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Fridge: To Love-Ru

Fridge Horror

  • To-love-Ru, yes, this Refuge in Audacity Magical Girlfriend series is loaded with High-octane Fridge Horror. There's something about Yabuki Kentaro and Hasemi Saki...
    • First, Lala's arrival alone, okay... so King Gid wants an Heir for the throne, pretty understandable (and Truth in Television)... until you realize that Interspecies Romance is in their way. Sounds hopeless? No, Lala has been known well with Gadgeteer Genius tendency and able to turn male-into-female in a snap. That alone proves HOW ADVANCED Devilukean science is in terms of genetic engineering, it's either Lala turned into her husband species or said husband turned into a Devilukean...
    • Second, Gid's threat. No matter how comedic that chapter is started, he's definitely damn serious. Why? He's been involved in a large scale interstellar war to the point his body shrink, Insignificant Little Blue Planet indeed...
    • BUT then you realize that Earth is independent (probably on the surface) from Devilukean's grasp and also flooded by Aliens (secretly, but not a real surprise to found about it)... Fridge Brilliance? YES, Fridge Horror? DEFINITELY. There are two branches in theory; One, Deviluke SECRETLY rules Earth through some sort of The Men in Black or further, Government Conspiracy. Two, Deviluke isn't controlling the Earth, AT ALL, for some reason. Either way, Rito's action potentially trigger either a Curb Stomp Civil War or a Total Invasion.
    • Then there's the way Yami's "darkness" is shown activating in Chapter 39...
    • Also in the same/following chapter, its been revealed that Mea and Nemesis are one and the same! Also Mea has been supposedly unaware of this fact until now when Nemesis possesses her body! Needless to say, having someone control your body has never ceased to be unnerving/creepy if the media has taught us anything! In fact, reread the manga with this creepy fact etched in your brain. Particularly any scene with Mea and Rito together. Was Mea being genuine with her affections/sexual advances towards the guy, or was that just Nemesis testing the waters to see what she could and couldn't get away with sexually speaking?

Fridge Logic

  • If Rito is a sex beast in his sleep, does that mean he constantly molested Lala whenever she snuck into his bed? Does this mean Lala isn't as innocent as we first thought?
    • It has been shown that both A) her younger sisters both have very good understandings of adult related issues and B) Lala is very good at playing the clueless ditz. I will also point out some of her inventions seem to have rather sugestive uses. it does make you think.
    • For bonus points, you should ask: "Who taught his body/sub-conscious how to pleasure aliens in his sleep?" I have doubts that that sort of thing happens naturally or consistently.
    • Also, hopefully he only started doing this after Mikan stopped sleeping in his bed...
    • And it's probably better to think of it as Rito only actually molesting Lala once, then her... coming back for more. Also, Momo said that it only happened one in five times (before her "interventions"), and we haven't seen Lala pop up in his bed very recently, so it's very possible that she she doesn't like it.
      • She certainly didn't like it when she barged in on Rito bathing, asking for a kiss and wound up crotch to face with him

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