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YMMV: To Love-Ru
  • Accidental Aesop:
    • The first OVA, in which Rito turns into a girl and his life suddenly becomes much more difficult.
    • In the OVA at least, this is balanced out with an Imagine Spot where, as a girl, Rito's life is much easier because all his Accidental Pervert moments are dismissed on account of gender.
    • Another instance in the manga, (Chapter 144), where a perverted spirit takes over Zastin's body and tries to undress every female he sees. He reveals that the reason he's gone rampant is because he was rejected by 500 different girls during his life, and agrees to leave if he can touch even one girl's breasts. Oshizu agrees, but just before the spirit touches her, she pulls the spirit out of Zastin's body and burns him away with spirit flame. The spirit's final words? "I knew it! Women are liars!" Considering the author's then-current situation with his ex-wife... (Although even Oshizu admits she did "something horrible" afterward).
  • Base Breaker: The Black Cat characters. Some Black Cat fans are annoyed with the changes made to their favorite characters, while others enjoy the alternate versions of them.
  • Die for Our Ship: Not quite as bad as some examples, but people were becoming very annoyed with Haruna as time wore on as she stood in the way of the popular Rito/Lala, Rito/Yui or Rito/Anyone-Other-Than-Haruna ships, really.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Yui, arguably the more well-received and popular female character of the cast. In one online poll of all the females, Yui came in first, with at least 50% more votes than the second place finisher. Fans love their tsunderes and Yui fits the archetype better than most other anime tsunderes out there.
    • Momo's wasn't doing too bad either in the original manga, but is nowhere near Yui's level.
    • This is more of a Germans Love David Hasselhoff: in Japan, Yui's decently popular but not too big, because the Japanese Ensemble Darkhorse is Mikan (obviously...).
    • Rito's female form, Riko.
    • Zastin, Lala's Battle Butler, is also rather well-received.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • The Not Herself chapter that had Haruna act like an evil sadist was pretty funny. Then it turns out the woman she was based on, the artist's ex-wife, rather than being a sweet Girl Next Door type was actually a hateful and sadistic woman that was also a philanderer, thief, kidnapper and extortionist. Maybe the writer was trying to tell him something...
    • The writer probably was: by the time he knew about it, Yui was written in more and more subsequent chapters and Haruna was written out. Undoubtedly, it's probably what led to Yui's Ensemble Darkhorse status, but one doesn't write out one of two female protagonists in favor of a secondary character without good reason.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the first chapter of the original To Love-Ru, Lala says, "Even though I have a tail, it doesn't mean I'll transform when I look at the full moon.". In J Stars Victory VS, Lala appears as a support character and one of the playable characters is (Of course) Goku.
    • And such Lala has a special dialogue with Goku and Vegeta about that.
  • Idiot Plot: About a hundred of them.
  • Les Yay:
    • Risa and Mio, to everyone.
    • Lala/Haruna as well. Two examples drawn by Yabuki Kentarou himself. (NSFW)
      • And Lala/ Yui too.
      • Yami and Mikan. For pete's sake, the sixth chapter of Darkness has Mikan licking and sucking at Yami's nipple. Mind Control was involved, not that the fans will care.
  • Memetic Mutation: "To Love-Ru is super interesting." Although it actually comes from Gintama, the screenshot (or at least the line) will inevitably find its way into just about every To Love-Ru discussion.
  • Memetic Sex God: Rito will induct every woman he meets into his harem, even if they are trying to kill him. It's just the way he rolls.
  • Moe Moe:
    • Minus that lousy scumbag of a principal and Saruyama, everyone else in the cast...Rito/Riko included
    • As expected of Motemitsu-senpai! He and his total lack of moe qualities are forgotten!
  • The Scrappy: Meta-example. Yabuki's wife became absolutely loathed after fans found out what caused Yabuki to end the manga at first before Darkness came along. Yabuki based Haruna on his wife and she was ok with that at first. However at some point, she apparently had some form of breakdown and started making unreasonable demands about the character. In a drawn-out legal battle, Yabuki won only for his wife to kidnap their own daughter and demand money for the little girl. Yabuki gave in and surrendered a lot of money to get his daughter back safely. Other stuff followed on that, culminating in a divorce and the end of the first manga. This is also why in the Darkness manga, Haruna has taken the backseat and Ensemble Darkhorses Yui, Yami and Mikan have taken the front positions.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Wait: Peke is female?! (re: chapter 145)
  • The Woobie
    • Aww, poor Yami is just so huggable.
    • With the end of the manga, Kentaro Yabuki himself. His wife had been cheating on him, and he basically gave in to her every demand for the sake of his daughter. He could have fought his ex-wife in court for Lord knows how long but figured his daughter had suffered enough drama after being freaking kidnapped by her own mother. He chose his daughter's well-being over his own pride and perfectly justifiable rage. Papa Wolf indeed.

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