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Awesome: Tokyo Ravens
Crowning Moments of Awesome in Tokyo Ravens.

Spoiler Warning: This page has unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk.

  • Jin Ohtomo Vs Douman, all of it, including the sensei throwing himself with the old man off a building.
  • Amami Vs Hirata, deception, mind manipulation and faking a loss by the good guy and reveals a trap to take down Hirata who was controlling three very powerful shikigami.
  • Harutora facing Shaver and nonchalantly setting him on fire after deciding to protect Natsume. He then uses the same spell Kagami used on the Nue, completely eliminating the deranged servant.
  • Episode 20 ending is this combined with Heartwarming: Natsume jumping over a Berserker Harutora and releasing him from his limiter, killing herself in the process.
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