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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Haru is actually a Bifauxnen
  • Because those eyelashes.
    • Jossed in episode 8

The Enoshima Dance will turn out to be a summoning dance
  • The Enoshima Dance will summon a huge fish or sea monster, and four people will have to work together to catch it. That's why fishing is so important and why Haru wanted to have a fourth person (he asked Natsuki's dad to go fishing with them) to go fishing with them. The fourth person will be Akira instead.
    • Combined with the "Dragon from the Legend" WMG: the dance will summon the dragon (which is actually an alien).

The thing Haru and Koko are looking for is the dragon from the legend
  • Only it's not actually a dragon, it's an alien, and the goddess who calmed the dragon in the legend was also an alien, one like Haru and Koko. Every hundred years someone has to go and fish up the dragon and calm him down for the next hundred years.
  • Confirmed.

The thing that caused the sailors at the end of episode 6 to dance was another alien.
  • Also Confirmed.

  • Jossed, quite thankfully.

Haru and Coco will go crazy and become the next JFX and Urara will have to lure them out of the water with the president of Duck as his partner.

Yuki was adopted.
  • Because we never hear anything whatsoever about his parents and he's said he doesn't know anything about families. Keito could have found him orphaned or abandoned and wandering the streets during her world travels. It would also explain why she adopted Haru on a whim so easily; she's done it before.
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