Heartwarming / Tsuritama

  • Yuki, who's been so trapped by his social anxiety for so long, has finally found a place where he's comfortable, and he's got friends for the first time. By the end of episode 5, he's truly happy.
    "That summer, I changed. I finally found something I was really interested in. I always had friends by my side. And I even surprised myself by how loudly I learned to laugh."
    • For this troper, the entirety of his development, but particularly that line, doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Episode 6, where everyone is there to greet Kate when she gets home from the hospital.
  • In episode 11, after being injured badly, Ayumi, limps over despite his pain, to give Haru a goodbye hug.
  • The entire ending/epilogue deserves its own page. (extreme spoilers ahead)
    • Haru's return to Enoshima after the final credits.
    • Yuki asking Urara to go fishing with him sometime.
    • Yuki's class, who once was driven off the island by Haru, amicably welcomes Haru back as a transfer student.
    • Angry Pink Shirt Guy/ Ayumi and Misaki get married. Aw.
    • Yuki's comment on how much he's changed
    • And last but certainly not least, Tapioca finds true love.