YMMV / To Love-Ru

  • One True Threesome: Invoked In-Universe by Lala at the end of first series. After Rito confesses to Lala that he loves both her and Haruna, Lala becomes overjoyed and encourages Rito to get together with Haruna. Lala's real desire is for both Haruna and herself to marry Rito, which will be possible if Rito marries Lala and becomes king of Deviluke, making polygamy possible for him.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Despite being Demoted to Extra in the original manga and the early parts of Darkness (with regards to Yabuki's Creator Breakdown), Haruna is slowly regaining fans; the most recent poll even places her at the top of favorite characters.
  • The Scrappy:
    • The Principal is ugly, fat and a pervert whose only role is simply getting beat up by the female characters whenever he dashes half-naked towards them. While this character should provide what amounts to Comic Relief, the interruptions that occur as a result of him has become increasingly annoying, frustrating and unnecessary, especially when certain scenes that are meant to build drama and tension are instantly cut away by him, often resulting in Mood Whiplash.
    • Most fans consider Run the least interesting member of the harem due to not having any real good motive to love Rito, and has a childish personality (in the first series). Her screen-time in Darkness being reduced has also not done her any favors since it means that there's no opportunity to actually develop her.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Wait: Peke is female?! (re: Chapter 145)
  • The Woobie
    • Aww, poor Yami is just so huggable. She was a happy little girl who live with Tearju, her "mother". But when Tearju plan to run away with her, the Eden organization attempt to kill Tearju forcing her to escape. They say to Yami that Tearju had abandoned her and train her as a weapon. Also after the desctruction of Eden, she has lived alone in the universe before come to Earth. Plus, Eden has also programmade a "Darkness" mode that activates when she comes to accept the mere possibility of being able to live peacefully, turning her into a living weapon of mass destruction to make sure that the universe will never achieve true peace.
    • When you think Oshizu has spent 400 years in that desolate basement, unable to communicate, it's quite harsh too, although she doesn't show it much.
  • Yoko Oh No: Yabuki's ex-wife, who became absolutely loathed after fans found out what caused Yabuki to end the manga before Darkness came along. Yabuki based Haruna on his wife and she was fine with it at first, until at some point she apparently had some form of a breakdown and started making unreasonable demands about the character. In a drawn-out legal battle, Yabuki won the creative rights to Haruna only for the wife to kidnap their daughter and demand money for her return. Yabuki gave in and surrendered a lot to get his daughter back safely. Other stuff followed, culminating in a divorce and the end of the first series. This explains why Darkness pushes Haruna into the backseat while Ensemble Darkhorses Yami, Momo, Yui and Mikan have taken the headlining positions.