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Mikan called Rito by his name because of her repressed attraction.
Sometimes in their childhood Mikan confessed to Rito or telling other people about her crush and get a reply that she cannot marry her brother. Hence Mikan calling him in a First Name Basis to make some distance between them, this behavior continues to her puberty even though she know it's hopeless now (she think).

Golden Darkness is Eve from Black Cat.
Not long after the events of Black Cat, the Deviluke Empire invades the Earth-like planet the series takes place on and takes over without much trouble. In the chaos of the invasion, Eve is separated from Train and Sven and somehow stricken with Laser-Guided Amnesia that erases all memory of the previous year or two of her life. With her only remaining memories being her time in service to Torneo, Eve begins making a living doing the only thing she knows how to do - hunting down and erasing targets for cash. Her extraterrestrial contacts take her off-world, where she becomes the infamous Human Alien assassin we all know and love.
  • Pretty much confirmed. Same dress style, same voice actor, same mother, same nanomachine-based powers, same origin, down to Golden Darkness's true name being Eve.

Lala is literally sent from Hell to ruin Rito's life.
  • Consider the name of her race; Deviluke.
  • The heartwarmingly normal Episode 14 showed what his life could be like without all the madness and terror from outer space. Heck, his happiness with Haruna-chan would be faster achieved without it.
  • Enter into an unwanted and loveless marriage away from the one you love, or watch the earth get obliterated? A Sadistic Choice that only demons would be cruel enough to force a mortal to live through. Lala is playing along, and so she is no more innocent than her tyrant of a father.
    • It becomes clear fairly quickly that, while he may not admit, or even fully realize it, he does love her at least as much as he does Haruna. Lala makes no secret of her feelings towards Rito and its made very clear that her feelings are genuine.
    • Of course, the last chapter of the manga notes that once Rito is ruler of Deviluke, he could do whatever he damn well pleases, including just marrying both Haruna and Lala. Note that it's Lala's idea.
  • Some of us would pay to have our lives 'ruined' the way she's 'ruined' his (Damn you Satan! You've cursed me with a gorgeous woman who likes to walk around my house naked and attracts fantastic adventures and other gorgeous women! Get thee behind me, fiend!). Although admittedly, Rito does seem unhappy a lot of the time... I guess that's just what happens when I Just Want to Be Normal meets Cursed with Awesome.

Rito is somehow related to Keitaro.
How else do you explain the fact that he isn't dead yet? Not to mention all the Accidental Pervert moments and accidental groping.
  • Perhaps he is actually the son of the Devilukean ruler, de-tailed by a vengeful enemy. The king, seeking to hide his heir, placed him on Earth with a childless couple who he rewarded by giving them the ability to have their own child, Mikan. Its why Rito has survived pert near everything you can name, and why Lala and her sisters were drawn to him, ala Luke/Leia. Alternatively, he is the king's expunged decent half, turned out so that he could be even more cruel and perverted. Not having this part of him was why his great battles drained him down to child status. It fits his perverted nature to have his kids hot for one another and not even realize it.
  • Or it's just because Rito is a Half-Human Hybrid, especially receiving genes from his father. A mangaka with godspeed drawing ability that makes his assistant dying of exhaustion, and having endurance that only devilukean can become sufficient assistant? C'mon!
  • If Rito were an alien he'd be as crazy-strong as Lala and Golden Darkness are.
    • Not if Rito were de-tailed. Lala's Dad is a Goku-homage, and perhaps any overt powers beyond endurance were lost when the tail was, as happens with Saiyajins' Oozaru ability.

