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Kana will finally be able to "move on" when her life with Daikichi is over.

She doesn't know why she stayed a ghost after she committed suicide, but the hints are that she did kill herself because she was desperately lonely. Now that she's found Daikichi, she will have "fulfilled" the reason for her having been stuck on earth as a ghost. By the end of the series, she not only says she has lost her fear of the living, but also that she has lost her fear of living. Significantly, Daikichi is wondering to himself if there is any way he could make Kana alive again when she looks over at him and says "It's great to be alive, isn't it." When Daikichi finally dies, she will be able to go with him. (I certainly hope so anyway because the alternative - that Kana will remain on earth as a ghost without her most beloved - is too heartbreaking to think about.)
  • While talking about the end of the series in the afternote of volume 3, Tanaka Yutaka explains that he didn't make Kana "move on" at the end because "there is no need for her to", implying that there wasn't any specific "unfulfilled" reason for her staying on earth. The main purpose of the scene where the subject is brought up was probably to show how Daikichi was scared that she could one day disappear. Now, you may be thinking: "So she will eventually remain on earth without him? Nooooo!" BUT, still in the afternote, Tanaka drives his point home about the ending by adding that "there is no need to separate her and Daikichi as 'alive' and 'dead'". Sure, he's not specifically referring to what could happen after Daikichi's death, but come on, the author himself wants these two to stay together! This WMG entry and the one beneath are much more likely to happen than any heartbreaking separation that would just be at odd with the Heartwarming tone of the series!
  • On a side note, when did the story say or imply that Kana was scared of living? She's a bit scared in chapter 9 at finding herself in a crowd for the first time in years (her "fear of the living"), but I don't recall anything about her being scared of "living" itself. Quite the contrary, actually: she expresses her love for life as soon as chapter 1 ("This is how it feels to be alive!"), not to mention she loves to eat, drink and laugh, making her quite the "bon vivant"...
    • It's never directly spelled out, but Kana's suicide, and suggested loneliness and fear of the dark suggest that she did not have a particularly happy life before. It's only after she became a ghost and met Daikichi that she seems to have become the outgoing, cheerful person we meet. Not so much the fear of living, as the fear left over from her old life.

Kana and Daikichi will live at the apartment forever.

A reverse of the previous WMG. Instead of Kana moving on when Daikichi dies, he becomes a ghost and together they haunt the apartment, which may or may not have gotten some new residents by then.
  • Just like the previous WMG, this is actually very plausible, as Word of God has stated that ghosts didn't necessarily have to move on in this universe, and basically wants them to stay together as much as the readers.

That horrible old man was an angry ghost.
He certainly didn't look of this world, and it would explain why he knew Utako was emotionally vulnerable and preyed on her while her defenses were down. He's just some hateful spirit that died angry and now spreads it around.
  • Or, he didn't like Utako's rendition of his favourite song. In which case, he's an horrible old man and he has bad tastes, as Utako sung so well that it gathered a small crowd behind him. At least she got a 10,000 yen bill out of it.
  • Or, if The Other Wiki is right and the manga was really supposed to be more than 3 volumes, he's an important character whose motivations will never be made clear.
  • Also, the purpose of the scene could have been to show how Utako didn't let that affect her in the slightest. As if to say: "No matter how nice you are, there will always be mean people who don't realize the weight of their words; so don't let that get to you and keep looking at the bright side of life."

The body that Daikichi's team finds in the last chapter was someone close to Yaguchi.
The story takes the time to point out that she's absent from work at the beginning of the chapter. Then, when she comes back at the end, her mood is considerably somber than usual and she's suddenly anxious to know what becomes of people when they die. When Inagawa reassures her that they don't disappear, she's so overcome with emotions that she burst in tears. With this happening in the same chapter where Daikichi and his team find a dead body, it's not difficult to believe that this can't be coincidence.

Now, some people have theorized that she could be the body, while others think it was someone related to her. I lean towards the second interpretation as, 1) Yaguchi didn't have the "ghostly glow" that Kana and the dog ghost have been shown to have around them; 2) if she had become a ghost, she would have known that people don't disappear after they die (while Inagawa is confident in his answer because he knows that ghosts exist); 3) we don't know for how many days she had been absent from work, but when Daikichi's team broke into the room, the body had been there for long enough for the whole place to stink badly; 4) this would explain the line "Will all the things that you love also disappear?", of which an alternate translation could be "Will the fact I loved and was loved also disappear?".

The man from the government was related to Kana, and could even be her father.
He takes the time to clean the huge nameless grave all by himself, and the way he speaks of the grave and of the people buried there, specifically at the end of his scene, sounds like he has some very personal reasons for doing so. From this point, it's not hard to suppose that someone he knows might be buried there too, and given The Law of Conservation of Detail...

Yoko and Kenji from the chapter "Stormy Date" are alternate-reality versions of Kana and Daikichi if she hadn't died
  • Though it could have been a way to explain the oddity of this chapter, they not only have different names, but also different personalities and clearly a different dynamic as a couple... The real answer is apparently more simple than that: on his personal website, Tanaka Yutaka refers to it as a stand-alone oneshot he drew as a last-page bonus for the Tankobon release of volume 2, and in the chapter list of said volume, it doesn't bear the usual Idiosyncratic Episode Naming "Life" (unlike "Life 21.5" that was also drawn specifically for the Tankobon release of volume 3). Much of the misunderstanding might come from the fact that at least one fantrad calls it "Life 15.5", although it isn't called this in the Japanese version. Still a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment for anyone not knowing this, though.

Kana will age along Daikichi
Ok, I admit: I just don't want them to grow apart as Daikichi ages while Kana remains the same. However, it is not utterly impossible either: if Kana discovered after ten years of being a ghost that a human could actually touch her, who says there isn't more Our Ghosts Are Different possibilities in this universe? Loving and being loved by Daikichi has made her "alive" enough to exist physically and generate warmth, it could make her "alive" enough to exist within time...

Kana was drunk when she died.
Her desire for beer was originally an Ironic Hell until Daikichi brought her out of it.