
Sooner or later, Team Rocket will resort to KILLING Ash to get Pikachu.
I mean, come on. They've sometimes taken him along with his Pokemon. And some of the mecha that the trio uses were proven to have nearly killed the boy.
  • They've already tried using lethal force before. Just look at the episode with Snap, Ash and he were hanging over a significant drop and James was chucking bombs at them and laughing the whole time. Killing just isn't their priority, they're perfectly fine with attempting it.
    • Unless they know he's the protagonist and therefore can't die, so they can be as violent as they want with no repercussions.
    • Not necessarily. In that example, their "bombs" were seriously under-powered, and James's purpose may have been not to kill Ash, but to force him to let go and drop into the water below. That wouldn't be lethal (anime physics + he can swim, AND he has a Squirtle), but which would prevent him from going after them until they got clean away. By "missing" Ash and talking loudly about his aim getting nearer, James was telegraphing things pretty blatantly, even for Team Rocket.
      • They're TEAM ROCKET. They were disgusted when Hunter J tried that. I don't think they could go through with it
      • They did try and burn him alive with the giant flame in the Pokemon League. I mean, yeah, he was perfectly fine because of Moltres, but they didn't know that.
      • In fairness the heroes often use the same level brutality or worse on the three and all they suffer from it is Amusing Injuries. Ash and co would have killed Team Rocket via terminal velocity a million times over if it wasn't for Toon Physics.

Meowth will get some Laser-Guided Karma for what he did in BW047 and BW048.
What he did in those episodes was probably the worst thing he's ever done in the entire anime. You could tell from the look on Pikachu's face. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen him this mad before. There is no doubt Meowth will get some sort of comeuppance for that Heel–Face Mole trick he pulled on the gang and it will probably be worse then any of the past TR blast offs ever.

Meowth will eventually perform a real Heel–Face Turn
As opposed to his Heel–Face Mole routine back in Best Wishes.
  • It would have to come with the rest of the trio, they're inseparable. Not saying it won't happen, just that it wouldn't be just Meowth.

James will join Ash & co.
But unlike Meowth, his leaving Team Rocket will be legitimate. Or maybe Team Rocket finally goes under, and James chooses to adventure with Ash rather than going back home.

Ash and co. will kill Team Rocket.
For the lulz.

Ash and co. will provoke Team Rocket into a Did You Think I Can't Feel? moment.
Team Rocket have always gotten a raw deal, even when they hardly do anything evil as Ash makes them out to be (in Ash's many exposition explanations to characters of the day). He will one day go too far.

Team Rocket will disband from Team Rocket and become spies for Looker
Giovanni doesn't have any long-term respect for them, and it wouldn't be long before he carves out another Big Bad role, and because they are Harmless Villains, Team Rocket may be put in a position consisting of Moral Event Horizon, Even Evil Has Standards, Kick the Dog, You Have Outlived Your Usefulness, and Heel–Face Turn.

Jessie, James, and Meowth will die in the finale
Most likely in a Heroic Sacrifice or Taking You with Me during the final battle with Ghetsis. The trio's sudden leap in competence was just a last hurrah by the writers before Team Rocket gets offed.

We will soon have our long awaited Ash n' Co vs Team Rocket arc.
Why do I say this? Consider how much the status quo has been crushed. Brock is no longer part of the team, Ash is balancing all members of his party, Jessie and James got promoted and Giovanni is active. It's very possible that, after the Team Plasma arc, a true Team Rocket arc is possible.
  • We did have a confrontation in the latter half of Best Wishes over Meloetta and the Forces of Nature. However, as Giovanni is still active and there have been no episodes in Silph Co., this theory is still active.

Meowth will somehow learn Pay Day for the finale.
Thus providing a fortune for the three and letting them retire to a legitimate lifestyle.

    Recycling old characters/settings 
3rd Generation Remake-Related
We're going back to Hoenn.
It's already been established that Black and White is going to be a shorter arc than normal. If we get Ruby and Sapphire remakes, Ash may return to Hoenn and bring Iris and Cilan with him, creating a five-member traveling party for the first time.
  • Jossed as far as Best Wished is concerned, but still under "Future" pending Omega/Alpha