Mikan's maturity will not survive early puberty

Their father is 24/7 on his manga, and Mom is pretty much the same in the world of fashion. Not the worst anime parents by any standard (Paging Mr. and Mrs. Hayate, Beyblade's Judy Tate, Mayu's Mom from Elfen Lied among countless others) but still not the most engaged. Rito was once a together athlete whose only lack was not confessing to Haruna, and he seemed on the verge of that. Then, he gave soccer up to care for a sister who can plainly care for herself—or can she? See, Rito, even in his denseness, knows that the Yuuki clan loses its sense of responsibility and many social skills once adulthood begins to kick in, and he wanted to be there for her as she fell. Evidence : At story's start, while always caring for him, Mikan is head and shoulders above her brother in almost all things, even knowing how he should handle girls better than he, and snickering constantly at his expense. Now she is a raging pile of bro-plex, teased by her friends just as he was, and noting that he really does rather well versus the insanity of life with Lala. Soon, any traces of the uber-fiend Ruthie Camden will vanish from her, and Lala will have her porting starkers into the boys' changing area, with her hair and eyes exploding while she stutters.

Yami is a lesbian.
She constantly attacks all the guys who do "ecchi" things, but when the girls start groping her, she just starts blushing. It's practically the only emotion she shows. Not to mention that she's constantly hanging around with Mikan, who, as we know, is incredibly sexed up for a girl of her age. Not the mention that the pairing would be incredibly cute.

It's not because of her brother that Mikan doesn't date.
  • Following from the above.

If/when To Love-Ru somehow resumes...

The spinoff will feature Yami as a main character.
Yabuki obviously has a fairly strong attachment to Yami/Eve's character, seeing how he's used her in two separate manga so far (three if you count her cameo appearance in Mayoi Neko Overrun!) yet he didn't really do a whole lot with her in TLR. But notice how she's featured prominently on the promotional art for the new series, and it's apparently named "To Love Ru: Darkness". Assuming the source is correct, this would be a good way to alter the series' primary love triangle and get rid of Haruna by replacing her with Yami.
  • Well, Haruna isn't being replaced, but there does seem to be more focus on Yami than before.

Rito gets Bad Ass training from Train
In the new spin off things become much more action oriented and Rito gets tired of depending of his harem of aliens to defend him and asks Yami for training but she says she won't, or can't, help but will ask someone else for him. She asks Train who accepts as a favor to her.

Rito and Mikan are Not Blood Siblings.
Momo has no problem considering Mikan as a target of the "Harem Plan". Maybe she knows something the audience don't.
  • Or maybe she finds incest hot.
    • Considering the plan also includes both of her own sisters, that is highly likely. Or at least that it isn't a taboo subject for her.
      • There is also the fact that Momo and Nana have plenty of ON SCREEN sexy-fun-time with EACH OTHER, and Zastin (who would be in a position to know) has strongly implied that they have a rather long history of engaging in that behavior.

we will see some kind of MIB organization
A perfect Expy of Chronos and an interesting plot. Also, that can help to explain how the aliens do to integrate to society.

Momo and Nana are half-sisters of Lala
It was stated that polygamy is legal in deviluke. the king love women. It was never stated that they had the same mother. any question?
  • Sorry, but no. Apart from the family resemblance that comes from their mother (it was mentioned early on that Lala takes after her mother in looks, and just looking at them will tell you the pink hair doesn't come from their father) at the same time it was that polygamy was legal on Deviluke, it was also mentioned that Gid didn't have any other lovers than his wife.

Momo will be Rito's first wife.

Even though she is fine with any position, she is a bit greedy. Also, of all girls she is spending the most time with Rito, proving herself to be quite reliable.
  • Doubtful. The plan apparently only works if Rito is the king of the universe. In order to do that, he has to marry the first princess of Deviluke before getting extra wives, and that's Lala. Marrying Momo would not put ito into a position that would likely allow for polygamy, and would likely annoy Lala's father.
  • However, this does not preclude Momo being his first sexual partner. Of all the girls, she is by far the most aggressive in that area and is clearly determined to be one of his first at the very least.
    • Well, although Rito is not FULLY aware of it (because she always does it in his sleep), he and Momo already have a VERY active sex life, unless you define sex the way a certain former U.S. President once did. This was made painfully obvious near the beginning of "Darkness" chapter 39.

Yami has the same drawback as Yuria

The first man she has intercourse with becomes her master, forever. That's why she is violently opposed to perceived male sexual advances, but only mildly protests much more deliberate harassment by women.
  • Considering the developments of Chapter 39, there could be quite a bit more to it than that. Also her double-standard is beginning to fade a bit.

