Heartwarming / My Lovely Ghost Kana

The entire manga is full of heartwarming moments and scenes. These are merely some of the most memorable.

  • At the end of the first volume Daikichi is on the way home when he is run off the road, falls into a hidden crevice and is in danger of suffocating. Kana feels something is wrong, overcomes whatever force was binding her to her place of death at considerable cost to herself and finds him. She shares her life force with him to keep him alive long enough for the "huge fireball" she creates to bring people to investigate and rescue him in time.
    • The imagery, tone, dialogue, and Kana's absence immediately afterward all suggest she sacrificed herself to save him... but after ten suspenseful pages, Kana is revealed to be waiting at home, just as lively as always. Readers who don't realize there are two more volumes may be on the verge of crying over this poignant Bittersweet Ending, only to get knocked off their feet by a wave of sweet relief.
  • During the bath house chapter, Kana spends a lot of time admiring the different kinds of bodies around her, from the very old to the very young. At one point she wishes an old lady a long life... which the lady hears, and responds to with a heartfelt thank you. Kana is so overcome by this that she sinks to the bottom of the pool to blow bubbles. The whole snippet makes for a very sweet moment.
  • On Daikichi and Kana's date at an amusement park, a little girl near them starts crying because she dropped the balloon her mom had just bought her and it's floating away. The balloon "mysteriously" stops in midair as Kana floats up to catch it. They drift back down to earth and Kana, grinning, hands it back to the little girl, who grins right back and says "thank you."
  • "Kana! WELCOME HOME!!"
  • Possibly the only time a BJ ever falls under Heartwarming, Kana's first attempt with Daikichi is so innocently earnest and na´ve that it is sweet and funny instead of raunchy.
  • Inagawa's date with Kana in chapter 19 is a whole issue of heartwarming moment after heartwarming moment.
  • In the final volume, while on his job, Daikichi's team breaks into a room in the building they are demolishing where they find a long-ago dead and decomposed body, alone in the room — just as Kana's body was discovered. The rest of the team freaks out, but Daikichi pauses and looks around but sees no sign that the dead person's spirit may still be around. That evening at home, he asks Kana if she is really there and real. When she reassures him that she is, he grabs and holds her tightly.
    • In case you missed it, Inagawa has another such moment when he tries to cheer up the uncharacteristically quiet Yaguchi following her sudden absence from work. Her behaviour throughout this scene alleviates some of the mystery surrounding the identity of the person Daikichi found in the condemned building...
  • Daikichi assuring Kana that there is warmth in her. The way he convinces her to stay with him in chapter 21 when she's afraid of impending his health is especially adorable. And then, as if that wasn't enough already, the chapter ends with the only "I love you" spoken directly by one of them to the other...
  • In the afterward for the first and third volume, Tanaka Yutaka writes about how the story came about, his lack of confidence in his early years as a mangaka to do it justice, and how it sat in the back of his mind until he felt he was worthy of being able to create it in the way he imagined it should. It's very sweet, humbling, and heartwarming to read.