Funny / To Love-Ru

First series


  • Chapter 24. Nemesis had just revealed herself to Rito, Momo and Yami for the first time. But, just few seconds afterwards, Rito (as usual) accidentally trips and falls into Nemesis, grabbing her butt, pulling down her dress and has his face in between her legs. Yami's shocked face is absolutely hilarious.
  • Chapter 27 has Rito transformed in a mouse. To list: he recognize Momo just from her butt, cause Haruna and Yui end in a lewd position with him in between and take to Squirrels in My Pants trope to higher level when end in Yami clothes (removing her panties). To end, he return normal (but naked) in front of Mea with Yami who notices him being the mouse from earlier and attacks him.
  • Oh god, chapter 53! Yami, with gentle prodding from Mea, has a Love Epiphany and goes ballistic because she, in fact, really likes Rito.
  • Darkness Chapter 57: Rito is in a bodysuit of the principal. At first he managed to avoid his usual troubles, even getting the students impressed with his very un-principal like demeanor.. But then:
    • He drops on Yui and Saki. The latter assumes the principal just changed his tactics (He was picking weeds at that point). Yui managed to outright tell it was Rito from his technique.
    • Then Mea gets a hold on him and literally sniffs him out (she is a smell fetishist).
    • Then he trips on her, only to have Yami walk by. She gets mad and punches the head of the suit off. Her only comment is "I... I killed him... finally".
  • Darkness Chapter 66: Mikado tries to cure Rito's "problem" (she even has a name for it). Ends in an Epic Fail.
  • Darkness Chapter 72: After Yami defeats Kuro, Azenda shows up to try and kill Rito herself. Unfortunately for her, she falls victim to his "talent" as invoked by Nemesis.
    Nemesis: "Rito, against a woman, is invincible."
    • Before this, even while he is in danger and escape from Kuro (hired by Azenda for kill him), Rito not lose a chance of get in his usual pervert situation with Mea. Twice.