Lala didn't understand that Ren was a diffrent person from Run when she was a kid and she thought that Run had proposed to her.

It would explain both why it took so long for her to remember Ren and why she kept treating him like a girl as a kid as well as her comment the she would wed him if he became a man.

Nemesis will become part of the harem
I mean, look at her. You'll probably want to hug her more than be scared of her, and besides, it seems to be the end goal of Momo to put any remotely attractive female who Rito interacts with into the harem. I wouldn't mind it actually.
  • As of the latest chapter, she is so totally a candidate.
    • Exept that Momo is "so totally" AGAINST it.
  • With her personality it will be more like Hostile Takeover than just simple Joining.

Nemesis does not have an actual physical existence.

She's some sort of computer virus or similar entity who is possessing Mea, employing her shapeshifting abilities in ways that Mea herself can't consciously use. Until the most recent manga chapter, the two of them hadn't yet appeared together without anyone else present; even that appearance, featuring bystanders watching the two of them with bewildered expressions, could simply have been people watching Mea have a conversation with someone they couldn't see or hear.
  • The Darkness that she talks about in Yami is a similar entity whom she believes will eventually take possession of her in the same way.
  • Reasonable, however during their appearance together one boy noticed Nemesis pointing out her Cat ears.
  • Is also posible that they take turns to control the body, the boy saw Nemesis' cat ears is because she was the one in control at the time.
Nemesis is Mea's Split Personality. Or the other way around.

CONFIRMED; to what extent or direction has yet to be made clear.
Rito is gay

You'd think that after having his face literally planted in more vaginas in a day than a porn star does in a week he would at least start showing showing some happiness about his "predicament", and yet his reaction is still consistently childsh terror at the age of 17.....
  • To be fair, he's probably associated such events with terrible pain due to the violent reactions of most of the girls he ends up like that with.
  • Not to mention that some of those vaginas belong to superpowered girls that could kill him (his own cute little sister's included) if there is angry enough(granted most of them are love with him. Plus not all Teenage boys are only think about sex, sex, sex. Riko probably had it happen to him so much he is annoyed by it, and then there is that super-deadly shape-shifting blonde assassin to worry about....)

Rito is an unconscious practitioner of some kind of Confusion Fu
There must be a reason why highly skilled assassins seem to be unable to dodge his accidents and one could be because they are used to predict their enemies' movements and Rito's don't have any recognizable pattern in them. That or Yami grown to like them after a while. One or the other.
  • It's outright said in-universe that Rito's constant encounters with Yami ending in her trying to injure him heightened his reactions and agility. He's so good a dodging because he's used to one of the greatest assassins in the universe regularly trying to hurt him.
  • Plus he is in a Badass Normal in a world full of Dragonball Z-level characters, so it would make sense for him to be able to use some Confusion Fu or at the very least Deadly Dodging, other wise he wouldn't survive the beyond the long.

Rito is (also) a master of Obfuscating Stupidity
He does enjoy the ability to faceplant into female genitalia, but he realizes that if it gets out that he's doing it on purpose, it would be very very bad for him. Yui, Nana, Mikan, Yami, and Saki would all try to kill (or severely injure) him, and if Lala and Haruna found out, their opinions of him would drop considerably. Yeah, there are a couple of girls who wouldn't mind (Mea, Run, and Momo), but he certainly wouldn't trust any of them to keep the secret. So he keeps acting like he's doing it on accident, because he knows that as long as he does so, he'll keep getting his daily dose of boobage with minimal risk.

Kentaro Yabuki will answer to many conspiracy theories about aliens
  • Yabuki will explain the following things sometime in the future and how they apply to the TL Rverse:
    • Alien abduction
    • Roswell (1948)
    • The pyramids and how the Devilukeans helped build them
    • Cover-ups
    • Bermuda Triangle
    • Area 51
    • Tunguska (1908)
    • Chicago (2006)
    • Nazi UFOs
    • Majestic 12
    • Men in Black.