Tear Jerker / My Lovely Ghost Kana

The story can veer suddenly from lighthearted Magical Girlfriend into a serious, hearwarming or bittersweet moment, guaranteed to make you tear up at least, if not bawl outright.

  • In-universe and for readers - the only history Daikichi can find on the girl he loves is a four-line article in the archives of the local paper about "an unknown girl who killed herself."
  • Daikichi visits the "Grave for Wandering Spirits" (a grave for people whose identity is not known) because he thinks it may be where Kana was buried. There he meets an anonymous government man who caretakes it in his spare time because nobody else would, and Daikichi spends the rest of the day helping him. The chapter features beautiful Scenery Porn juxtaposed with heartwarming, bittersweet and Tear Jerker emotional contexts mixed together in not so much Mood Whiplash as Mood Compund-Fracture-Of-The-Spine.
  • As the first volume concludes, you're again Mood Whiplashed into submission seven times, likely to be left with eyes brimming over at the very end as you finally find out how it ends. Unless you already know that it's the first of three volumes.
    • It can do it even if you remember that, really.
  • A child is walking with her father and taking very seriously her job of carrying a box that apparently contains a puppy. Kana is floating overhead and hears the child quietly talking to the box, and saying "You're going home with us". Then the ghost of the dead puppy floats out of the box, licks the child on her face and fades away. Kana smiles and thinks "How nice".
  • Sometime around Christmas, Utako is approached by an old man while playing on the street, who asks her to play a request song for him. She is overjoyed at the prospect and gives it her very best... and when she finishes, the man gets very close and says, "Die." Her shattered expression says it all.
  • The end of chapter 19, of both the sad and heartwarming kind. To elaborate, Kana spends the chapter on a date with Goro near Christmas Eve. As they get to know more about each other, Goro slowly realizes that he very likely knew Kana while she was still alive, and that he may have indirectly contributed to her death. He is deeply distraught by this, but Kana forgives him while thanking him for the time they spent together. At this moment, she becomes completely visible to Goro for the first time, and leaves him with a bright, happy smile. The very next day, Goro returns to work happier than he'd been in years.