Funny: Tokyo Ravens

Funny Moments in Tokyo Ravens.

Spoiler Warning: This page has unmarked spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Natsume near the ends of Episode three, when she learns that Touji knew it was her controlling Hokuto all this time.
  • The fiasco about the Shikigami modeled as a male Natsume. Every single bit of it.
  • The following chapter shows Harutora and Natsume stuck in the Love Hotel. Lets just say the hilarity keeps getting better in this.
    • And both of these make up all of Episode 6. The Dorm supervisors end up roping his classmates into helping look for him and Natsume in a Love Hotel (when it was actually a regular one) and even their Homeroom Teacher. In the end, he winds up looking like a Lolicon and Natsume just throws him under the bus.
  • Kon. Any moment with Kon.
    • Lets not forget the "Pervert Punishment".
    • And Suzu's introductory scene in the Anime.
  • Chapter 17 when Harutora goes on a date. It does not go well thanks to a certain someone.
  • The ENTIRE chapter/episode where Suzuka Daireiji enrolls to the Omnyo Academy.
    • Made it more epic when she notice Harutora, gives an evil grin,and confess that he was her first kiss.
    • Lets just say that Suzuka is STILL pissed on losing to a newbie like Harutora.
      • Even better that Natsume becomes her 'slave' after meeting her in school.
      • Whatever Natsume had in her room closet was so worth defending that even Bound and Gagged she tried to stop Shizuka, eventually calling out her dragon to defend the room.
  • The scene at the practical skills camp where Suzuka trades Harutora her meal. Hers was inedible.