If a third generation remake is made...
Ash will switch some of his current pokemon with some of his Hoenn region pokemon. When FireRed and LeafGreen were released the characters got some generation 1 pokemon and when HeartGold and SoulSilver were released the characters got some generation 2 pokemon. Since it is unlikely that anyone will be able to catch Hoenn pokemon in Unova, this is only way a character can have Hoenn region pokemon.
  • Considering that previous seasons used the switching to allow a Pokemon to evolve as well (Phanpy/Donphan in the 3rd generation, Cyndaquil/Quilava in the 4th), perhaps Corphish could finally evolve as well. They already proved that they had no problem giving Ash a Dark type with Scraggy, and it's the only one of his Hoenn Pokemon to be unevolved.
  • This troper think that it is possible that Bulbasaur will end up evolving into Ivysaur, thus making Ash have the same Pokemon as Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
    • Bulbasaur had the chance to evolve and turned it down, remember? It's probably one of the least likely options to evolve.
  • Not to mention Unova Pokemon after getting the National Dex.
  • Much of the original guess has been deprecated due to Ash leaving Unova, but the general idea is still in play, especially considering the small number of additions in Kalos.
  • And I further have the feeling that this will be the extent of acknowledging the Omega/Alpha remakes. At least in this series.
  • Alternatively, rather than bringing back a Gen III Pokémon for a regular evolution, one of Ash's Mega-Evolution-capable Pokémon from Gen III will return and will be given its Mega Stone. (Sceptile's the obvious choice, since it was a fan favorite, but given how little attention it got before and the fact that its Mega Evolution appeared in the OR/AS demo, it could just as easily be Glalie.)

There will be a japanese Pokerap for the Gen 3 Pokemon
It is to promote the Ruby and Sapphire remakes.

Return of the Forgotten Characters!
Paul will return, and pull a Big Damn Heroes moment
Most likely during Ash's first, second, or final battle with N, Ash will be losing in manners most horrendous. When it looks like he's pretty much shafted, Paul returns just in time to save his ass. It makes sense. Paul explored every other region, getting their badges. Why wouldn't he be in Unova?

If Paul is introduced in a film, he would either...
1.Still have the whole Buddy, Buddy with Ash, and one adventure later, learn the troubles he caused by a bigger monster, and FINALLY be treated well with the fanbase. 2.Get sent back to square 1 as a jerk, team up with the big bad, and get his just deserts. 3.My personal favorite. GET RIPPED APART BY A LEGENDARY POKEMON, YEAH!!!

Bonnie will form a rivalry against Vivi Winstrate
This is material for Max x Bonnie shipping purposes.

The writers will give Tobias Character Development.
The new season reeks of pandering to the fanbase. What better way than giving Tobias purpose? It would serve as an apology of sorts by the writers. My thoughts are this: it will be revealed the Tobias serves as a group of legendary trainers/Aura Guardians dedicated to defending Unova. Tobias serves as a successful member, and The Powers That Be foresaw they would need the help of a fellow Aura user: Ash Ketchum. So they gave him a bred Latios and Darkrai to serve as a test to find strong enough Aura Guardians. Thus, his appearance in the Sinnoh Leauge was a Batman Gambit: to find an Aura Guardian. The defeat of the two legendaries proved Ash was the one.

Every filler really is important.
They will all be referenced in a future episode in which Ash gets help from all of the people and Pokémon that he has met.

At some point during Iris's Guest Star Party Member role in the XY series (which, in itself, is inevitable), her Axew will evolve.
Because it would be awesome. (And not to mention that was her plan for him in the first place.)

May's coming back.
Since Ruby and Sapphire's getting a remake having her make at least a brief return seems inevitable, if not having her stick around from her return to the end of the season.
  • And she'll be able to use Mega Evolution. Even with her team being as small as it was, she already had two Mega Evolution-capable Pokémon, plus one that would become capable if it evolved again.

Crossovers and other Plots
If Red were to appear in the Pokemon anime, he would be an in-universe expy of Takumi Fujiwara, complete with a Sugar and Ice Personality
Nothing would more fitting for a trainer who went from rookie to master of all the original 150 (excluding legendaries) Pokemon.

We will get a flashback of how Prof. Oak first obtained Ash's Pikachu
Pikachu is Ash's OLDEST Pokemon and has received main character status. It is long overdue for a backstory.

Soon, there's going to be a giant flood, and they will get 2 of every Pokémon and put them on a giant ark.
Why not?

    Movie-related guesses 
The 20th movie will be a Crisis Crossover with past movie characters at a rate of 1 character/4-5 movies
As a way to celebrate the anime's long-livedness, and to push forth the idea Pokemon X and Y had of bringing species from every region together on one new region. As to guess the most likely candidates, and as a form of sportsmanship so I can be wrong...

