Funny / To Love-Ru

  • Generally speaking, almost any crazy ecchi scenario Rito gets into (mostly without even lifting a finger). Like the times Mikan opens the door to Rito's room, sees him in a compromising position with whichever member of his Accidental Harem snuck into his bed at the time, and then hastily apologizes for interrupting before shutting the door.
    • It is Up to Eleven in the sequel Darkness where Rito is seemingly incapable of walking in close proximity with a girl without having this happen.
  • When Ghi Bree reveals himself, he looks like the unholy spawn of a Namekian and the Creature from the Black Lagoon on every bodybuilding steroid cocktail known to man, and has Haruna as his unconscious prisoner...Then Rito charges him in an attempt to distract the bastard while Lala gets Haruna to safety, and DECKS him with a single punch. Ghi Bree was bluffing, and is actually a pathetically weak buck-toothed Shapeshifter whom Lala promptly disposes of by dumping him in a portal device. The appearance of which is most aptly summed up with the words "space toilet." The cherry on top of all this comes at the end of the chapter, where he pops out inside a large bath on Zastin's ship while the man himself is using it!
  • Chapter 49 has Rito and Lala racing to get to school before they're late. Lala, naturally, decides the best course of action is to grab the poor guy by the wrist and start running as fast as she can. He starts yelling at her to stop, which she does instantly. Instantly, meaning Rito is now sailing though the air with no one to stop him. Naturally, he lands on the one of the few people who could make the situation worse, Golden Darkness, who smacks him off the roof of the building she's on and sends the poor bastard plunging into the ground with only his legs sticking out. The incident is topped off with this gem:
    Rito: Why do I have to put up with this shit in the morning...
  • Yui Kotegawa's debut chapter starts with her trying to rein in Lala's antics. Unfortunately for her, she starts by telling Lala to get rid of her tail, thinking it's just a weird fashion accessory. This prompts Risa and Mio to demonstrate that Lala is an alien by molesting the tail (and giving us the page picture for Fantastic Arousal in the process), Ren shows up and starts fighting with Rito, and when Yui breaks it up Ren sneezes and turns into Run, who glomps him in her now ill-fitting male uniform, and Rito makes a break for it only to run smack-dab into Lala, knocking Peke off her head and making all her clothing disappear. Welcome to the life of Rito Yuuki, Kotegawa, hope you stocked up on antacid because it's just gonna keep getting better!
  • When the gang investigates an abandoned school building rumors say is haunted, they stumble upon a group of scary-looking aliens who've been hiding out there. Haruna fainted earlier on, and wakes up just when they've been surrounded. It's a good thing Rito's so durable, because ''damn'' that girl can swing. Kotegawa's poleaxed expression after the carnage ends just seals it.
    Kotegawa: ...Sairenji-san...and I always thought you were so ladylike...
  • The gang is trapped in an RPG simulation which is beginning to collapse. Since their clothing is digital too, it starts to disappear along with the castle they're in. Kotegawa tells Rito not to look at the girls, only for the poor guy's pants to disappear right as she's looking at him.
    • At the end of the chapter, everyone has been returned to the real world. The only problem is that Saki, her Girl Posse, Run, and the Principal were all dumped inside the Amazon.
  • Oh god, chapter 53! Yami, with gentle prodding from Mea, has a Love Epiphany and goes ballistic because she, in fact, really likes Rito.
  • Darkness Chapter 57: Rito is in a bodysuit of the principal. At first he managed to avoid his usual troubles, even getting the students impressed with his very un-principal like demeanor.. But then:
    • He drops on Yui and Saki. the latter assumes the principal just changed his tactics (He was picking weeds at that point). Yui managed to outright tell it was Rito from his technique.
    • Then Mea gets a hold on him and literally sniffs him out (she is a smell fetishist)
    • Then he trips on her, only to have Yami walk by. She gets mad and punches the head of the suit off. Her only comment is "I ... I killed him ... finally"
  • Darkness Chapter 66: Mikado tries to cure Rito's "problem" (she even has a name for it). Ends in an Epic Fail.
  • Darkness Chapter 72: After Yami defeats Kuro, Azenda shows up to try and kill Rito herself. Unfortunately for her, she falls victim to his "talent".