Awesome / To Love-Ru

First Series

  • A small one, but anyhere think Rito standing up to Zastin and his two bodyguards for Lala's sake in the inital chapter of the original series was pretty cool for an average teenage boy who can't even hold a conversation with a pretty girl..
  • Lala once drove a typhoon away from Japan. BY YELLING AT IT!!!
  • When Yami and Nana are trapped by the evil alien plants, Momo enter in "scary" mode. Just then one of the plants tries to attack Momo, but she throws him to the ground and pins him down. Momo then pulls out a syringe, and injects something she calls "Insulin Alpha," into the plant. She then explains to the other plants, that the solution will cause the plant to decay from the roots up. Momo then asks which one of them wants to go next, and the plants think she is a demon, and run off, letting go of Yami and Nana.
  • In the ending of the first series Rito save both Lala and Haruna from a blob monster. After, Lala save him while Yami become a mermaid and hammer monster's central body.


  • Several pervert incidents that happen to Rito are so incredibles to qualify as awesome.
  • In chapter 17 of Darkness, Momo gets one when her Knight Templar white knighting fan club that's been continuously striving to "defend her purity" through absolutely ludicrously overprotective methods gets the idea into their heads that Rito is everything Yui's claimed about him in the morals committee meetings, and furthermore that he's been ritually violating Momo and intends to do so at school. In reality Momo has snuck off to meet with Rito to try and mess around with him again, and after nothing happens once again, the fan club barges in and begins assaulting Rito. What follows is an epic verbal smackdown, followed by one of the most amazingly terrifying death glares of all time, all of which is so incredibly satisfying to watch after the many chapters of abuse Rito has suffered whenever caught in a remotely sexual accidental situation. What makes it even better is that it's the first time anybody has ever been called out on beating up Rito because they thought he was a pervert.
  • Lala's fight against "Darkness" Yami. Lala had fought Yami before and the match was pretty even. Now Yami is even stronger and Lala is still able to hold her own (where as everyone else got taken down pretty quickly) and protect Rito. Her true moment of awesome is when she is able to counter Yami's massive engery attack. This same engery attack was strong enough to spit a planet in half (Mea later points out that the attack was strong enough to destroy the Earth 2-3 times over). Lala goes beyond her limits (and becomes a kid) and is able to block it. She isn't the daughter to Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy for nothing.
  • Rito force himself to act as a pervert to stop the "Darkness" Yami. Special mention about he stop himself from accidental falling on her as usual.
  • The Deviluke sisters' mother have managed to turn the Principal, that unrepentant pervert, into a pure and kind being with merely a couple of words.
  • The fight between Nemesis and a returned-to-full-power Gid is all kinds of awesome.
  • Lately Rito has proven himself to the regners of Deviluke to be not just a nice guy wo's Made of Iron and has got a strange "gift" of falling on girls' private parts. First, with Queen Sephie, he is not affected at all by seeing her unveiled face, which (due to a trait of her race) would normally cause males of any species to lose reason and lust after her; the only other person to ever be unaffected by that is Gid. And speaking of the latter, when Rito decides to save Nemesis's life by accepting her in his body after Gid has defeated her, he stands up to Gid while showing not the smallest fear of him, the guy who has just defeated Nemesis effortlessly. He's been making strong steps towards stopping to be just The Chew Toy.
  • Chapter 72 has a fairly extended one for Yami. She transforms into her Darkness form and destroys Kuro's (supposedly indestructible) orihalicum gun Hades with an attack called Planetary Slicer. Without damaging anything else, including Kuro. She then reveals she transformed of her own free will, and was completely in control the entire time.


  • The entire gameplay of the To Love-Ru PlayStation Vita game. Seeing Rito pulling off insane stunts while mowing down an entire army is just awesome. Even better when you're playing as Riko.