As an amendment to the 20th movie being a Crisis Crossover, All of Ash's companions will return
Misty, Brock, May, Max, Dawn, Cilan and Champion Iris will appear in the 20th movie with relatively major roles, for the same reason as the aforementioned WMG.

The very last Anime episode/movie will involve bringing together every protagonist and every single Pokemon they've ever had
Because this long-running Anime needs to go out with a BANG!

Mewtwo will wait for eight more movies to pass before making its next appearance the year afterward
This theory requires nothing more than knowledge of square numbers. Mewtwo appeared in the first movie, then in a special before the fourth movie, then in a special before the ninth movie, then in the sixteenth movie...

A movie will feature Pokemorphs
The genetic fusion of human and Pokemon DNA is a rather popular fan concept, and with all the genetic experimentation done multiple times in movies, and the gradual radicalization of the enemy teams (Admit it, ever since Aqua and Magma the teams have gotten more and more dark.) will appear to create a movie capable of capturing the best elements of the nostalgic dark films (Mewtwo) and the popularity of character driven ones (Lucario, Keldeo)

A movie will explain why Ash never mentions events of movies.
This goes with the "Ash is a Time Lord" theory. There will eventually be a movie in which Ash finds out that he is a Time Lord and has to go back in time to participate in the events of previous films (excluding the first movie, in which Mewtwo erased his memory of the story's events), meaning that there is more than one Ash Ketchum in each movie. Future Ash goes back in time to the events of each movie, wearing the same outfit his past self wears in the movie. In multi-Doctor stories like "The Five Doctors" and "The Day of the Doctor," the earlier incarnations of The Doctor do not remember their encounters with later incarnations after the story ends. Past Ash does not mention events of the movies within the anime because encounters with his future self hinder him from remembering.

There will be a CGI Pokemon movie.
It's possible.
  • No. Just NO.

From now on, all movies will feature shiny Pokemon distributions.
First it was the Beasts with Zoroark's movie, and now it's Hydreigon and Golurk with Victini's movie. The producers have realized giving out incredibly rare versions of Pokemon helps generate interest.

    In the end... 
Ash will eventually become a Pokemon Master... and it has nothing to do with the Pokemon League.
How many times do we hear him go on a lengthy speech about how his Pokemon are his friends? How many times does he release one of his Pokemon into the wild as soon as they reach a level of understanding with him? And isn't it clear by now that he is more interested in becoming accomplished through winning badges than being considered the best?

There's a reason for this. It's all part of an ingenious plan that he may not even realize yet. He only releases Pokemon once they have proven their strength and respect him. They will reintegrate themselves into the wild. Due to their effective upbringing, they will become leaders among their kind. And they will spread the word of his name.

His tendency to get personally involved with practically every legendary in existence won't hurt, either.

Now consider the situation a few decades from now. Ash's name will be known far and wide among the Pokemon. Stories of Ash will be told to the newly hatched. Every Pokemon worth their salt will respect him. And if he ever comes around, they will do everything in their power to gain his favor.

In other words, all Pokemon will essentially be at his call. Without Poke Balls. Without drawing circles around them. When he speaks, the Pokemon will obey. All Pokemon. And that is what being a Pokemon Master truly means.
  • So, Ash is Obfuscating Stupidity personified? Hard to believe, but...
    • He might not be conscious of it. If, as has been speculated elsewhere on this page, Ash is the Pokessiah, it could just be an instinct brought on by his divine nature as opposed to a consciously thought out long-term plan. If this is so, then Ash will become the Pokemon Master in this sense not because he plans to or is putting on an act, but because it's a fundamental part of his nature.
    • Basically, aiming to be a Friend to All Living Things among Pokemon... now that's kind of a scary thought.

When the show does eventually end...
We'll get an epilogue episode that takes place 3 years later showing a new trainer (Gold, probably) fighting his way to the top. He'll have some big montage showing his biggest, most important battles, and finally climb to the top of Mt. Silver. And Ash will be there, a total badass, and will completely thrash him. It would be awesome.

The show will end in two seasons, in which Ash will defeat the Pokemon league and end up facing either his long lost father, who has become Champion, or a final showdown with an as-of-yet unknown evil character who's been pulling the strings all this time/reveal a conspiracy about Ash and his father.
He'll use his strongest Pokemon from each land (Pikachu, Heracross/Donphan, Sceptile, and so on.). He may also face one or more of his friends, such as Ritchie or Gary. Maybe Paul will show up post Heel–Face Turn. (You know that's going to happen. Don't deny it...)

