Awesome: To Love-Ru

  • A small one, but anyhere think Rito standing up to Zastin and his two bodyguards for Lala's sake in the inital chapter of the original series was pretty cool for an average teenage boy who can't even hold a conversation with a pretty girl..
  • A rare display of genuine badassery on Rito's part.
  • In chapter 17 of Darkness, Momo gets one when her Knight Templar white knighting fan club that's been continuously striving to "defend her purity" through absolutely ludicrously overprotective methods gets the idea into their heads that Rito is everything Yui's claimed about him in the morals committee meetings, and furthermore that he's been ritually violating Momo and intends to do so at school. In reality Momo has snuck off to meet with Rito to try and mess around with him again, and after nothing happens once again, the fan club barges in and begins assaulting Rito. What follows is an epic verbal smackdown that is so incredibly satisfying to watch after the many chapters of abuse Rito has suffered whenever caught in a remotely sexual accidental situation. What makes it even better is that it's the first time anybody has ever been called out on beating up Rito because they thought he was a pervert.
  • The entire gameplay of the To Love-Ru PlayStation Vita game. Seeing Rito pulling off insane stunts while mowing down an entire army is just awesome. Even better when you're playing as Riko.
  • The Deviluke sisters' mother have managed to turn the Principal, that unrepentant pervert, into a pure and kind being with merely a couple of words.
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