The last season of Pokemon will star the protagonists of Gold and Silver going through their storyline.
Think about it. This whole time we've been watching Red's counterpart, Ash. The Second to last season will end with Ash becoming champion. Then, a new season starts. We see the new protagonists, Gold and Lyra or whatever they're named then. They decide to journey together. Along the way, they talk to people we've seen before and maybe even catch legendaries as you do in the games. And they keep hearing about some kid who was there before them and his awesome Pikachu. Finally, they get to Kanto. Maybe a little change in animation back to the original quality. They fight through the Kanto gyms too. Soon, they get to Pallet. They end up talking to Delia Ketchum (because you know you talked to Red's mom, too), who tells them the wonderful boy they've been hearing about is her son, and that she hasn't seen him in years. They get the other region's starters, train them, and soon, they're ready to challenge Mt. Silver. They spend at least 2 episodes getting to the top.

Then, the final episode. No music. Silence except for the sound of wind blowing and footsteps as they come up the stairs. The screen goes white. And then you see him sitting there, at least a few years older, with Pikachu on his shoulder. Ash, grinning at us, in his original outfit, with his Charizard, a Blastoise with sunglasses, and a determined Venusaur are behind him. The screen cuts to black.

Instead of the usual credits, you hear something that gives you chills. It fades back in to show Ash, Brock, Misty, May, Max, Iris, Tracy, Cilan, Dawn, and the new guys singing Karaoke. The song? The original opening. It shows an after party. Either Lyra or Gold tearfully ask if it's over. Ash grins. Cut to black.

That, my friends is how it will end. Around 20 years from now.
  • Gold/Ethan has two counterparts in the anime, Jimmy from The Legend of Thunder! and an unnamed counterpart from Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions. Lyra appeared in DP, and Kris has a counterpart in Marina from Legend of Thunder. I'd say, despite TLoT being badly dubbed by 4kids, that Jimmy and Marina are the most likely pairing for this, with Lyra as the Brock, so to speak. Whether TPCi would keep the 4kids names remains to be seen. Then again, Ash isn't leaving the lead role so this isn't going to happen. And what's with all your typos?
    • I hadn't seen Legend of Thunder. Did it ever come on TV? I must have missed that episode of DP, too. I wrote this at school without a lot of time to read over it, so I guess I must have messed up in a few places. Did God say that Ash would never leave, or that he'd never leave for the foreseeable future?

When Ash finally goes to fight the elite 4, all of his traveling companions will appear to cheer him on.
Basically, everyone who has ever traveled with ash will appear when he finally goes to fight the elite four.

The show will never, ever, end EVER!!!
So long as someone can keep creating ridiculous names for the Pokémon, The Show Must Go On.

The show will end with the Pokémon world being destroyed.
And Ash is the one who destroys it. In his final battle with Giovanni. By accident. By not realizing how much destruction he'd cause by saying "Pikachu, use Return!"

By the end of the show, Ash and Team Rocket will be the Master of All...except in their life goals.
It's a recurring formula that both sides continue working on their life dream (becoming a Pokemon Master and catching Pikachu respectively) and in their failure to get any further with it, they manage to become accomplished in multiple other areas. By the time of XY, Ash is pretty much regarded as The Ace by his team mates due to his almost superhuman will and competence, while Team Rocket have gained a very palpable degree of obscure intellect and keep picking up on so many side hobbies and talents along the way that whenever they do things legitimate they tend to be very successful. It is their purpose in life to keep roaming around the world chasing a pipe dream, all the while bulking up in every other regard and usually assisting millions of others with their own dilemmas and life goals along the way.

The series finale will take place in Johto
Most of Ash's friends are in Johto right now (Brock, May, Dawn, Iris, and Cilan), during this finale Ash will return to Johto and reunite with most of his old friends. The final battle would involve Ash fighting off against Giovanni, and the introduction of Ash's father.

Other Potential Future Anime Adaptations

Note: If such a project is officially announced, e.g. Pokemon Origins, it should get its own page for guesses.

Blockhead Clefairy would be voiced by Tony Sampson or Greg Ayres, if he was given a proper anime appearance
Those two voices suit a Pokemon as talkative, crass, and hamish as Blockhead Clefairy.
  • Half-Jossed. Tony Sampson is retired.

There will be an anime series/movie that doesn't star Ash.
Seriously, how long has he been around? In my opinion, he's getting old (not literally).